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  1. Or even something longer than the usual unimaginative never changing itineraries at times tho' Oasis hulks are limited in the ports they can use of course. And why an older Oasis class ship ? Carnival has offered its latest and greatest out of Galveston more than once.
  2. 28 days, a B2B, 12dy "Holy Land" then 16dy Rome to Galveston, both on RCL Mariner in a Promenade category cabin. A great trip, one of the best ever. Got a 29dy B2B coming up next year on NCL Star, Buenos Aires to Port Canaveral 🙂
  3. It's drinkable. We downed ours while packing the last day 😞
  4. Which port ? Are you on NCL Star ?
  5. Obviously that would depend on that person's talents or otherwise. Pretty simple.
  6. Except that you finished your cruise without doing a Costa Concordia 🙂 We did a NYE cruise 2017/8 on Vision. That NYE evening things were warming up nicely in the atrium when Capt Marek and his teenage daughter took the stage with the band and let it rip. It was a highlight of the evening.
  7. Wow! The TV was tiny too. It was however one of our best ever trips 🙂
  8. DW and I have found this can be rather "elastic" at times 🙂
  9. We'll be on NCL Star next March and won't be buying their internet offering. Can you comment on the availability of free or low cost wifi in the ports ? Thanks
  10. Most interesting, thanks. By your recommendation we are now too old for Macchu Pichu ! However I think you're probably right, in our case at least. Ginny and I had started taking a medication for the prevention of altitude sickness prior to the trip, which worked pretty well during our tour that included altitudes of up to 12,000 feet. In working days we had a project in Bolivia at similar altitudes - and higher. All reported that the best thing for that sickness was the teabags - coca teabags (Mate de Coca), also recommended by locals. Did you try them ? It would be interesting to know how they'd compare with "modern" medicine
  11. Can you bring furniture aboard as well ? Fit for a King Berties Chair
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