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  1. Not too bad here. Greggs is more upmarket as well.
  2. Sorry. Saw your suggestion after shops, coffee,walk and shops. Then back to the ship via the shops. Rains stopped now.
  3. Too misty really. Rain had stopped in Coruña.....for now.
  4. Fairly smooth crossing of the BoB. Weather was mainly overcast. We are now in a rainy A Coruña. Oh well. Nothing to moan about yet. Vast selection of food and entertainment. Yesterday evening La Voix in the Limelight. Interesting.!. followed be Festival in Headliners. We had seen that before, but it seemed better this time, a bit more modern. Onward and upward.
  5. Wow. Traffic a bit slow getting to the terminal. We arrived a few minutes early. CPS took the car after about 10 mins. Straight up to the shed, Checked in and straight onto the ship probably 30 mins from arrival to boarding. We had a time of 13.30 the folk in front of us had 15.30. They were told to go away and come back later....what time shall we come back?....15.30🤣. Best boarding ever. Well done P&O.
  6. I knew I'd forgotten something.......Gail..where are you.🤔
  7. DW said to pick a bottle of wine to go in the pasta. I'm allowed to finish up what's left......Malbec?. You normally use the cheap stuff for cooking. Sorry dear, my mistake 🤣
  8. I had no problems with my Android on the Tesco network. Gail said I can't get on the cafe Nero WiFi.. I can.. Facebook isn't downloading pictures....mine is..her Lastest model iPhone isn't so brilliant after all. Packing done. Labels affixed. Documents checked, again. Weather looking better. Pasta sauce bubbling away nicely.....we must have forgotten something.🤔
  9. We board Arvia at 13.30. We will be early so will go into Mayflower park, look at the ships and drive round to the Dock about 13.15. No rush to get on as there isn't a Gran Prix to watch on Sky F1.
  10. Your fellow passengers on Britannia will be chatting in the Crows Nest " have you seen that chap crawling around on his hands and knees examining the joints in the carpets. He can't stop tutting " Have a great cruise.
  11. We booked some speciality restaurants on Arvia and a RC cruise, so paid the deposit. Some early booking offers on trips and restaurants tempted us. Then an email reminding us that £700 odd was due for a trip to St Ives in June. We went to town today with my credit card statement which arrived this morning. DW said shall we just have a McDonalds for lunch. Do you know how much a happy meal costs?😂. At least I didn't waste money on things like eyes and teeth.
  12. I accept that I just need to do as I'm told. We go into town on Friday DW is out to lunch with her friends this Friday, so this week Friday is Thursday 🤔. Fat face had a early summer sale on....Do you like this coat?, reduced from £95 to £25. You can take it on the cruise.Be honest because I'm buying it for you anyway.... Yes dear.....thank you dear.
  13. We didn't start cruising till the ' good old days ' ended. Gin and It before dinner with the officers. A cheese wheel sounds fun, a bit like the funfair. Since Covid we have sailed with P&O, Celebrity and RC. Celebrity and RC are a bit better, but a bit dearer. Off on our 7th P&O since lockdown, so they must be OK.
  14. Any me undercrackers.🤣 Predictive just went into meltdown.
  15. Sound like our house....Don't wear that if you plan taking it. Haven't you got any old stuff..you told me to have a clear out... but...don't argue....yes dear...I found my Slash 2009 tour T shirt....your not wearing that are you.....🤐
  16. As I said to DW. I'm not taking a coat. I'm not going to. No way....but I might.
  17. We are on Arvia from Sunday. The weather looks pretty dreadful. No bovvered. It will give us something to complain about when we get back.
  18. We never bother with duty free booze. Its, at times as cheap in the supermarket.
  19. I broke a tooth in Canada and anther one in La Palma. Each time it cost £100 for emergency patching up. Brilliant plan I know, I'II clain on the travel insurance!..Guess what the excess was.
  20. Food sounds good. Put a few herbs and some red wine in it and call it something French. In years to come the Grandkids will cook for their kids. What we having Mum ?....Nanny Michelle's beouf de sud de Languedoc.
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