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  1. Have a BLAST!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜
  2. Navigator of the Seas. Deck 11 forward. Let me see if I can find the link with us talking about them along with pics and video. Here you go.
  3. So today guess what I received? You guessed it. A RoyalUp offer! I went to rccls website and only 3 suites were available to book. 3 grand suites. I clicked the email and was taken to the webpage. Low and behold 4 suite categories popped up. I've read all the royalup threads so I know they may or may not be available. Lowest bid for the Grand suite $100/pp for 2 people. So $200 bid for a grand suite. Royal suite $1300 Owners suite $360 GS 2 bdrm $600 If it was a week long cruise I would bid. But I already think I'm over paying for my J3 since it's not really a suite just a balcony with an extended spacious humongous balcony.
  4. I'm Glad to hear this is still happening. Galveston is my home port and the Oasis class is one of my favorites. Just wish they would do 10 days so we could go further south to new ports. Or maybe the Oasis class can take over the 7 nighters and the LOS can go further south. I don't care how they do it but please go further south!!! Or even cruise over to NOLA and Key West.
  5. I'm also interested to see how they will let out the sofa bed to a double bed. Looking at that video if they let out the bed it will block the bathroom door. πŸ€” Did I tell you, I'M SO READY TO CRUISE!!!! I'll just sleep on the balcony. Can you bring me two beds to make a king on the balcony? LOL!!!!
  6. Yeah, that's exactly why I'm not worried about it. 3 nights is nothing. Can't wait to have breakfast, cocktails, and everything else on that huge balcony. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
  7. May 17. It's their 1st cruise so they're none the wiser. That balcony is going to blow their MINDS! And mine too. πŸ˜ƒ So I'll focus on that most of the cruise. Thank God it's just a 3 nighter. I'll give a detail cabin review when we return. Thanks again for posting pics and video. That helped tremendously!
  8. Only J3 left is cabin 6394 which is aft and obstructed view. So we'll stay where we are and make the most of it. 49 days to go! 7 weeks from this very moment we'll be boarding the NOS!!!!!😁😁😁😁
  9. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! OMG HUGE BALCONY! Too bad they couldn't make some of the balcony the cabin. LOL! This is a girl's trip and I know they will ABSOLUTELY LOVE the balcony. It's their first cruise. But the bathroom and closet is a deal breaker for 3 women. That's why we booked the Jr. Suite. I'll call in the AM and hopefully I can switch to another J3 Jr. suite without a penalty fee.
  10. Did they take any photos? I'm really bummed about the small closet and tub. Those are suite staples. I wonder if I can switch without a change fee if I mentioned I booked cabin for bathtub but I found out they do not have one and can I please switch to another JS. I'll call in the morning. SIGH....
  11. OP I completely understand. We arrive early AM as well and I'm just going to bite the bullet and pay for a hotel at the last minute. If my elderly father was not with us I would l glamp at the airport with you.πŸ˜€ We all are early risers so about $200 for 4 hours of sleep. I just keep telling myself it's part of the vacation and don't sweat the small things. I'm waiting to the last minute to book a hotel on hotel tonight app in hopes a grabbing something cheaper.
  12. Love Labadee! Best man made beach to relax without ANY VENDORS asking me to purchase anything. Great beach day! I've spent zero dollars and $100. It just depends on how I'm feeling that day. Labadoozie is a must! You can spend the day at the beach or exploring the area. Lots of nooks and crannies to discover.
  13. Acthorson don't scare me like that!!! My 1st stop on all my WDW trips is to get a Dole Whip! Texas State Fair and My local 6 Flags amusement park sells Dole Whips but they are nothing like the ones at WDW. But it satisfies the urge until I can get back to my 2nd favorite place. OK you didn't ask for all of that and I've never seen any pineapple creamy goodness on any ship. So I sure hope someone comes on and tells me something I don't know.
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