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  1. Last year I used a comparison website for medical condition. The quotes range from £400 through £1200 to your having laugh.
  2. Ours was £130 . Both wrinklies with medical conditions.
  3. We used then for our cruise last month. They cover emergency evacuation and medical expenses from and on the ship to £15m. Their website says all their policies cover cruises ( I printed that bit off ). They don't pay out for missed ports are if you are late back and miss the ship.They were around a third of the price of the ' full' cruise cover policies. We are using them again in September.The bits they don't cover don't particularly bother us anyway.
  4. A bit like teenagers, but they don't borrow the car.
  5. We are on Anthem of the seas to the Canaries later in the year. 3 cruises. All full.
  6. We went to a bear sanctuary in Alaska .Lots of Eagles in the trees. They swoop down and eat the bears food. On balance I would prefer a seagull pinching my pasty 🤣
  7. We get wood pigeons. A fact of life, but we don't live in a wood. Of course visitors shouldn't feed seagulls. I would guess that all the takeaways and many holiday lets in costal villages are owned by locals. Many folk earn their living due to visitors. This little fellow was simply having a quiet coffee. I think Angel57 must now him. He lives in Weymouth.
  8. At least I won't get a mention on KUMB, but plenty of Seagulls in Barking.🤣
  9. Perhaps it's the blue. We get magpies and I tend to get purple spots.
  10. As long as they don't poo on my car. In Mevagissey one pooed on my brand new wetsuit. Blue it was...the wetsuit, not the seagull.
  11. If you are prepared to take some of the risk yourself, like missed port payout, try Total travel protection.
  12. Your quite right. Most chain restaurants are up 30-50%. Costa, McDonald, even greggs. Some of the smaller restaurants seem to be getting a bit greedy, but then wonder why less people are eating there. Fortunately we have a choice.
  13. We are looking to go to the Canaries in November....If the price is right. If Not Bournemouth.🤣
  14. It's their lack of education. They just won't do as they are told. A few chips we will be OK, won't it.🤣
  15. I think companies are trying to claw back the money that they lost during covid. We booked a TUI holiday in October last year. The price started dropping about 2 months out.
  16. We are going to Haven in July, just before the kids break up. 2 weeks later and a week is £2,000. They don't have any inside caravans.😂
  17. We are down to St Ives in a couple of weeks. Next week we will buy a few extra bits for the seagulls. The locals like you to feed them.🤣
  18. In MDR on Arvia there are pay extra items on the menu.
  19. How very true .I watched the Indy 500 over the weekend.
  20. We have never bothered locking our suitcases. If they can get into my computer, I doubt a 50p lock would tax their abilities too much. If they want my secondhand " undercrackers " they are welcome.🤣
  21. TBH, he needs to be told a few home truths about priorities.
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