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  1. Guests should definitely log into their accounts. I did this morning and noticed that one segment of one our ‘extended journeys’ disappeared. I’ve already messaged my agent to confirm that it’s still there on the booking portal. In their haste to delete non-confirmed options they may have inadvertently deleted a confirmed reservation. i agree. When the new guest portal is fully up it will be much better. Dennis
  2. Only addition to the list of birth certificates is the Department of State or Consular Certificate of Birth Abroad. Some of the older ones and from certain consulates are very intricate with ribbons and wax stamps. Personally, if I had one I would definitely get a passport, as I would hate to be carrying it around just to go on a cruise. I would have mine framed, particularly if it was signed by the sitting Secretary of State at the time.
  3. Did your sister-in-law also have a passport, but sailed with license and birth certificate? There is no way that a driver license/birth certificate combination should have worked in the passport facial recognition line. The facial recognition system used for immigration uses the global passport biometric database. Normally, all returning birth certificate passengers must have their documents personally inspected by a CPB Officer. It is possible that a valid passport holder, NOT expired, will be recognized; even though they boarded with license and birth certificate. Lucky happenstance here I think.
  4. The most likely is that the individual would never have been allowed to board the plane to the Bahamas. A driver license alone will not get you on the plane. A passport is required. The use of driver license plus birth certificate is only valid for a closed loop cruise from and back to a US port.
  5. If this has changed great to hear. If MSC fleet wide is using this procedure it is a great improvement. It makes perfect sense to do it this way. I know NCL asks you to visit your muster station as you board. It will require scarce crew on turnaround day to man those muster stations to scan, but it’s a small price to pay to alleviate the mass movement after the on-tv safety briefing. does anyone know if this a general change or just a courtesy for Yacht Club?
  6. I guess we do have separate understandings of what is ‘included?’ From the EJ FAQ’s….. How much are gratuities? Gratuities are included in your journey fare.
  7. The OP asked about wheelchairs at the Yacht Club tent. I mentioned that wheelchair availability once in the terminal has not been a problem. I have never seen wheelchairs outside the terminal at the Yacht Club tent. Again most of my experience has been at US ports with some in Southern Caribbean and Northern Europe.
  8. I’ve never seen wheelchairs available at the Yacht Club tents outside either Miami or Port Canaveral. I can’t remember about Barbados or Point a Pitre. I have seen them inside the terminal; also going through Immigration at disembarkation. I would suggest you arrange either a personal wheelchair, or one from the mobility vendors supplying outside the terminal.
  9. By Arthur’s own Facebook post he is on Meraviglia right now. He always keeps his FB friends up to date on his travel.
  10. It’s becoming more and more clear that what the VP for Entertainment (or whatever he is at EJ) told us about the early days during the inaugural season. He said that booking entertainment for the first season was a significant challenge as the entertainers who are booked for cruises are generally committed a year or more in advance. Remember the delays in delivering EJI? He said we would see marked improvement as the year got on as they were now getting that great talent. I hope EJ II already has their entertainment booked for her inaugural season. We have two cruises booked. 😀
  11. You may not even have to miss the lobster roll at One Pool Grill. They often will have the lobster roll available there. I would ask upstairs in the morning at breakfast if they will have lobster rolls at the grill for lunch.
  12. Just use you passport First Name and Passport Last name. When your passport is scanned at boarding your full passport name will be put on the manifest for the cruise. What you put in the booking will be overwritten. Your cruise card will be printed with the booking name. It will not be a problem.
  13. I distinctly recall that the bottle used to fill the pitcher at the pancake/waffle station had a Canadian flag on it when I sailed. I was always under the impression that the flag is only put on bottles of real maple syrup. another reason to only book the OT-1’s 😀
  14. Advance reservations, two per cabin (all classes), can indeed be booked in advance through your TA or by calling EJ directly.
  15. The dining reservations desk is conveniently located at the top of the stairs in the atrium. You can of course use the app or call, but you will pass the podium multiple times a day. In the evening for walkups go to the individual restaurant. We never had a problem dining early.
  16. Our last Seashore out of Port Canaveral (last week) did ask for our health questionnaires.
  17. When I spoke to Franck one evening at a reception he assured me that their oysters were from Brittany. So they were in fact only serving French oysters. We sailed both the Iceland/Canada crossing and in the Caribbean, same oysters. They were fabulous. EJ is MSC, they know how to manage a supply chain. Well, most of the time. 😏
  18. I think the top-top brass were on the cruise just prior to the 2-night. That said there were a lot of senior officer families on board over the holiday as I understand.
  19. Never drink Jack Daniels myself, but it comes in handy for Christmas Day, when my brother is over. 😀
  20. We’re on that inaugural World America sailing 4/12/25. I hope we get treated a little more thoughtfully than the Explora 1 naming in New York.
  21. Why is it a NO-NO? I’m okay to know that there is an option to spread additional tips crew-wide if that is your preference, but why should I be restricted from individual host thank you’s. Particularly since the ‘gratuities’ or ‘hotel service charge’ , which is the crew-wide distribution is already included.
  22. The existing parking garage at Terminal 10 is still open. Almost all of the surface parking to the east side is torn up. Passenger parking has been extended to what used to be employee surface parking on the west side of the garage. When I was there two weeks ago there appeared to still be available parking, just a longer walk to the terminal.
  23. If you are sailing in Yacht Club you can certainly arrange it through your Butler or the Concierge. For us it has been gratis every time. Just recently on Seashore they even used decorations that are more ‘service friendly’ using reusable lighting instead of things like confetti.
  24. EJ and MSC Yacht Club are all over Cruise Critic. Your humility in wondering what the ‘many reasons’ might be rivals Mark Twain 😀. Senior Management definitely knows who is on board. I’m willing to bet they are even aware who our TAs are. (Just kidding)
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