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  1. Perhaps the new Greggs being added during the Britannia refit will take some pressure off the MDR at breakfast time.
  2. When they ask...Are you having a good time..you could stand up with your list...well bazza, water was only cold this morning, 3 lifts were out of order toast was like cardboard....etc. He might not ask again.
  3. Have you tried Virgin yet ?. They are adult only.
  4. I told Gail " I've book flights to Dublin with BA from Southampton.....OK...Its a turboprop......What !!!. It was a good flight. I believe any flight where you leave the plane in one piece was a good flight.
  5. First time we used Soton was on BA to Dublin. I didn't know it was a dash 8,whoops..but explained to DW how the Dash 8 was far superior to a Jet and that the longer flight time meant we could have a leisurely flight. Got away with it. When we flew to Guernsey she wasn't that bothered
  6. Perhaps B737's don't fit Southampton. Last time we flew from Soton was in a propeller plane to C.I.
  7. We had a TA blurb today. Some of the prices seem good, but we haven't thought about 2025 yet. Lots can happen in 2 years.
  8. You could buy a fair few Watneys Red Barrels for £97. Spell check drinks Wotnot red barrel.🤔
  9. When we booked Anthem yesterday, I put in our Crown and Anchor details. RC loyalty scheme. The price came up, which was a fair bit lower than I anticipated. Looking at the breakdown it included about 10% " Seniors discount "...flipping liberty..hang on it was best part of £400. Many of the items like excursions had 30% seniors discount. We'll swallow our pride.
  10. We haven't been asked to provide financial details, but the queue getting into Menorca last year was quite long. In one of the papers over the weekend a family of 4 entering Spain for a fortnight were asked to show proof that they had available £97 per day..each..including the kids.
  11. We have booked Anthem of the seas for September. When we grow up we may try Saga, or Fred. Zap...aged 74.
  12. That was our thinking, maybe a credit card statement as well.
  13. All looks very nice, but the shape of the roast potato looks familiar. 1🤣
  14. DW hardly drinks at all, so we go for the refreshment package. We get to try a few mocktails that we wouldn't normally drink. We are booked on Anthem in September, which moves us up to Diamond , so MY 8 drinks a day should keep me going. 🥳
  15. Your posh hotel in Sudmouth looked very nice last year. DW said ' we could try that on our way to St Ives in June ', so I looked on line.........how much !!!!
  16. Couldn't see that "live " thread, but my bigoted old eyes aren't what the used to be.🤣
  17. Same for us Andy. I'll watch out for the distinguished gentleman with an entertainer on his knee.🤣
  18. Arcadia....probably the oldies who think they know best. I don't know how many of the ' new audience ' go on Arcadia. Not many I suspect.
  19. It's for the drag person ,La voix. Still hope Andy ??🤣
  20. Andy. As per normal I am confused. Limelight was £67.20 for 2 when we booked it just now. I wonder if there is already 20% early booking discount built into that price. £67.20÷0.8÷2=£42 each...maybe..perhaps..Confused. That's me.🤣
  21. We just paid £67.20 for the Limelight less loyalty. That's a strange amount. Decided by 0.8 = £42 each .That is a nice round figure, so I an really saying I haven't got a clue.
  22. We are on Arvia in a couple of weeks. Next time I'm allowed out by myself I will buy some posh chocolate mints. I can turndown our own beds and put a choc on the pillow. I may be able to get through the first week before DW finds out it was me. Doubt I could pull off that scam with a cheese wheel.🤣
  23. Got 20% on beach house and Epicurian. The proper price for Epicurian is £35, but we paid £28 less loyalty discount. We booked everything we wanted except Beach House on the first formal night. It's greyed out, possibly due to the chefs table pinching the waiters/space. Will book Keel and Cow for that night. Got what we wanted for most evenings. Left some gaps as a bit of spontaneity don't hurt.
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