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  1. As always Ruth is measured and reasoned in her comments. My view is that HAL is a throwback to an earlier more refined cruising experience . The ships are small (by today's standards) , the food is great but less adventurous then say Celebrity . You will not get skating , bumper cars , or rock climbing walls . You will get nice places to read a book , warm experienced staff and fellow cruisers and a classical music trio to enjoy .You seldom feel like a pinata with constant upsells and various new and varied ways to make you spend a bit more onboard . I am not wedded to any cruise line having experienced 6 in only 12 cruises . Holland most exceeded my cruise expectations .
  2. Do you spell pain and values with one $ or 2 $'s ? You are now a 2 hit wonder . It's hard to believe you have any other agenda other then to get back at NCL . Never the less, thank you for 6 month passport warning .
  3. I have an issue with one hit wonders who post on every and any social media site just to vent about someone or something and then never return. I feel for Akumal but going to the extreme of joining CC (and who know's what else) just to make a single aggrieved post is wrong .
  4. Sorry Cruising Chuck This thread is about making the OP feel better , "disproving" and insulting the negative CC reviewers and cheerleading for NCL . Get with the program !
  5. What in your experience is the premium for booking a flexible rate . My impression is that the flexible (either free or changeable with a reasonable fee) can be significantly more expensive then a non-flexible ticket . I agree with BRANDEE that changing the flight date by a day or two can result in major savings . More then once the flight savings effectively "paid" for an extra day pre or post cruise .
  6. So what is Royal offering to those affected ? OBC , price match , air comp , future credit ??
  7. The best buffet ? What other cruise lines have you sailed ?
  8. We liked the sideways cabin . The space behind the desk acts as a separate changing room which might be useful for the OP .
  9. I'm not going to say good for them . How about good for us . πŸ‘
  10. I miss the old "unimproved" CC where you could see who posted and how many times in a particular thread .
  11. Just worked my way through this thread . That's a half hour I'll never get back . (Yes it took a half hour . Had to go back and forth to see who was insulting whom ).
  12. richstowe

    Singapore Port

    Would anyone recommend using the duty free at the Marina Bay Port to pick up our "free" bottle of wine for our cruise . What are wine prices like in Singapore?
  13. I'm fine with the elimination of soap but perhaps they could stock bar soap at customer service and put a notice in the Princess@Sea and the daily schedule . Or perhaps the stewards could keep some for those that specifically request it . The soaps could be held with the old barrel chairs . πŸ˜„
  14. OP , what's the current smoking policy in the casino . When we were last on , there were two non-smoking days . Any changes ? (NOT meant to be a smoking comment)
  15. Princess charges $55 plus photo , so probably not worth the effort .
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