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  1. Now this offer made me do a double take and go and research cruises. We were in the midst of booking Fall and holiday 2020 cruises when C19 hit. So thank goodness we haven't had any cruises cancelled and had to re-book. I was going to wait until a few cruises sailed (whenever that is), they ironed out the kinks and then book something. Since I'm 15 points from Diamond I sure am tempted to book an 8 day somewhere late 2021/beginning 2022 to get double the points. I have a few weeks to think about it. Very tempting! But I'm still skeptical on giving them my $500.
  2. Latest news. https://www.galvnews.com/news/free/article_3891ec88-27a0-5b9d-9f85-8b8fb9a7a447.html?block_id=531919
  3. Communicate! Communicate! Have a family meeting to discuss in detail what you are paying for and what their responsibilities are. Have it in writing and talk about it. Do not link your credit card to their accounts. If you would like to give them spending money I suggest putting OBC on their account or give them cash so they can decide how to spend it. Now if you're Daddy Warbucks let them have at it. Do you have room for 2 more? My hubs and I would love to join you. 😁😁
  4. Woke up to my DH SUV tire losing air pressure. Head to NTB where we just purchased tires about 3 months ago. Turns out he has a nail in his tire. Where the nail is located they recommend a new tire because patching it could lead to a blow out. We thought we purchased the "full coverage" warranty. But guess what? The warranty they sold us does not include tire replacement. AAARRGGHH!! Hot mad and I knew we should have gone to Discount Tires, where they don't use trickery in their tire warranties. We were trying to support local businesses in our suburban city. I could have swore what we purch
  5. Thank you Twangster for this much needed cruise review. This morning I just booked two "fake" cruises - one out of Galveston because it's my closest port and one that went to Perfect Day at Coco Cay because my new hubbie hasn't been there yet. It was on our 2020 summer/autumn cruise list. Sigh. Our last cruise was Alaska on the Celebrity Millie, June 2019. Man, had I known then what I know now I would have did a B2B, traveled to Denali and stayed an extra couple of weeks. We loved our Alaska cruise. I just received my photo book from our trip in the mail. I finally had the "time"
  6. Somewhere on the ship snoring! I love my late afternoon naps aboard the ship.
  7. There are elevators and escalators. I've used it a half a dozen times. They're past the food court before you get to Nordstrom's Rack.
  8. Or over pack like me and bring a bathing suit and a cover up for each day. LOL!!!😀
  9. It's your first cruise and you will probably over pack like all of us did. And it's OK. Skip the carry on and bring your medium luggage 25" and a backpack, tote or something to carry onto the ship with your meds, electronics, gotta have items, can't get lost items, bathing suit, important papers, docs, PASSPORT. No one cares about the type of luggage or brand of luggage you carry. 7 night cruise - be careful if you use one of those what do I pack for a cruise list. They will have you bringing everything and the kitchen sink. You basically need 2 outfits for each day
  10. Nah, if it's a mass market cruise line. If you're on CC we know you're like us and obsess over planning. A 4 nighter is pretty easy to plan. I think you will be fine booking directly with the cruise line. If you have questions ask us and then ask the cruise line.
  11. Thanks for posting this and thanks for the direct links to the questions. I'm going to print this out so I can read and prepare my answers to all the questions. This is good stuff. Come on CC'ers lets make sure our voices are heard. Good, bad or indifferent.
  12. I loved the horse races! Highlight of my 1st couple of RCCL cruises. I was so sad when I returned from a cruising hiatus to find out they no longer offered the horse races. I had talked it up big and we were going to get a horse, decorate it, etc. Boy was that a let down. Voyager OTS was my first cruise and I've been sailing every since and I have managed to get my BFF, hubbie and sister addicted. But I did warn them it was addicting before I took them on their 1st cruise. I love pizza - any kind of pizza and I'm not picky. I'll never forget finding the pizza place o
  13. No! Don't do it. Ask yourself why do you want all 4 adults in one room? If it's money, wait and go when everyone can afford it. If it's not money just book 2 cabins. We booked a Jr. Suite for 3 people and it was tight. We managed because it was just a 4 nighter and we've been best friends for 15 years. If it's a short cruise and the roommates are VERY FAMILIAR with each other I would do it. If it's a 7 nighter NO WAY under any circumstance!!! If you have been friends at least 10 years, lived in close quarters or roommates, and are under 25 you should be ok as
  14. I'm still addicted! We were in the process of researching and booking a Christmas cruise when Covid shut the world down. So luckily for us we didn't have anything booked. I've never been able to book months and years ahead. I just can't do it. Every 6 months or so we booked something. Now we're just researching and wishing. We decided not to book anything until cruising actually starts back up again. I ain't got time to be booking and rebooking and L & S'ing. SMH! That would drive me insane. I'm hugging and giving shout out's to everyone caught up in that mess. We will cruis
  15. This is my sitting on the cruise ship balcony reenactment. I could here the waves crashing on the beach. It was a wonderful feeling. Instead of the deep blues of the ocean as we cruise the Caribbean, I could see turquoise greens and blues and smell the fresh relaxing scent of the ocean. If you close your eyes you can be transported to your favorite ship and sitting on your balcony or out on deck. This is the closest I could get to the real thing (cruising) and I am so enjoying it.
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