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  1. I did the Santiago to Buenos Aires route quite a few years ago. It is my most memorable cruise. One consideration on this route is that you can add a visit to Iguazu Falls post-cruise. Believe me, Iguazu Falls is not to be missed. It was the icing on the cake for me.
  2. I had purchased one of the Dining Packages and, when I went to make reservations, could only book at 9pm. This did not work for me. I lost the value of the dining package because I "chose not to use the reservations". What i would do in the future is, book my dining reservations in advance, pay for them (since you have to pay when you book online) and then try to get those pre-booked reservations changed to the Dining Package reservations once on board. I don't know if this will work, but it is worth a try.
  3. If you definitely want to eat in one of the Specialty Restaurants on a particular date and time, I would book in Advance. When I tried to book onboard, the only times I could get were 9pm, nothing before then. That is a heavy OBC. Is any portion refundable? It can go towards the HSC and for laundry so you go home with clean clothes. It sounds goofy, I know, but I needed to buy some wine to take home in my suitcase one time to use up my OBC. I gave it as gifts later in the year.
  4. I have taken three trips to Alaska as a solo. My favorite was a RT out of Seattle on Holland America (HAL). It was a 14 day trip, though. I've done several other solo cruises on HAL and have found that they are quite Solo-Friendly. Alaska is quite user friendly, too, as far as Shore Excursions are concerned. Many of the ports can be done by just walking from Point A to Point B. The Crew on HAL is the best -- very attentive and friendly. I have also done a solo trip to Alaska on Princess. This one was a land first, cruise second type of trip. It was a good trip, but I did not find the cruise line as Solo-Friendly. The Crew never recognized me when I approached a bar or my table in the Dining Room which I found quite unusual.
  5. DaveOKC is correct. I added a 7 day to a 15 day (two booking numbers) and got $100 and $250 OBC. The cruise was also offered as a Collectors Cruise, but the price/perks/OBC didn't make it worthwhile to only have one booking number.
  6. The only room that was acceptable to me on my last HAL cruise was the room with the pianos. (Sorry, the name escapes me right now.) Unfortunately, it was across from the Rolling Stones Room. THAT room blasted me out of the area. I ended up spending most of my after dinner time in my cabin. I couldn't even tolerate the Casino because the noise from the Rolling Stones Room carried that far.
  7. I did an Antarctic Cruise back in 2012. At the time, I could not afford a balcony so chose an oceanview. I am still kicking myself that I didn't wait another year to save sufficient money to book the balcony cabin. I practically lived on the Promenade Deck looking at scenery and wildlife. It would have been so much easier to live on my balcony.
  8. Unmentionables are washed in the sink, rolled in a towel and then hung in the shower to dry. If they are still damp in the morning, I transfer them to the closet so the room steward doesn't have to duck them while cleaning the shower/tub. I will hand wash stockings, too. Everything else, goes to the laundry. I do take some "one more time" garments on cruises, too.
  9. My Dad had to use Ship's Doctors several times through the years. He was on Medicare. I ALWAYS had to get copies of his denials before the Travel Insurance (usually Allianz) would cover the claim. I got so good at filing claims that our Travel Agent would give my name to their clients (with my permission) if they had any questions. My first question would be, "Have you filed with Medicare?"
  10. I purchased a Dining Package for the first cruise of the NS. I did not receive any sort of notification in my cabin about making reservations/having the package/etc. I went to Guest Services to ask how to handle this. They told me to go to one of the Reservations stands to make the reservations. They were not able to help me because there was no proof of the package in their system. I showed them my confirmation email, they said to come back later. Which I did again and again. By the time the Package showed in their system, the only available times at the various restaurants were something like 10:00pm. This time would not work. I tried to get a refund on the package, but they are non-refundable. Of course, all of this could have been a glitch because this was the first cruise of the ship and they were working out the kinks. I have never had a problem with pre-purchased Dining Reservations, even if I wanted to change a date or time. Personally, I don't think I will ever purchase a Dining Package again.
  11. One of the reasons I prefer HAL is the opportunity to attend daily Mass. I like the 8am time since it is a beautiful way to start my day, whether it be an At Sea or a Port day. (Shore Excursions usually meet at 9am.) I find the 5pm time difficult, but will hurry if that is the only time offered. (I was recently on Cunard. There was a priest onboard who offered to say the Vigil Mass on both Saturdays. Cunard set the times and did not notify the priest that the time was changed from the first week to the next. Cunard would not allow the priest to say Mass for the crew on either Sunday, even though he offered.) Thank you, HAL!
  12. I'm booked for the VOV in 2020. I booked it with my PCC as soon as I saw it posted on HAL's website. From what I could gather dealing with my PCC re cabins, the insides and balconies tend to go first. HAL holds certain cabins for folks that are only doing 1/2 of the cruise, so that everyone has a chance to get withn the Category they want. However, a lot of the Categories show as GTY on the website. I got the sense that HAL wants you to deal with a TA or PCC if you want a particular cabin.
  13. I found it by using "Boston" as the Debarkation Port, "Europe" as the Destination and "Over 17 Days" as the Length. (I may have the headings wrong, but know that Boston and the Length were the two key Search elements. I found it one time without Europe and another time with Europe.)
  14. Thank you so much for posting your experience. I am booked for the Voyage of the Vikings in 2020. It has been on my list from my first Holland America cruise in 1999. My last cruise on HAL was the first Trans-Atlantic on the Nieuw Statendam. i enjoyed the cruise, but had noticed some of the things you mentioned. Several friends, who are major HAL fans, have just returned from back to back cruises on HAL and they have told me how things have deteriorated even more. Please let us know when you get a reply from HAL. Tell us what Orlando has said. Based upon your posting I am seriously considering cancelling the Voyage of the Vikings. It is such an expensive cruise and I don't look forward to 35 days of cheap toilet paper and overworked staff!
  15. I was on the Nieuw Statendam last December. Mass was held in the Hudson Room on the Main Deck. Port Days it was at 5pm. Sea Days it was at 8am. Saturday Evening Mass was at 5pm. Sunday Mass was at 8am. Read the When and Where to confirm times. I can remember that the "usual times" changed once, but can't remember why. The change was announced in the When and Where.
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