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  1. That's the plan.
  2. We will get the local ferry to Porto venere. Not really a trip.
  3. Thinking of Cornwall, we haven't heard much from our host recently. I hope she is OK.
  4. Should be warn and sunny today. Time to get the car cleaned.
  5. I don't think folk have identified this as a problem, just that on fred the staff carry you to your table in a sedan chair whilst a butler cleans your shoes. Good old Fred.
  6. As long as the don't commandeer the blokes from the engine room.不
  7. I seem to recall being shown to the table every time. The monitor Lady gives another person a little slip of paper. That person shows you to a table. It may be the wrong table but.....any port in a storm不
  8. We quite enjoy P&O. We know that if we paid 2,or 3 times the amount we could have got picked up at home and shown to our table. We know that.
  9. This is my fear. If Vegans and veggies are successful in their efforts to stop folk eating pigs, what is the point of pigs.
  10. Problem with wild pigs is that they eat all the truffles and Acorns.
  11. In a few years the old hands will be singing the praises of the old ships Britannia, Iona and Azura......I'll stick to the small ships like Britannia. I'm not going on the magamonsters. 15,000 passengers....no thanks.
  12. I think they will make the balconies bigger and put a couple of sunbeds on them and move the columns in the buffet away from the counters and have a special drawer for decaf teabags so I don't need to walk around for ages and a dodgem track and flow rider. Apart from that.不
  13. Apart from that, was it OK?
  14. I hope they do. If you get wild boar, why not wild piglet.
  15. There's the one for horse lovers....Rain drops keep falling on me ned.
  16. I'm still worried about Vegans driving poor little piggies to near extinction.
  17. My school friend had a black dog in the mid 60's. We lived in Balham in SW London. At bedtime Derek went to get the dog in from the Garden. Sometimes the dog had got out, so he wandered around calling the dogs name. Wouldn't do that today.不
  18. We only have one cc each. We use it abroad .if I buy a couple of coffees, we may pay cash, or with a card. If it costs an extra 1%, we it's not like we spend a fortune on it. If there's a hold on P&O's bill I have never noticed. A few years ago I phoned the card Company to tell them we were going on a cruise and would be visiting several companies, they didn't have my correct phone number so updated it. Next month I got a text. This month you have earned 瞿7.32 on your cash back credit card. I didn't know I had one, so I recon any foreign transaction charges get offset. Lots of important stuff to worry about, so an extra 27p on 2 coffees gets pretty much ignored.
  19. In the 145 years we have been cruising we have never had any issue regarding this. Are we lucky,or what?. DW overcomes any issue be regeristing my credit card with P&O. Fair doos, I used her PayPal account for 瞿4.99 today.
  20. I'm sure they were brilliant ships with HAL and thousands of folk had very enjoyable cruises...But HAL sold them off.
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