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  1. If you are in PG or QG and your parents get a berth in Britannia, just remember that they will not be able to dine with you, but you can downgrade your dining. Hope you are lucky in securing the cruise for them.
  2. The price Cunard quoted you must be a guesstimate as you cannot book airline seats over a year in advance. I am almost certain you could book cruise only now and add the flight later; might be worth a phone call on this, but has always been so in previous years, Perhaps when BA has one of their frequent sales the price could be advantageous. (I assume Cunard are not doing charters for these Caribbean cruises. Be aware that when booking BA you have to pay extra to book a preferred seat certainly up to and inc business class, which is grating, unless you are very high on their frequent flyer programme. Not many mainstream airlines do this: Virgin and most US airlines you can book seat with the code given by agent. Hope this helps.
  3. You cannot use Avios with any Cunard BA flight booking. If you book a fare yourself, you are on your own as already said, and Cunard or any cruise line, will not tag this on to their system. This is from years of experience! We have used Avios to get to Florida and stayed for a couple of nights for the safety net. Think about what has just happened to airlines/Crowdstrike this past few days, if you had been caught up in that with your own airfare, you would be panic mode trying to sort. Have you asked Cunard for oneway flight to Miami, and use Avios for return? It is easy to get a taxi from the port, but majority of eastbound TA flights start leaving late afternoon, so an airport wait seems inevitable. Enjoy the cruise.
  4. Without the WC status, there is a huge difference in £/$s which people pay for the suites. This is possibly even more so now, with some being in QG on bids, that are somewhat lower than the Cunard fares. We love some of the Q6s aft or the Q4s, been Diamond for years and never had a window table yet. Had some close 2 tops and other lovely tables, but whatever, it is the ambience we enjoy along with the food. If you are still on the ship Fox trotter, make sure you enjoy it: you will miss the service once home!
  5. Your impressions would be very interesting to read!
  6. The complimentary meal will only be for you!
  7. There are a few credit cards on the market (UK) where there is no foreign transaction charge. We have one which we use on the ship. This might be worth looking into.
  8. There have been occasions when the aft open terrace, deck 9, has been set up for open air dining when we have been warm water cruising. A supplement has been payable for this as it is not food from the lido. We have thought about it but never participated.
  9. Have a look at a deck plan, with key to symbols, and you will find a few connecting cabins scattered around most decks.
  10. Thank you for that very useful information. Fortunately our 2 booked cruises in aft suites are on a lower deck. it would be nice to hear of any thoughts on the forward suites! I realise not too many people will have sailed in these just yet, but hears hoping!
  11. Would you mind sharing which deck or suite you had? On the deck plan there seems to be a visible difference in size of the Q5s.
  12. There are some fabulous software packages to be had for newsletters/papers and the cost would be minuscule in the scheme of readership. Whatever, for a paper edition you need someone to prepare edit then print. That same person could manage an electronic edition would be wonderful on the app, so efficient without all the cost of paper wastage and the inks used. These packages allow readership numbers to be monitored, and have instant update facilities. I am not a youngster, but a retiree and all for looking forward and being as “green” as possible.
  13. Same thing on adult only Virgin ships! I would not participate, and as for more plastic waste? I hope none end up in the ocean.
  14. I am sure there are USB ports in the newer aft suites on QV.
  15. I think you find ordering off menu is more the preserve of QG! Having said that, I don’t think you will be disappointed with the menu and quality of food that is on offer. As far as check in is concerned, arrive at your given time, which is priority boarding, and you will be able to have lunch in the PG restaurant, at your leisure.
  16. Thank you for this, as we have a B-to-B on QA next year and staying in same accommodation.
  17. Lobster size QM2 2005! Delicious. In Britannia restaurant.
  18. Well so much for the Cunard forward promotion, of being accessed by keycard only! This will certainly annoy me, to be honest. If one pays a premium for a facility, it should be kept as it was sold for. Is the gate kept “free” as a H&S issue in an emergency, would you say?
  19. Is there anyone who can give me first hand information of how the QA forward facing suites were? They look spacious and quite appealing, so tempered to book one: the Q3 in particular, but it depends on availability! We have had these suites on other lines, sailing from the americas, but in much warmer/calmer waters and loved the double aspects, especially frontal on sea days. For us the aft/mid suites are fine on the 2 vistas, but just thinking of a change. Thank you.
  20. I thought they did away with trays in the Lido a while ago.
  21. I am afraid they have not put this on the VP, but I happened to find out from Cunard. Masquerade is my least favourite, but seems to be happening more.
  22. V426P QV 3.11.24 5th Nov B&W 11.11. Masquerade 13.11 Red & Gold
  23. If booking PG, avoid deck 8 under the buffet. There have been many reports on this board of noise from above. This category would give you access to the Grills terrace which would give you outstanding (almost 360 degrees) viewing in comfort.
  24. It is about time this was overhauled, as some benefits are becoming unworkable or pointless depending on which port embarkation is at. Based purely on the number days, would be fairer! It seems ludicrous that you can become a Diamond WC after 15 x 3 nighters. I I am sure many years ago to gain any progression the voyage had to be a minimum number of nights.
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