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  1. That’s okay. We get enough of you on this board. 😀
  2. Our first MSC Cruise in 2019, we had Vishnu and Arthur and of course the ever Italian host Pepe! Together they hooked us on MSC Yacht Club. Arthur and Pepe have certainly advanced quite nicely within MSC. I keep in touch with both Pepe and Arthur. I always check in with them to see if they are on contract for our upcoming cruises. I still follow Vishnu on Facebook, and love seeing what’s going on in Mauritius.
  3. Okay, this whole Cyrano think just hit me with a little Deja vu. Two nights ago I was thinking about how I came to be a reasonably accomplished public speaker 😀. (I was rehearsing my Mass readings for my son’s upcoming wedding.) Cyrano’s soliloquy was one of my grade school attempts at thespian immortality. Of course, my recollection was that I was outstanding. I also was just at The American Adventure at Disney World yesterday and Mark Twain’s humility almost matched mine.
  4. I can assure you it does happen that zero count is held up looking for regular passenger disembarks AND back to backs that go ashore where the badging out is not recorded perfectly. Yes, there is an also a double check at CPB, but it is helpful to ship and shore staff to have an accurate accountability of back to backs who are going ashore in advance.
  5. If you choose to go ashore for the day just let the officer at the gathering point for ‘back to back’ passengers know that you are going ashore for the day. They do that to account for folks going ashore so that they don’t have to search the ship to find you to ‘zero’ the count. You may disembark with the leaving passengers. Just make sure you have your passport (or birth certificates) with you.
  6. You can sail Explora Journeys for roughly the same per person per day as MSC Yacht Club. Which is considerably cheaper than either NCL Haven or Celebrity Retreat for the same size cabin. EJ uses Starlink WiFi, so streaming is definitely an option for most of the Earth that EJ sails. BTW, MSC is moving over to Starlink as well. I’ve seen some comments on taking along your Firestick, or similar device, if you have one. Personally, I have no experience with streaming. The stateroom TV’s are very large.
  7. The cruises in the Lesser Antilles, Barbados/Point a Pitre/Fort d’France, are done the same as Europe. Barbados is far easier to get to from the US, but the YC suites for Barbados embarkation seem to be ‘reserved’ for UK package bookings.
  8. Divina and Preziosa are pretty much identical. dennis
  9. The MSC version is better in my opinion to the other cruise lines I’ve done. The two day tour may seem strange, but it was really great. More time was able to be spent at each of the areas. More time in engineering and bridge were really nice, with plenty of time for questions. The officers were far more relaxed and interactive.
  10. We’ve sailed Divina and Preziosa on at least two cruises each. Most of the Divina fans are in North America, most Preziosa Northern Europe. We like them both. We always sail YC so we appreciate the evening stroll to dinner. Crew seem to love the Preziosa and Divina as well as they do tend to get re-contracted (I know it’s not a word). The only annoyance for us Yacht Clubbers on the Fantasia class ships is the aft pool, mentioned above. Sometimes the ‘view’ of other cruises can be less than appealing, particularly those that linger into the dinner hour. 😀
  11. When did you sail? On the Iceland to New York inaugural cruise the multi-language books were already in the stateroom. I am very certain that the diversity of books in the room would not have been left by prior guests given the diversity of titles and language, and they were most certainly NEW books. Those of us who sailed on early cruises know the books were already there. Dennis
  12. The stateroom ‘libraries’ have been stocked since day one. The books are not lefts, they are provided by EJ.
  13. As you can see my original post was in June of 2023. This was indeed before MSC US website was updated with the new itineraries. Dennis
  14. Princess, Celebrity, and Holland America really OWN the Alaska market. We routinely sailed Alaska on Holland America in Neptune Suites. In my opinion, neither Holland American nor Princess, even with their most expensive cabins, provide the type of experience you are used to with MSC Yacht Club. A Celebrity ship with the Retreat may come close, but the price premium above MSC YC is sizable. Even Princess and Holland America at their prices are way above YC, with nothing near the same experience. When and if MSC add Alaska I will be one of the first to book. It will give me the reason to do Alaska again. So I think you are left with options among the other mainstream cruise lines with a lesser experience than the Yacht Club.
  15. I found quite a few folks, like me, love the sun. With loungers on all sides of the ship it’s easy to find shade wherever the sun ISN’T. The great number of lounger locations for me is a strong design element. Now if you choose to stay in the same place all day long it can be an issue. The earth does rotate, so as we all know shade will move throughout the day. I’m willing to move with the sun and use the copious availability of towels to set up a fresh lounger.
  16. In our experience you can get yourself off to its best start in Yacht Club starting in the terminal in the Yacht Club area. Be gracious with the Head/AsstHead Butler managing the area. It will be hit or miss you meet the YC Director here. The Head/Asst Head Butler are the NCO’s in the Yacht Club. Also, there will be regular Butlers and Junior Butlers there. Take the time to speak with them. Ask them if they know who your butler will be. They know the room blocks and THEY DO TALK to their colleagues. At your first chance speak with the Concierge or Asst Concierges at the desk. They can be a great help, particularly if you have any special things you want arranged for the week. Let them know early. The Lounge Butlers in the Topsail Lounge are also important to meet. They will make your cruise with their smiles and you will generally get drinks ordered your way after your first trip to the Lounge. Our favorite YC staff are the Bar / Grill / Pool staff up at Pool One. You will see most of them at other YC areas throughout the day. We spend most of our cruise up there. Sit at the bar sometimes. Don’t always wait for them to visit your lounger or table. You will find if you do that during the week that you will be visited as often as you like. And lastly the Hostess/Host at the YC Restaurant. We always visit on embarkation day and let them know we prefer an early sitting with the same fine Waiter/Server team for every evening during the cruise. It does work. We are not particular with our wines so we don’t bother ‘cultivating’ the Sommelier. He/She may be around the Topsail Lounge for your welcome on embarkation day. Chat him/her up and let them if you would like to be served at dinner each evening. We use the ‘envelope’ method of saying additional thanks at the end of the cruise. Others, use the immediate thank you. I don’t think it matters.
  17. I was also bothered by the simple space/passenger computation based on gross tonnage/ passenger count. I think I remember seeing a computation several years ago based on ‘passenger space’ / passenger count. I fully recognize that gross tonnage is directly related to total ship space, but does not take into account ship design that may have been used to maximize passenger friendly space.
  18. You are sailing Yacht Club. Do not drop your luggage with the regular bag drop. Look for the Yacht Club pop up tent. If needed ask. It’s generally white but can also be blue. There will be agents and porters there to provide the special handling. This will also be where your Yacht Club Experience will begin with escorted entry into the terminal. You can still drop your luggage first and then park, but do look for the Yacht Club tent first.
  19. Early in the cruise you will be invited to go up to the Chef’s Kitchen, starboard side right outside of the Explora Lounge on deck 11. Check out the schedule and select the day you want to join in. Then go to Guest Services and sign up.
  20. On board, in my experience. I found out personally that booking before sailing did not get translated to be registered when onboard.
  21. I doubt this will be viewed as the most romantic, but I was present as a gentleman popped the question as he and his gentleman partner were checking in for an MSC cruise. All the check-in agents started applauding and cheering and us fellow guests joined in. He actually gave a ring at the check-in counter. Since you will be in Yacht Club get in touch with the Yacht Club Director for your cruise. My personal suggestion is if your itinerary includes Ocean Cay consider an area there. Since the cruise you will be on does include Ocean Cay, maybe the lighthouse or the point across the channel from the wedding pavilion. The only kicker on Ocean Cay is the possibility that you wont get in due to weather. Another option is the Bridge of Sighs on the aft of the ship. It’s quite a big photo op area. The YC Concierge will be able to arrange all things from photographer to flowers to beverages. On MSC Seashore the email for the YC Director is YCDirector@mscseashore.com. The YC Director will likely forward to the Concierge or the Head Butler.
  22. The Health Questionnaire is a page for each passenger on the booking included in your eTicket, along with your Boarding Passes and your luggage tags. I don’t print all the eTicket, just the boarding passes, the health questionnaires, the luggage tags, any on-board credit I have, and any pages that show the excursions or other item I pre purchased. since you say you completed the online checkin you should now have the option to request your eTicket from the website. If you booked through a TA it’s far less tedious and frustrating to have him/her email it to you.
  23. My TA did get back to me. She assures me that her file shows the full Extended Journey with both segments. It’s still disconcerting that EJ is having such poor website development go live without adequate testing of both functionality and data import.
  24. I certainly don’t have any direct knowledge of any construction timing, but why are folks thinking the christening date in anyway corresponds to when the terminal will be delivered and open for cruises. Certainly, the World American will be finished and sailing before a 4/12/25 christening. She has to get here from Europe somehow. 😀
  25. Looks like LVMH is looking to expand the market for Mercier outside of France. We are not huge champagne drinkers, but did enjoy the M&C on our first two ‘journeys.’ We will be fine with trying Mercier. Personally, I’ve never cared for VC, but others have raved. We only sail OT’s, so no Dom P for us.
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