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  1. Yes anything with a collar is ok.
  2. Also you can email the concierge " Exp_ExeConcierge@rssc.com" change the first three letters to your ships. This has worked for us!
  3. To find out the latest crew members email the concierge at exp_execoncierge@rssc.com
  4. We e-mail the Concierge they will take care of your wishes this is the e-mail for the Explorer change the first three letters for your ship. Exp_ExeConcierge@rssc.com
  5. We were on this cruise also (a b2b for us) we did not have ANY food or service problems (we did not eat at Chartreuse on this leg).
  6. Great shots! When went by Stromboli a few years ago on the Mariner it was erupting it was something special.
  7. The other ships concierge's can be Emailed by changing the first three letters of the address ie Exp _ExeConcierge@rssc.com.
  8. Sound's like everything is going Great. Do know Gwen & John from Wales? If yes say hi from Gail & Ron!
  9. We wonder if He will the CD on the may 16th cruise out of Vancouver B.C.?
  10. Thank you for the great photos. We don't board the Voyager until Oct. this year our first on her.
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