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  1. Welcome back to Oceania, Jazzbeau. We very much have enjoyed our Caribbean cruises on Riviera, the last one only one year ago. I love the sailing excursions on the OLife offerings, but normally do the rest DIY, depending on the particular itinerary. I am not optimistic enough right now to book any cruise. I prefer not to plan and then replan when cruises are cancelled, investing too much mentally as things change. However, many others active on this board prefer the optimism of a booking rather than dwelling on the mental hassle of cancellation. Good luck! Best wishes to you and y
  2. Hope you decide to give Oceania a try. (Note that the cruise line’s name indeed is Oceania.)
  3. Once my husband fully retired, and we began taking many more trips for many more weeks, we switched from purchasing Allianz trip insurance for each trip separately to purchasing Allianz’s annual insurance plan, which saved us a considerable amount of money over the last few years. Perhaps your circumstances differ from ours.
  4. We sailed Barcelona to Southampton in May 2017 on Marina, a terrific itinerary with most of the same ports you will be visiting. We chose four OLife excursions, three small private tours and several DIY days when the sights we wanted to see were close to the port. I recommend a private wine tour for Bordeaux. The weather was superb the entire time. I love sailing and visiting Europe in May and October. From Southampton we spent a day visiting friends in Winchester whom we met on an earlier Oceania cruise, then London for a few days and then flew home from Edinburgh, my first visit
  5. Or simply order double surf, no turf, no bread followed by the specialty Humphry Slocombe flavor of the day ice cream!
  6. Agree, unfortunately. As a result, I am trying to avoid looking at any of those lovely cruise brochures, like the one I received today from Oceania regarding Fall 2021 Mediterranean cruises.
  7. Maybe there were many like the 62-year-old Cincinnatian I know who actually posted a photo of herself on Facebook receiving her vaccine shot in Richmond, VA last week. Her current beau, an eye doctor, lives in Richmond.
  8. I was very saddened to read this news. The PE firm’s track record does not inspire any confidence. We enjoyed three great Azamara cruises, all on Quest, with wonderful unique itineraries, engaging staff and excellent service, the last one sharing unforgettable scenic adventures with inveterate cruiser Host Jazzbeau and his lovely wife. I will continue to treasure those cruise memories.
  9. Very sorry to hear this news. Jim and Don Horner were my main factual reliable sources for all information regarding cruising on Oceania when we began cruising 12 years ago, and now both are gone, as sitraveler alluded to in post #7. We were so very fortunate to sail in the Mediterranean with Stan and Jim, including an amazing significant birthday celebration for Stan in Polo, for sure the most memorable dinner party onboard a ship I ever have attended. Jim always was so wonderfully gracious to us sailing newbies after his lifetime of cruising experiences. My condolences
  10. I renewed my annual Allianz policy last January. I do not plan to renew it for 2021. 😉
  11. My Ohio county currently gets 500 doses per week to administer to the public. Next week it will start vaccinating those 80 and older. My age group officially can start getting the vaccine on February 8 but at this rate of availability I will not get the vaccine until mid-summer at the earliest. So where exactly will the rest of the world be regarding vaccination (apart from Israel) in 2021? Cruising this year to where?
  12. Our Scandinavian cruise on her in June 2011 soon after her debut not only was delightful but also convinced my husband to desert Oceania’s “R” ships evermore to sail only on the “O” ships.
  13. Setting aside any cruising issues, I cannot imagine that tourism will be back in either Greece or Italy by this May. Both countries are experiencing similar vaccination distribution issues that we are facing here in the USA.
  14. Thanks for sharing this good news with us. We certainly all need some these days! Take care and stay well.
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