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  1. This is an official bump ! I need to read more good memories of good times . Please 🙏
  2. So here are the empanadas in Cozumal . They have pico de gallo or salsa (which simply means sauce) fresca . They use lard . Anything else would be a sin.
  3. Like others , our cruise was cancelled and so we booked a AI in Mexico . So , I guess a Mexican meat pie is an empanada . Any empanada advice in Cozumel ? Any empanada advice in general ?
  4. I've argued with people about issues from two decades ago . Family .
  5. I pray your cruise doesn't start in a westerly time zone to you . That will add interminable hours till you finally embark . My thoughts are with you .
  6. Why not 40 ? How bout 60 ? When I was a child I had to walk 20 miles to school , barefoot, carrying my brother, uphill each way , in the snow .
  7. Why do you possibly think they could give you assurance in writing that all will be hunky dory ? And if they did, what would it be worth . I respect those who believe the current situation is too uncertain to cruise . Fine . To insist on assurances at this point is delusional .
  8. I think it's chicken noodle . 🤢
  9. Are you sure things are as sanitary as you imagine back in the kitchen where they are individually plating your food ? There's a lot more touching of the orders back there .I have the same confidence in the food safety in the self-serve as I do the served restaurants . It is a hopeful confidence .
  10. According to Princess My Cruises , 5 days . According to reality the cruise was cancelled .
  11. Is it wrong of me to enjoy your being misunderstood ?
  12. Have you actually been on a cruise ? Based on your definition of normal , very few are . And BTW , nobody needs a cruise either . I'll take that back . Sometimes I need a cruise !
  13. Totally agree and have said so BUT I do want to thank OP for getting our minds off you know what virus .
  14. If the last two posts are any indication of popular sentiment , the cruise industry and in fact the entire travel industry, are in BIG trouble .
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