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  1. Had a Personal Vacation Planner threw Royal for over 5yrs, was knowledgeable and could send him a text and change anything. Now post CV, nope. Either need do own footwork/call Royal with that knowledge or get a Travel Agent.
  2. People have done this before, was a couple CC Members that did this and bragged about it. During CV when they had the double FFC can almost see why
  3. Got that right! I'm use to about 4-5 Sea Days to 6 Port. Did a 16n Panama Canal last yr and due to Winds we had 6 Sea Days to start and did only 4 total stops, Perfect!...
  4. Agree, allowed 12 cans or bottles per cabin of water or soda pop. I always carry on 12ct of 16.9oz Diet Dew myself
  5. Changed the Name...and the Price. Observed $700+ on multiple Cruises I
  6. Agree, so far not a Single Ship or Date working out for me. At least I planned/Booked some alternate early Dates, instead on my usual Fall Sailings in 2025 was able get some ok pricing on B3B out of Galveston. At least these havn't jacked up the Corner/Afts to Sunset yet that would have cost about $2K more on future Radiance Class Sailings
  7. Ok... Sorry was a Joke. Single Father that raised 3 Kids, 4, 6, and 9 yr olds and they were actually really Good Kids. Never got in trouble, no Drinking/smoking/drugs. All Graduated 1 to 1 1/2 yrs early, with my oldest Home Schooled her HS yrs. Live with Her, my SIL and Grand Daughter who just turned 14 and is in her second year HS. Want say they got from me but even though I had all A/B's I took the GED and Join the US ARMY day after I turned 16. In end was right decision for me, stayed in making it a Career and Completed College by time I was 20.
  8. My Kids would ask same question until they got answer they liked
  9. Was hoping at least one of the Radiance Class was doing Long Caribbean Cruises though looks like possible Short Carib and/or Mexico. Shoot 2024/2025 there is 4 Royal Ships out of Tampa doing that
  10. "Might" get some more today, I'm hoping. Still have a couple Ships unaccounted for as where/what doing.
  11. Though just with standard Inflation Rate a Ship Booked in 2019 what paid then $2024.10 is $2441.81 today. Not even counting the high demand of Royal Ship's running average now of 120% capacity or the demand of Icon. I remember when I started Cruising Royal a 7n in an OV was $3600 for the 2 of us, Today with Inflation that money is equal $9773. We were really spoiled with low prices pre-CV and even lower during start up. But w/o that the Demand is there and people willing to pay these High prices. For me, I'll stick with Radiance Class, a lot lower(over half) on my Sailings/dates doing longer Cruises that I like
  12. Agree, if watching each sale there are times its Free paying only taxes. Even Cat to Cat at times when pricing is similar
  13. Though thats a repo to PR. Sadly the annual Boston to Florida is also now a very short Boston to PR
  14. Looks like Couple Radiance Class moving to PR and Vision Staying in Baltimore
  15. Know its commom where some are added to South Pacific, EU or USA before the others, Canada wasnt sure
  16. I see about 28 Cruises added so far on Ships I'm looking at
  17. I also have Royal page saved with only the 5 Ships and the new Dates. A lot easier then all Ships/Dates loaded and to look threw
  18. Yesterday it was 603, there is couple Cruises that are Full, then when a Cancel happens it opens again. So it does go up/down day to day, hr to hr at times
  19. Yeah hard to believe my first 15yrs Cruising I use to enjoy late Seating, 845pm that would take til 1030-45 to finish Dessert. 2nd Main Show would be after at 1045-11pm instead of before Dinner as is now many times. Then with some Ships last few yrs WJ and MT opening late as 630-645pm and even that is too late for me now. Recent Cruises been experiencing, along with my future Bookings, early Main Dining that is 5, 515 or 530 on my Radiance Class Ships. Interesting though WJ has been 6-830 or 630-9, very limited like Mytime is from when first started
  20. Been on Radiance Class about 60 times with 40+ being Serenade alone. These longer 10+ niters, Carib, Repo's and Panama Canals, Average about 1850 passengers, few families and usually about 10-25 Kids. My type of Cruise
  21. Booked a Cruise last yr with a pretend Cabin Mate, only way get an assigned Balcony Cabin. If I'd done Solo only option was Guarantee IN/OV and no Balcony assigned or guarantee. So told my Daughter I Booked us on a Cruise and I wasn't taking her...shes in College anyway.
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