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  1. Los Lobos is a specialty restaurant but in our case, on Dawn, the cost was such it was worth paying out of pocket rather than using it with SDP etc. Wish they had it on more ships 🙂
  2. Sounds like you stayed at the Sheraton, any comments on it ? P.S. Enjoyed the trip report.
  3. I have SailAway GTY OV on a trip next Spring. A cabin was assigned upon booking and didn't change tho' there's been at least three price drops applied since then. BTW, the "fully loaded" OV (all five percs) was nearly double the cost of the SailAway option, I was astonished.
  4. Maybe, maybe not, customs vary around the world.
  5. Wonderful photos. One question about NCL Star, does it have the evening crepe station in the buffet?
  6. We booked a Sailaway OV on a cruise next year and got cabin assignment right then !
  7. Make sure you're adequately covered for medevac: https://www.newsweek.com/italy-cruise-ship-coma-stroke-girlfriends-dnr-1447977?amp=1
  8. Just curious; I have a Sailaway OV booked (no perks). I'd assumed I'd not get to bid on anything else but someone upthread said they did, so, if true, would I be bidding on balconies with no perks, BX, or what ?
  9. Or even something longer than the usual unimaginative never changing itineraries at times tho' Oasis hulks are limited in the ports they can use of course. And why an older Oasis class ship ? Carnival has offered its latest and greatest out of Galveston more than once.
  10. 28 days, a B2B, 12dy "Holy Land" then 16dy Rome to Galveston, both on RCL Mariner in a Promenade category cabin. A great trip, one of the best ever. Got a 29dy B2B coming up next year on NCL Star, Buenos Aires to Port Canaveral 🙂
  11. It's drinkable. We downed ours while packing the last day 😞
  12. Which port ? Are you on NCL Star ?
  13. Obviously that would depend on that person's talents or otherwise. Pretty simple.
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