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  1. I am told that soaps are very important. On Arvia that had the sky chanel showing football..There was a bloke telling folk what they could have seen if they were watching it themselves..Well the ball came in from the right..if the strikers head had made contact, it could have been a goal, just like the one he didn't get earlier.......What.🤔🤔
  2. Strangely enough lots more staff members with hand sanitiser bottles at restaurant entrances on the second week. Well done to P&O for taking immediate action to comments made on surveys.🤣
  3. Relax . Just look forward to your cruise. We got off this morning from a very enjoyable fortnight on Arvia.
  4. We were on the same cruise. Only complaint was...I didn't find a duck. We ate in most of the restaurants and the MDR only three times, but the MDR food was superb. The app worked well also. Most enjoyable cruise.
  5. I wonder how much licence payers money is wasted on this every year.
  6. I used markup incorrectly. I Should have used margin.
  7. Drinks price mark ups are no different to restaurants and hotels. About 80%. If folk don't want to pay those prices...don't drink. The margin on food is about the same as alcohol. Taking our own drink and food into restaurants doesn't really appeal.
  8. I think we were asked for proof of insurance immediately after covid , but not the last couple of years.
  9. Seems that way. P&O are the bestest cruise line there ever there was. So there. Every one that competes is a competitor and hence a rival.🥱
  10. You are so right. Staying at home will save a fortune.
  11. Even Barcelona Council are finding things a bit tough. If you want duck a'la Orange..pick your own.
  12. Kalos will reply soon wondering during why sky Princess was eating your breakfast.🤣. Ps. Undercrackers. Yep..predictive let me get away with it this time. Having second thoughts about joining cc yet ?.😂
  13. I guess the naff acoustics don't really affect the silent disco.
  14. Perhaps they thought all their customers followed the hygiene protocols perfectly. I'm sure they will thank me for bringing it to their attention.
  15. We had, for the first time, a mid cruise survey. How we doing ? Are you enjoying,or not enjoying things ?. What can we do better?. I told them we were enjoying our cruise and things were working well. I also suggested they have staff at the many washy, washy stations ' as some if your customers are slobs '.
  16. Some new to cruising and some old hands. On this current Arvia cruise there are a good few old hands that love the new ships. In the last couple of years we have sailed with P&O, Celebrity and RC. We need another NCL soon to go up a level and become upper echelon very important persons. P&O will do for us for the next few years as will others .If and when we decide P&O are too downmarket to warrant our continued patronage we will just quietly slip off somewhere else, without announcing our departure to the world.
  17. On Ariva there are around 5,300. I don't know how many are new to cruising, a good few I imagine. Lots of happy smiley passengers and not many grumpy's. I suspect P&O have it about right. If some of the discontents defect to Fred and Saga, I think P&O will survive. Lots of happy little kids found a duck. We didn't, so our next cruise is with Royal.😂
  18. Walace and Gromit tea party at 5.15. You didn't get that In the so called " good old days ". Wrong cheese wheel Gromit.
  19. We are enjoying it. Lots of dining options, bags of entertainment to our mind it is up there with Britannia, but we are common as muck.
  20. We had a boarding time of 13.30 and breezed through, no time for lounges. Sometimes it pays to be a lower tier commoner.
  21. We take 2 bottles of wine. We have never taken spirits, so if true doesn't bother us in the slightest.
  22. We are on Arvia at the moment 3 star?, don't know, but will bow to your greater experience. So far all is fine. Sounds like you won't be booking P&O again.
  23. Forecast was for rain here too. Fortunately it was wrong.
  24. Not too bad here. Greggs is more upmarket as well.
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