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  1. We have taken the full day bus trip with Shore Excursions Group in the past and it included lunch at the dog sled stop: EXCURSION HIGHLIGHTS: Don't miss this Yukon Klondike Adventure by Bus with Puppy Camp in Skagway Enjoy a fully narrated journey through the picturesque landscapes of Yukon Territory Dine on a Yukon-style BBQ chicken lunch at Caribou Crossing Trading Post Get free admission to fascinating local museums and the adorable Husky Puppy Camp Be guided by our prideful professionals on comfy 24-passenger bus with large viewing windows For scenery the train in great. For bears, the bus (actually a mini-bus) is better. The bus can stop and watch a bear if seen (during our drive we saw a total of 8 bears). The train keeps on going. The bus drivers communicate by phone, and work with each other, to report bear sightings so other buses know where to find them.
  2. If you add 2 kids, who sale free, to an inside room to the September 27, 2024 sailing, the price currently shows $229 pp which continues all the way to the final booking page. Try 2 adults, and 2 "free" kids, to see the advertised price average per person price.
  3. While looking at a NCL cruise today (Hawaii ship), you only saw the grand total (with taxes and port fees) after typing in your passenger data. When browsing cruises, this change will help knowing the total cost without having to put you data in. Some places (ie Alaska) the port fees add a lot to the total.
  4. Would they be eligible if they were 55 on embarkation day, yes. Would it be offered during the popular Christmas period, highly unlikely. "We offer reduced senior prices only on selected sailings exclusively for guests who are 55 years of age and older"
  5. If you do go to the beach in Cabo, the walk is easy, but can get hot. A water taxi from the tender dock (Cabo is a tender port) to the beach only costs a few dollars and are available near the dock. We usually walk there, and water taxi back. On the taxi ride, they will go by the Cabo rock arch if you ask. Walking, about 2/3 the way there, there is a indoor mall. Great place for a free bathroom stop if needed. There are also bathrooms near the tender dock. Bring your camera to the beach since you will get great photos of your ship from the beach.
  6. No matter what the weather is like in Los Angeles, it will be cold and windy as you head north on your return to L.A. from the Mexican Riviera. Have done this cruise many times in January and never has the last day at sea been warm enough to stay out on deck.
  7. Been on Alaska cruises several times. Our favorite port is Skagway and we love Hubbard Glacier.
  8. It gives you a preview of what to expect during the cruise. However, we have found it to be lightly attended and a show we do not miss attending.
  9. On our January cruise, MDR photos were included, just not specialty restaurants.
  10. For price comparison, this is what Royal Caribbean is charging (2024 cruise). Why the Adult price is less then the child price I have no idea.
  11. Not matter the weather, take a rain poncho to the falls. The mist from the falls will get you wet. Also, bring something to dry your camera lens afterwards.
  12. If you do buy the tickets at port, either get in line early, or wait until later in the day. For us, the line to buy tickets took over an hour and moved slow. The good thing was, the line for the actual gondola was quick. Made me wish I had pre-bought tickets and not waited to see what the weather would be like at the port.
  13. Definitely Mendenhall over panning. You can pan in any Alaska port. Not all ports have an easily accessible glacier.
  14. Yes you can. It will be posted as a non-refundable credit.
  15. One hint, have your credit card ready when you arrive. The are now using the method where you insert your credit card on arrival to the parking lot, and then use the same credit card to exit (there will be a employee by the exit machine to assist you if needed). Makes the line go faster when leaving and no parking stub to misplace.
  16. We had a no show and the pre-paid tips were refunded by the 2nd day of the cruise. The taxes were refunded 2 days after we got off the ship. All went to the original credit card used.
  17. It was on the Eclipse last week on the same menu as lobster during the 2nd chic night.
  18. Got off the ship yesterday using luggage assist (they move luggage off the ship). We were in the parking lot at 8:20. Straight walk through the building. All Immigration done in San Diego. No customs done at San Pedro.
  19. We were on Navigator of the Seas in September (a second generation Voyager class ship) and once onboard, via the app, you could make reservations for laser tag and ice skating.
  20. You can contact them at shorex@rccl.com . This is who I was sent to with a question I had recently.
  21. Thank you everybody for the replies. Guess I will just continue to watch for it to pop up in the Shore Excursions.
  22. Thank you for the information. So there is hope for us :) . Do you recall how far in advance it appeared on the cruise planner and if it was under Shore Excursions (which has been reported in other threads) or under Onboard Experiences?
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