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  1. Just goes to show how everything is clear as mud. And it changes day to day, state by state and depends on what country you are in. I would have to believe cruising will not start until there is enough consensus to all move in the same direction with regard to this virus
  2. Received my e-mail for final payment on Oct 25 Presidents cruise. Can't see shelling out the balance and having to keep playing the wait and see game. L&S is not in the cards right now so it looks like FCC is what it will have to be.
  3. Walking at 4AM yesterday it was 94F today it was 95F. AT 4AM, overnight low!!!!
  4. I doubt I am in the minority when I say that in many ports DW and I just get off and walk and enjoy a port city and visit what is within walking distance of the ship We have enjoyed most of what is quoted here in Key West and consider the day to be an enjoyable time. I have not looked for or seen any stats on how Key West is faring in the current non-travel situation. You might be able to compare the situation of today as zero and a year ago as the high point and see the effect of cruising and tourism in general. I doubt many businesses would endorse this move while some residents might praise it.
  5. There are small cracks in the wall stopping cruising. Now Carnival might start from Germany with AIDA. A small start but maybe a move in the direction of getting back to cruising. This is good for the EU and Schengen to be returning to normal with new restrictions and rules for continuing to contain the spread of covid. I hope this can lead in the direction that will allow more cruises to follow. Then maybe the success can spread to other areas as we work to get back to enjoying life and fellowship.
  6. Looks like Carnival may try starting with AIDA from Germany and maybe visit Italy. Any cruises starting is good news. A small start will hopefully grease the skids for more and more to follow.
  7. Saw this today, looks like Carnival in Germany wants to start AIDA cruises that hope to include Italy, is this a toe in the water? https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/carnival-says-italian-cruises-could-be-next-in-return-to-sailing/ar-BB16zZuI?ocid=spartan-ntp-feeds
  8. So now its on to Southampton and then? Royal Caribbean Group is holding its cards close to the vest and still hoping against hope for Spain to give a green light. Oh magic 8 ball, what is to be?
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