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  1. Sooner or later DP is going to be moved. If many of the crew are getting off and sent home, are they being replaced? Sure would be nice of Princess to put our REAL information about DP and crew. I wonder if Princess or any cruise line has any plan for how to operate a ship with a skeleton crew and "ferry" the ship to wherever it will be cleaned and hopefully returned to service. I am sure the Japan is looking forward to having DP leave but the visit will be long remembered!
  2. This is what we have started to do. I would rather enjoy a half day in the departure port then board later. Since we always arrive the day before a cruise, we are already enjoying our vacation!
  3. So what are the odds that Westerdam will be avoided by the public for the next month or 2? Some CC readers may be quick to cruise aboard her and I can only imagine there will be deals to be had. Looking forward to seeing how HAL manages the PR on this.
  4. I cruise for the pleasure of a vacation and enjoyment. Sadly on DP, 2 persons have died and way too many have been hospitalized. Look how many lives have been changed, some possibly forever. A weeks pleasure cruise is not supposed to end this way. Makes Gilligan's Island sound attractive. Does anyone know how many passengers still remain on the ship? Once they are all off, do any experts here know if the ship does a 14 day cruise to where ever they end up, would that be an effective quarantine for all aboard for the virus?
  5. I can only imagine that the 14 day Japan vacation will be on their own nickel since they had the option to go home on the US offered flights. I wish them all well and hope they remain virus free!
  6. The only thing that seems to be certain is that confusion reigns supreme. Diamond Princess will be a case study for infectious disease for years to come. As passengers disburse back to their homes, I hope that authorities track and share REAL data about infections. Containment has been poor at best and the extent of cross contamination needs to be seriously evaluated to help all cruise lines to help to deal with situations like this in the future. The best comparison to my untrained eye would be how ships currently deal with Noro. Policies and procedures tend to help control and knock down these outbreaks. Ships return to port when there is a high percentage of passengers that have been sickened. Ships are disinfected and successfully continue to operate safely. Diamond and Westerdam are the most visible case studies to help figure this out. Passengers are still living through this learning experience. Families are scared and concerned. Princess and governments are all trying to deal with this and will get everyone home. The how and when are frustrating. We all want answers now but this thread is a prime example of how confusion spreads quickly. I pray for wisdom to those that are making decisions that are affecting can resolve this as soon as possible. I look forward to reading reviews soon that will once again only deal with bad food and chair hogs!
  7. I have never seen a post about what a skeleton crew would be for a cruise ship. I know a ship is a "living" thing and as far as I know is never completely shut down. I imagine at a minimum there would be an engineering crew and I guess the hotel could go dormant. Anyone have any information on this?
  8. I have 14 resin models from the ships we have been on. Now I am moving and downsizing and the collection is going to have to go. 3 of the ships are not around any more, Carnival Holiday, Holland Statendam and Regal Princess. I also have Carnival Spirit, HAL Zaandam, Golden Princess, Dawn Princess, Sun Princess, Serenade of the Seas, Carnival Elation, HAL Oosterdam, Carnival Freedom , Carnival Victory, Navigator of the Seas. Hope to find someone who would like to buy these. Selling them as a lot for $100 plus shipping! shintz25 at gmail dot com
  9. I have 14 resin models from the ships we have been on. Now I am moving and downsizing and the collection is going to have to go. 3 of the ships are not around any more, Carnival Holiday, Holland Statendam and Regal Princess. Hope to find someone who would like to buy these. shintz25 at gmail dot com
  10. Sounds like those left on-board are having a good time. I hope they all continue to test negative! I doubt they will be allowed off for a while given all the developments. I hope that all the people caught up in the transportation nightmare can get to their homes soon. It's one thing to be stuck on the ship, quite another to be whisked off to other countries and have no idea when the "nightmare" will end!
  11. We will all start hearing the stories from those that lived it. I for one will pay attention to those that had insurance and how it worked or did not work. That will be valuable in determining what to do for my next cruise. I agree that including insurance as a perk might be a brilliant marketing maneuver going forward. We are focused here on the Diamond yet others have been through similar situations. I keep looking at Westerdam and HAL but there are more. I hope this discussion can continue with FACTS as they are learned. That feedback will be most helpful in dealing with something like this in the future.
  12. Diamond has become the "poster ship" for the virus. Based on all of the countries and information coming out, it would seem as if cruise ships are becoming non-grate around Asia. This will be a logistical nightmare for so many families. The fallout of this situation may never be fully appreciated and I hope health concerns out weigh the monetary concerns for everyone. Financial recovery is easier than regaining ones health.
  13. Sadly this sounds like the beginning of a bad novel about how a virus spreads around the world and...... At this point tt may seem that the pax still on Westy are going to be the most comfortable. It would appear this story is just beginning to be written.
  14. Starting to sound like Westy is joining DP with virus cases from Pax that have left ship. Prayers for those still on the ship but it may be a while before she returns to sailing
  15. I guess the journey continues. I hope that all make it safely home. I am certain there will be interesting reviews coming and odd flight stories.
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