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  1. DW asked why I had " black " on a label on my car key..... I said ,In case I forget dear. Why have you got " Gail " written on the other side. I said.....nothing.
  2. We know your only joking.😁
  3. TBH. In a serious emergency like Costa Concordia, I wonder if the crew will hang around dealing with evacuation chairs, or be into the lifeboats first?
  4. You know who is alive and well and sends his best. He looks in often. Look for a ' princess live from ' on FB.
  5. I won't be feeding any wild animals, but I think I would prefer to let a deer have my chips than a pesky seagull. Ps .told you it would brighten up next week😂. Pps . Predictive thought I was going to Brighton. 🤣
  6. Don't worry too much. It will be much better next week.🤣
  7. That's where I found him. He pm'ed me and indicated why he wasn't posting on cc anymore......not telling.!!🤣🤫
  8. I had a look. He hasn't posted since January regarding his Caribbean cruise.
  9. He was about 6 months ago. Sent you his love. I did post that, but wondered if Frank knew about your fan club.🤣
  10. If you mean Wowzz, I know but can't tell. He pops up from time to time on another forum. ......no, not that one. I'll stick to seagulls....safer topic.
  11. I learn from my mistakes Avril. We are off to that St Ives on Monday. The gulls can get their food from some other mug this year. We put carrots 🥕 out for the rabbits last year. Not this year we wont flipping vermin they are... see I learn.🤣
  12. I think your weather will be wall to wall sunshine soon. We come down next Monday. Speedos and factor 30 already packed.🤣
  13. We generally have tables for 2, but share sometimes. I know when I'm in the doghouse . DW asks for 2 tables for one.
  14. We are paying £2270 for 2 people in a large balcony on Brittania next June. Apex is £3850 including tips. Celebrity is good, but not that good. 2 years ago on Silhouette we paid £2740 Inc drinks,tips and wifi.
  15. As these folk have previously discussed, Saga can be 2, or 3 times the cost of P&O. Reviews of Saga aren't all as glowing as you suggest. We will be taking a Royal cruise in September and have booked a multi night speciality dining package. Not because we expect the MDR food to be poor, but for a bit if variety and because it's cheaper. Tight folk us P&Oers.
  16. I've just spilt my coffee. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  17. I haven't drunk corona since the virus. Not taking the chance, not me.🤣
  18. My demographic don't drink much. They spill a lot. The younger demographic drink their milk from a bottle. Demographically speaking, I don't think age is that important.
  19. May I respectfully ask why you post on a P&O thread If you have no intention of sailing with them ?
  20. I do surveys and get points which I use to keep my avios and Accor points topped up. I could use Tesco vouchers to pay some of my cruise bills, but then you posh folk would know I go to Tesco. Oops . Do Fortnum and Mason do points?.🤣
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