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  1. She is a classic ship. The average cabins are small- the higher decks have larger ones. You can walk all the way around and see out- this is rare on modern vessels. There are a few hidden places with deck chairs.
  2. Good catch. But how much actual cooking is done at these remote grills?
  3. I got the survey from Cunard yesterday. It was a little sad. I do not envy the Marketing Department there. If Samuel Cunard (no stranger to cholera quarantines massively impacting vessel operations - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Cunard) was still alive I think he would take some bold measures. These are heretical in the extreme, but so was a steam passenger ship crossing the ocean on a regular schedule in 1840. Big societal trends* (many believe these to be left wing plots and or hoaxes- you have been warned) - Reduced environment footprint - Need for social distancing (might be temporary- this might all blow over after a vaccine etc.) - Need for advanced air filtering by individual cabins and or for hydrogen sulfide from ocean dead zones (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/oceanic-dead-zones-spread/) If I had a partly finished hull already on my bill I would now consider: 50% reduction in energy use Larger fewer cabins more like apartments including cooking and laundry Passengers on the outside crew very spread out on the inside (the crew galley was not safe is a recent Princess case) Public areas very spread out (remember promenade decks?) Voice operated elevators New style positive pressure ventilation Larger, decentralized medical centers Decentralized galleys Etc. Square footage in the newer designs with all the extra decks is cheap. You can say but yes you will never make money. But parked ships are not making money now.
  4. ChengKP questions: So is the idea the ships will stay at anchor and then every few weeks? Then dock for provisions, top off of fuel? There was one empty berth in Nassau as an example last I looked. On one engine or so fuel can probably last a while? In some anchorages is there a shore boat that stops and sells food, etc. to anchored ships? You see cargo ships waiting a long time for cargo in some ports. If everyone is spread out to passenger cabins and food in the buffet they could probably manage an outbreak reasonably well. I might suggest it is time for escrow accounts for crew wages and food- the history of cruise lines going broke is not pretty. The crews are left to fend for themselves suddenly. The lines still have cash.
  5. She is a perfectly lovely ship. I was trying to get down there for a trip over to Nassau. When the cruise industry was growing at 6%, anything that floated sailed full. The customer demand though is heavily in balconies- but perhaps not at the entry level. I think they need at BPCL to turn the innovation crank again - The new Bahamas resorts might be enough but an even lower priced product might work also. Maybe they can set up/rent out a private beach even? That might do the trick. A Poor Man's private island.
  6. Years ago the UK Government went on a rage after tour guests were stranded and denied refunds after package tour operators went broke and set up a deposit protection system called ATOL. Hopefully cruise industry has this- so that deposit money is in escrow. Visa and Mastercard and Amex would not be amused to be on the hook for all these credit card refunds. https://www.abta.com/help-and-complaints/frequently-asked-questions/what-atol
  7. If I was a cruise line CFO and short of cash you pay the crews first, refund the passengers then put the mortgage bills for the ships in the drawer. Cruise ships in a shutdown are worth nothing so the lenders can squawk but really not do much. They know you will go back to paying once you get cash flow again.
  8. The idea is to take a page from Spirit Airlines - where you can have a no frills ferry experience and add on extras at a cost. I think if you have 400 empty berths each way and sell ferry tickets (both ways) it is all money. On the ferry lines they have a 24 hour coffee shop on board. So on a lower deck you pull out 20 cabins and make a ferry lounge with comfy lounge chairs and more bathrooms. And you have a dining venue that accepts cash. Remember this ship, with no balconies, has one foot in the scrap yard so can be re-purposed. Or the ship can go to the Bahamas ports on a circle with Palm Beach. The low end of the cruise business is and will be crowded. Right now you can cruise to the Bahamas or fly but there is perhaps not a great ferry option.
  9. The one thing I would do if they could afford it is to convert Classica to run on biodiesel (might be semi easy) and or see of they can add some solar panels or wind turbines. Now biodiesel is imperfect but is at least a nod toward sustainability. I think Sir Richard Branson, a brilliant guy, did not consider that at least a few (young) people care about sustainability in his new cruise line. They do need a full time Bahamas tourism desk aboard - they can leverage their great relationships. BPCL does need to carve out a clearer niche here.
  10. Time for the Chengkp75 Bat Signal. There are a lot of ships- hopefully some safe docks or protected anchorages. I think the mega ships will do poorly anchored in a storm. And they have to unwind all the containers of supplies en route to distant ports- and get supplies to the now parked ships. Hopefully the cruise lines will honor all the crew contracts - they made billions and the crews are not highly paid. To kill time they can clean and maybe set up online college programs - food and beverage management, tourism, deck officer training etc.
  11. I wonder if they have considered offering ferry services and selling one way or round trip tickets also? There are a lot of these in Europe. The idea is the cabins are full as the ship is sailing anyhow. They could designate a deck for that, and have a café that sold inexpensive food also. The Bahamas people would use it I'll bet also. So the idea is to make a new product like the European ferries - there are seats for overnight, food for purchase, and you can shop and use the casino as you wish. There are some days I would prefer a Bahamian meal. So you would compete with the airlines. This drops the price even more. If 95% of your voyage costs are fixed, if you sell 200-300 ferry tickets that might help a little. There might be an objection to mixing of "luxury cruise" and ferry passengers, but this is new product and the idea is to market it as funky and hip. On our last cruise I had an idea for a having a "crew galley" where passengers and crew can hang out - this is no different than on the Island when you land. So after drydock there is a "Bahamas Deck" - a re-creation of "steerage" in the old Titanic days. You can have a BBQ going and $3 Caribe beers.
  12. I think the business model for BPCL was to sail every day, and be the cruise line for those who had a budget of $500 vs $1200 for the larger lines, and for those who had limited time off. The damage to their main Bahamas port cannot have helped and the drop in fares for the big lines is not helping. If every trip was losing money on the Classica it is time to park the ship. It might be as development continues around Freeport and the new partnerships island-wide get going they can go back to daily service.
  13. The actions of the line- to race in with relief - have hopefully established a new model. I remember donating to the effort. The way to rebuild storm ravaged tourist areas and restore the economy down there is to bring in tourists again. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22319-bahamas-paradise-cruise-line-s-humanitarian-efforts-recognized.html
  14. You guys did a great job on yours also. I'm glad you had a good trip.
  15. I'm addicted to the Nassau Port Cam. The Grand Classica is a good looking ship.
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