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  1. I accept that I just need to do as I'm told. We go into town on Friday DW is out to lunch with her friends this Friday, so this week Friday is Thursday 🤔. Fat face had a early summer sale on....Do you like this coat?, reduced from £95 to £25. You can take it on the cruise.Be honest because I'm buying it for you anyway.... Yes dear.....thank you dear.
  2. We didn't start cruising till the ' good old days ' ended. Gin and It before dinner with the officers. A cheese wheel sounds fun, a bit like the funfair. Since Covid we have sailed with P&O, Celebrity and RC. Celebrity and RC are a bit better, but a bit dearer. Off on our 7th P&O since lockdown, so they must be OK.
  3. Any me undercrackers.🤣 Predictive just went into meltdown.
  4. Sound like our house....Don't wear that if you plan taking it. Haven't you got any old stuff..you told me to have a clear out... but...don't argue....yes dear...I found my Slash 2009 tour T shirt....your not wearing that are you.....🤐
  5. As I said to DW. I'm not taking a coat. I'm not going to. No way....but I might.
  6. We are on Arvia from Sunday. The weather looks pretty dreadful. No bovvered. It will give us something to complain about when we get back.
  7. We never bother with duty free booze. Its, at times as cheap in the supermarket.
  8. I broke a tooth in Canada and anther one in La Palma. Each time it cost £100 for emergency patching up. Brilliant plan I know, I'II clain on the travel insurance!..Guess what the excess was.
  9. Food sounds good. Put a few herbs and some red wine in it and call it something French. In years to come the Grandkids will cook for their kids. What we having Mum ?....Nanny Michelle's beouf de sud de Languedoc.
  10. I'm impressed that P&O ships carry bricks...just in case.
  11. Bang some nails In the Cabin wall.
  12. If you buy a really strong magnet and rub it all over the wall, will all the clothes hooks fall off next door wall?.
  13. I think they are waiting to announce the new Greggs.
  14. Perhaps the new Greggs being added during the Britannia refit will take some pressure off the MDR at breakfast time.
  15. When they ask...Are you having a good time..you could stand up with your list...well bazza, water was only cold this morning, 3 lifts were out of order toast was like cardboard....etc. He might not ask again.
  16. Have you tried Virgin yet ?. They are adult only.
  17. I told Gail " I've book flights to Dublin with BA from Southampton.....OK...Its a turboprop......What !!!. It was a good flight. I believe any flight where you leave the plane in one piece was a good flight.
  18. First time we used Soton was on BA to Dublin. I didn't know it was a dash 8,whoops..but explained to DW how the Dash 8 was far superior to a Jet and that the longer flight time meant we could have a leisurely flight. Got away with it. When we flew to Guernsey she wasn't that bothered
  19. Perhaps B737's don't fit Southampton. Last time we flew from Soton was in a propeller plane to C.I.
  20. We had a TA blurb today. Some of the prices seem good, but we haven't thought about 2025 yet. Lots can happen in 2 years.
  21. You could buy a fair few Watneys Red Barrels for £97. Spell check drinks Wotnot red barrel.🤔
  22. When we booked Anthem yesterday, I put in our Crown and Anchor details. RC loyalty scheme. The price came up, which was a fair bit lower than I anticipated. Looking at the breakdown it included about 10% " Seniors discount "...flipping liberty..hang on it was best part of £400. Many of the items like excursions had 30% seniors discount. We'll swallow our pride.
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