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  2. This is a good time for "chill" cruise buyers. If you are an obsessive and detailed advance planner you may be disappointed. I am poking at some deals on a transatlantic (i.e. cross the ocean but not fussy after that) next year. I may put in a modest deposit. Make a pencil calendar entry. Then wait and see. As several have pointed out, we know a lot more about the public health situation then we did a year ago and have effective if wildly unpopular management steps. I don't see a "return to 2019" in our future for some time yet.
  3. It was so exciting and normal to see the Grand Classica not still parked at the dock in WPB. Chengkp may comment here but I think cabin A/C is cabin/zone based so can be fixed in the area of cabins it is impacting and is not systemic. Curious how the Bahamas folks are reacting. I think the nearby shops should be open every day if any ships are present. They had this thing of opening only for the larger ships? Is the fancy new (RCCL?) resort open? A nice day pass seems good. https://www.resortforaday.com/lighthouse-pointe-at-grand-lucayan/
  4. It shows the Classica returning from Freeport. This seems promising.
  5. I just got a marketing email from them. The first date open for booking is 7/28/21. If I was to guess -that's what we do out here 🙂 they are short staffed in the office and not being as responsive as they could be on social media. Select Date | Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line
  6. Does RCCL have any US flagged ships? The US Navy has a very (!) limited role in foreign countries. In my experience sailing in the Bahamas and BVIs, the local patrol boats keep a watchful eye on major tourism ports. (You can see this on the Nassau Webcam when cruise ships are docked). But as a terrorist, disrupting tourism is a major "lever" and gets your "cause" massive global media attention.
  7. Thanks for the new date 🙂 I am back to searching the travel agent websites based on price. It would seem the old price model is back. So high list prices, and "Yield Management" realizing "gosh the ship is empty - time for a sale"- so I think that prices will settle out. Cruise ships have mostly fixed costs- an empty ship is not a money maker. We did lose a lot of mostly yukky old low end ships (Carnival Fantasy etc.) to recycling - but inside cabins will be a slow sellers I think. There is some pent up demand but we'll see if the 6% per year growth in cruising r
  8. The Grand Classica seems to be still in port this morning - the webcam is a little unhappy at the moment.
  9. Yes. I shop on minimal $/day for a decent ship. So repositioning trips are perfect, or oddball routes. The idea is to wake up at sea, with some money left. The trip I found I'm not telling 🙂
  10. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/people-opinions/richard-vogel-former-ceo-pullmantur-cruceros-reflects-past-present-and-future They did a good job capturing Spanish culture. The late dinner and late nights were very real 🙂 The ships were old and cramped so the experience was never very high end.
  11. I am one of maybe five people out here who shop for a cruise based on price 🙂 I was alarmed at the first prices we saw and the comments "very strong bookings" - which is a code word for "bring all your money." I just retired and wanted to use off peak pricing. A recent search showed discounts and <$400 seven day fares- yaa. It will be interesting to see if the 2019 price model re-emerges- the same low seasons etc.
  12. The day pass at the British Colonial Hilton is lovely. They had a nice BBQ lunch on the sandy beach and you can watch the ships come and go. The pool/beach bar has shade or sun. I like to be where you can see and walk back to your ship- no stressing out over traffic or late taxis or stuck draw-bridges. Does it seem they have added onto the port cruise berths? I feel one or two of the main docks have been extended?
  13. If I was Simon I'd put the QM2 on a lot of seven night transatlantic trips. These are easy to schedule and the ship is designed for them. And use France if you have to or even Nassau. Your core passenger base loves these. Back to back is a good add-on. Sadly the UK is grappling with the Delta variant and their current vaccine regimen (AZ, one dose Pfizer) is not the best for Delta is seems at the moment and this may or may not be sorted by then. The trouble with world voyages ATM is every port may have unique rules.
  14. I just poked at the various web sites on travel restrictions to and from the US and UK. It looks pretty grim still. The US State Department is all up in arms about terrorism threats in the UK- really? The weekly reports from my Mom's ten building, ~800+ person Senior Living complex continue to look good. Unvaccinated staff and visitors continue to give and get COVID-19, everyone else seems pretty safe. We have been out to dinner on patios five times in the last weeks and feel comfortable. I'm still wary about tightly packed indoor spaces.
  15. There was a discussion someplace somehow about unexpected extra vibration /stress related to azipods that would potentially shorten an otherwise long QM2 service life. I can't find a reference to it in the Payne book, but this may have prompted the question.
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