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  1. Great! My sister went to one of those too :) .
  2. Yes, I read that but wanted to be absolutely sure. I called them earlier, yes she told me that too. I tried to book it just now but it wouldn't let me apply the certs as down payment (Cruise April 15 - 29, 2021 - certs expire 4/23) so it's on hold and I guess I'll call 'em again tomorrow. Thanks
  3. My certs have an expiry date of 4/23/2021. Does all travel have to be completed by that date to use them or can I use them to book a cruise that starts before that date but finishes after ? Thanks, I've had some conflicting answers - even from NCL calls.
  4. Adventure has a TA April 21, 2021, Galveston to Copenhagen, arr May 9. A search shows nothing following until May 16. Any idea when May 9 - May 16 will be released ?
  5. I notice there is no longer any mention of Internet access in descriptions of "Diamond" perks or is that something you find out upon boarding ? In the most basic paid package (no Stream), can one use ordinary texting (SMS) or is some sort of third party app needed ? - - - ditto - - - can you use attachments with emails ? Thanks
  6. The March 14 2020 trip from Chile to Florida has had two or three port cancellations announced this last weekend, speculation is that it's due to the Star having trouble maintaining speed. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2019/11/articles/power-loss/norwegian-star-suffers-propulsion-problems/ Much as I don't like that site he does have some news. That article also links to the 2017 azipod troubles. Roll Call for March 2020: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2633338-norwegian-star-roll-call-march-14-2020/page/8/#comments
  7. I highly doubt that as it is one of the main reasons to take that cruise. You won't stop as there is no port but you will pass the Horn in daylight unless perhaps the weather is too foul and they take an alternate route. The ships have webcams, watch the Star's this season ! https://www.ncl.com/shipcams/starcam/fullsize.jpg?browser_popup=320x240 You can follow the ship on, say, marinetraffic.com then look at the webcam at the appropriate time. Have fun 🙂
  8. Rhapsody leaving Maui en route to OZ. Photo taken from Kaanapali Beach September 2013.
  9. We did the ship's (Mariner) excursion to Lamanai in Belize several years ago. Great fun and we were glad to be on Royal's trip as we were late getting back and they were holding the last tender for us :)
  10. RoyalUP T&C says Accepted offers will earn Crown & Anchor points at the original stateroom category purchased, and not the category of the upgraded stateroom. Upgrade does not include any additional promotions. So JS don't get double points but what about butlers, concierges and so on I'd have no wish for them if I bid on a suite successfully.
  11. We did 28dys B2B on Mariner in a PR on deck 6. Great cabin and terrific value. Go for it.
  12. Not much there but it is an excellent jumping off point for anyone wanting to visit Mayan sites like Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Dzibilchaltun (sp) and the like.
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