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  1. May I respectfully ask why you post on a P&O thread If you have no intention of sailing with them ?
  2. I do surveys and get points which I use to keep my avios and Accor points topped up. I could use Tesco vouchers to pay some of my cruise bills, but then you posh folk would know I go to Tesco. Oops . Do Fortnum and Mason do points?.🤣
  3. I'm sure you are right. When we are old we may try one. So you have never sailed with P&O ??.
  4. On board it's too expensive. We had £560 OBC and had a bill for £6 at the end.😂. Enjoy the ship. It's brilliant.
  5. We feel we are too young for a SAGA holiday. We are 74/68.😂
  6. " Out for a ruby Phil " sounds like you have been spending time with too many Cockneys. I bet we won't find Brian dropping " oop north " slang.🤣
  7. Unfortunately I missed it .I can get it on replay and watch it....when we're out.🤣
  8. We try and avoid taking holidays when the kids are off, but whenever you go there seems to be loads of them. Try getting into the Shaun the Sheep tea. Full of kids. Don't start me off on Wallace and Gromit. 🤣.
  9. On Azura we went to see the man at the Glass House as we couldn't book. He said come at 6.00, we will take your order at about 6.30 and your food will be served at 7.00. That was perfect as we knew what to expect.
  10. We thought Arvia was brilliant. Everything except the beef bucco in Olive Grove. Very fatty, but the lamb shank terrine was very good. Apart from that brilliant.
  11. Perhaps when you are 30, 60 is elderly. 10 year olds probably think 30 is elderly. I am vegan. I eat the veg before the meat, so for the first half of my meal I am strictly vegetarian . Second half, carnivoriferous. On our cruises there are no elderly people, but as I'm 74, not many 100 year olds. I dislike generalisations, but most folk do.🤣
  12. I would worry about a sunbed. We will be going to the Canaries in November and expect some warm weather when we arrive. We are going by air.
  13. I do get confused. Am I a demographic, or a cohort ?. Which is best ? Am I allowed to be both, or indeed neither ?. So I need to sell my AMG and buy a Cardi ?
  14. We booked through the app, but only for our cabin. I don't know if you can book onboard in advance. The myholiday app and procedures worked well, but you did need to book things ASAP.
  15. Sorry, but in my demographic fish and chips is made of fish.....and chips.🤣
  16. Book 710 as soon as you get onboard. Sometimes you can get myholiday in the terminal, but in April we wizzed straight through.
  17. It's PC to have a veggie restaurants. If they made it free with a smaller selection,all the veggies could eat there and we could have a few more items on the MDR menus . There is a fish restaurant in the quays and some fish items on the MDR menu.
  18. We saw that Graham. Currently we are Emerald on RC, so Select on X. When we get back in October we will be Diamond/Elite. The new reciprocal scheme won't actually benefit us. In about 20 years we will be Diamond+. Just like all you very loyal folk.😁. Out next big jump will be on NCL. Only about 3 nights needed.
  19. We have only ever claimed once, but as you say, you don't know if they are any good until something goes wrong.
  20. We found that, but in all the years cruising have only missed I port. We have usedgood to go for a couple of air holidays, but not for cruises. At the end of the year we can go back to annual, but for now TTP will.do the job.
  21. A long, long walk. Get the shuttle and save the hastle. If it's hot you may not survive the walk back.
  22. Not actually recommended, I wouldn't do that for anything, just passing on information so the fellow cc members can decide. If commission is due I won't say no.🤣
  23. We did that with RC and saved about £300pp. Not mega, but pays the drinks bill. It was actually cheaper than I anticipated as they gave us another £350 " seniors " discount and wrinklies money off excursions ,30%. Last year we played chicken with TUI and saved about £500 on a week to Menorca. Late booking May result in missing out on your plan A, but....
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