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  1. Short answer - NO! I like Carnival but I do not cruise with them for their theater productions. To me, they're awful. I avoid the theater most nights. Think community college impromptu theater night. It does not compare to RCCL. PERIOD. POINT BLANK!
  2. Do Not book 4 adults in a cabin - inside, OV or balcony. DON'T DO IT! Grab 2 inside cabins instead. You're having problems getting the 4th person to sign on anyways. However, if the three of you could splurge for a jr suite that might be a little better. But 4 adults in a regular cabin, NO WAY!! DON'T DO IT! If you're college students, mid 20's ok you can do it. But 4 grown adults. Nope don't do it. If you check the price for 2 inside cabins it's probably pretty comparable to one balcony.
  3. Make sure and print your screen shots and put them in your suitcase when you cruise. I had an issue when I cruised. It wasn't resolved before I cruised. I visited guest services on board the ship with my paper documents and they took care of it. It was a pleasant experience with guest services and they were most apologetic and allowed me to use their phone for free to contact my TA.
  4. No need to bring hangers from home. Ask your cabin steward for additional hangers. They will be glad to give you more hangers. My DH leaves his dress shirts, polos and pants on the hangers and under the cleaner's plastic. He folds them in half and places them in the suitcase. When we get there he just hangs them up. NO WRINKLES. I love it!
  5. This is us! We cut our packing in half once we realized this. I spent a little extra on cute cover ups that could pass for a dress when I wanted to grab lunch. Now even on port days, some how or another we always end up at the beach or pool so we wear bathing suits and dresses as cover ups. Hubbie just throws tshirt on w/ swim trunks. I do pack him an extra pair of shorts for after the "wet" excursions. He loathes walking around shopping or riding in the car with wet swim trunks.
  6. When I was a rookie cruiser, before cruise critic I flew in the day of the cruise. I didn't know any better. It all worked out and then I didn't see any problems with it. Now I fly in the day before because I'm older and wiser. We got trapped at DFW before our Alaska cruise this summer. We had the last direct flight DFW to Vancouver, YVR that Thursday evening. The plane was delayed arriving into DFW. When they finally arrived we didn't have a crew to fly us. It was the most absurd thing I had ever heard. HOW IN THE WORLD DO WE NOT HAVE A CREW TO FLY US!?!?!? As planes were landing the crews were being asked if they could fly us to YVR. Most of them couldn't because it was late and they had used their hours for the day. We were supposed to land at 10PM. We didn't land until 2ish AM. We got to the hotel and got settled in around 4AM. And you know hotels in Vancouver cost an arm and a leg during cruise season. So we paid $300 for a couple of hours of sleep. Yeah, we weren't happy but who cares we had a FABULOUS Alaskan vacation. The weather was PERFECT! O and it gets better. On the way home from Anchorage they over sold that flight. Yep!! So as soon as they offered vouchers we took them up on the offer. We left two hours later, which was fine by us. But we now also have enough flight voucher $'s to pay for our vacation flights in 2020. So WIN WIN!!
  7. At $360 my husband would much prefer the drink package or expensive shore excursion we normally wouldn't purchase. You know your husband. Do you think he would enjoy it or would he prefer that expensive shore excursion he's being wanting to try?
  8. Does anyone know what this blank space is on deck 8 on the Vista? I'm looking to book a balcony cabin across from this space and want to make sure I'm not going to regret it. I'm thinking maybe it's the kitchen. Thanks. O and I tried searching and couldn't find anything.
  9. My nephews didn't even go to the teen club. They said auntie we have FREE FOOD, basketball and girls 24/7 for a week. We're having a BLAST!!! LOL!!!
  10. 23 NIGHTS! Man when I retire that's the kind of cruise that I want to take. DH on the other hand maybe not. 😀 Thx 4 your review. We're considering booking last minute for Christmas. Enjoy your cruise.
  11. Great idea to sample appetizers while on unlimited dining plan. I think you just sold me on getting it. We eat late so an appetizer and drink here and there might be just what will sell hubbie on the idea. We love to snack!
  12. We took our niece who had just turned 3 and was potty trained but had occasional accidents. The staff was very kind. She had 1 accident the whole week. It was not a big deal. They didn't kick her out the remainder of the week. As others have suggested take him b4 camp and ask the staff to remind him to go to the restroom. For some reason I want to say they took all the kids regularly for a restroom break. But don't quote me.
  13. Hard to find something better on Labadee. We enjoyed the roller coaster at labadee. But Coco Cay by far was a better experience. Many things were better to me... BATHROOMS Food many options plus funnel cake and taco bar Also many places to eat. Beach loungers already setup and you dont have to haggle with locals for a lounger and tip them Swim up pool bar HUGE POOL Vendors dont harass you. If you want to shop you have to make it a point and go to their stands and shop. Simply beautiful man made spot to enjoy with family. Water Playground for kids PHENOMENAL it's free! Plus the ship they can slide thru. GENIUS! We were there on a full Allure cruise. Never seemed crowded on the island. Like the neighborhoods on the ship, coco cay also has neighborhoods that keep the people spread out. Music and pool bar vibe was fun and energetic.
  14. Yes, park cafe has potato chips ie Lays plain, salt n vinegar, Doritos, etc.
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