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  1. The actions of the line- to race in with relief - have hopefully established a new model. I remember donating to the effort. The way to rebuild storm ravaged tourist areas and restore the economy down there is to bring in tourists again. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22319-bahamas-paradise-cruise-line-s-humanitarian-efforts-recognized.html
  2. You guys did a great job on yours also. I'm glad you had a good trip.
  3. I'm addicted to the Nassau Port Cam. The Grand Classica is a good looking ship.
  4. Just a guess but I'll bet the last two months have not been great for BPCL. The Cuba thing generated a lot of older ship spare capacity and the storm damage and fares have been crazy low for inside/outside cabins out of FLL/MIA. They did get some good PR for helping out. Pretty soon the season will pick up and the smaller Cuba ships will find new deployments (NCL Empress case in point) and things should settle in. It is hard to be the cheapest cruise line when the big guys are $149 also for three days. Good for you to help keep the lights on for them.
  5. Hydrogen fuel cells look good. You can put in a solar farm at your base or a stopover port (i.e. Grand Bahama) and build up your supply for the ship. The energy losses in compressing and freezing hydrogen are significant- if powered by say a coal plant. https://blog.ballard.com/fuel-cells-marine-vessels
  6. The ship needs a 24 hour food venue. I would vote for the sports bar. Should not require a dry dock to make it happen. Some soccer fans were there all night for Euro soccer matches. Track down Igor (GM) and mention it to him. Thanks for the hotel and port suggestions.
  7. This is a good question. The dress code is unchanged. However, recently there was a notice about "Norwegian Night Out and 70's Groove Party" on Day 2. And the "Glow Party" formerly the White Hot Party later in the week. I kept hearing the words "dress to impress or not" - possibly to sell more formal portraits- and there was a tiny blurb in the day 1 program to dress up for pictures.
  8. The safety issue is not trivial. They have to look at the eight hour forecast also. And the seas can come up rapidly. https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/cruise-passengers-stranded-forced-to-sleep-on-basketball-court-in-monte-carlo.html
  9. I think we need a lower impact propulsion system - an upgrade from diesels. Some of the European lines are responding to customer demand here. LNG engines are a start. The black smoke pouring out of the stack is a reminder to me that we can certainly do better. There will be a change in customer behavior but at the moment in the US market it is go go go with strong demand for anything that floats. I think modest and responsible harbor development is OK. The deal with coral- the carbonic acid from rising CO2 emissions (falling ocean pH) will kill all of it. If somebody markets a lower impact cruising product and customers flock to it- there is a chance for changes. Until then no.
  10. This is brilliant. Yes. It can be cold- check the weather in Orlando.
  11. Well we know boarding starts at 11:30. Get there early is pointless as the terminal is dreary. The ship has a long journey to get all the way to Mexico and leaves at 4. The mandatory lifeboat drill is at 3. I would be melting down sitting at the beach worrying about all that can go wrong on the way to the ship. There was not much of a line and there cannot be one on a ship with so few passengers.
  12. Please can you post a daily? I am trying to sort out if ballroom/Latin dancing is possible.
  13. Interestingly, we saw a distinct preference for Dirhams. You can get these at change shops, banks and ATMs. Make sure to get a receipt to change any left overs back. It was reported to be good form to hand over any spare small change to the poor.
  14. It is a long walk from the cruise pier into the old town as there is a big sea wall. There are a few taxis here and there. You will not have any Dirhams as the ship just got in. Those taxis you see by the ship will probably take pounds or Euros- negotiate some reasonable fare maybe $5-8. The meter fares in Dirhams are crazy low. There are taxis on the way back to the ship outside the gate. There is a Tourist Police station right outside the port entrance as you enter the market area. We felt 100% safe and just wandered in to the market area. There are change offices and banks or they suggest an ATM card to get Dirhams. Yes Marrakech is fancier and Tangier is cuter but the old town market area in Casablanca gets the job done- we had this "we are finally in Africa" thing going on. The fish market was adorable but impractical- what does a cruise passenger do with a raw fish? We found a crowded local restaurant and had lentils and rice and Tagine for like $5. It all was lovely. Grillades-Brochettes-Poulets on 120 Rue Allal ben Abdellah.
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