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  1. Well I had planned to indulge in Woman's college basketball this year. March 12th - Big 12 tourny Kansas City - Cancelled March 20 - Waco - 1st and 2nd round WCBB tourny - Cancelled March 27 - Dallas - Sweet 16 and Elite 8 - Cancelled April 3, THIS WEEKEND - NOLA - Final 4 - Cancelled June 18 - Maui - celebrate 50th birthday. I don't think this will happen but I'm sure hoping we can go to Maui. We purchased cancel for any reason insurance so if we have to cancel we'll get most of our money back. And I keep thinking, going to Maui and seating on the Balcony looking at the ocean is better than being at home. Right now Maui has a 14 day quarantine once you arrive to the island. That even sounds better than seating at home. LLLOOONNNNGGG SSSIIGGGHHH!!! Dec 19 - Vista Christmas cruise on hold. I just don't want to be disappointed so every few days this crazy ole' lady puts it on hold. LOL!!
  2. As I walk the gangway to the ship, the tears will be rolling down my face for being thankful that things are back to normal. As I cross the threshold onto the cruise ship I'll head to the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar to pickup my fav Blue's Patron Margarita. Best margarita at sea. Tip the bartender well and let them know I'll be back all week to ensure my margarita's are top notch on my frequent visits throughout the week. Next DH and I will split, him to Guy's burger and me to Blue Iguana for a taco salad. We'll meet up at the closest loungers and enjoy our first lunch and drinks. I'll grab another BPM on my way to the cabin. Next, I'll be at our cabin wiping it down with Clorox wipes like I always do and putting the remote in a ziplock baggie. Next, DH and I will be enjoying drinks on the balcony as we breathe in the ocean air.
  3. Where are all those people who complain about the food? I bet after having to cook at home for 3 weeks and counting there won't be any more complaining about the food.😁 We regularly eat out because well we're lazy. LOL! I've been cooking the last 3 weeks and today I made nachos out of taco soup. SMH!!! I think I'm going to order from Hello Fresh for next week. I'm tired of trying to come up with dinner every night, not to mention breakfast, lunch and snacks. LOL!!! I don't even like buffets but I sure wish I had one to go to right about now. LOL!!
  4. Hubbie makes sure I schedule getaways on the week the cleaning service visits. LOL!!!
  5. BACKGROUND: I started cruising solo a few years ago by accident. My BFFs mom got sick two days before we were to drive to NOLA for a July 4th cruise. I told her, go take care of mom. I'll cruise solo since we got this cruise dirt cheap. From the moment I unpacked my suitcase, didn't have to share the closet/drawer space, spread out on the bed that was all mine, came and went at my leisure, solo dining in the MDR to specialty restaurants I was hooked on solo cruising. The addiction to cruising just escalated because I didn't have to depend on anyone to feed my addiction. I was self indulging whenever I felt like it. My family and friends couldn't believe I started solo cruising. I LOVED IT!! And I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. 4 years ago I met the man of my dreams. 2 years later we are happily married. Now 2 years married he has a few cruises under his belt. He likes it but I love it. I have 4 weeks of vacation and he has 3 weeks of vacation. Do you see where this is going? I love sea days. He loathes sea days. I have 15 nights to make Diamond on RCCL. So I thought it would be fun to book a couple of short cruises to hit the target this year. We're 5 hours from the port and can catch last minute deals. Well he wasn't excited about that but told me to go for it!!! WHAT!?!?! I was so excited at the thought of cruising solo again I forgot to sound a little sad like I would miss him or something. OK, 5 seconds of sadness and then dancing in the closet at the mere thought of cruising solo again. Are you going to ask your mom to cruise with you? Ummm, no. Sisters? Nope Besties? Nope I think he got the point. I'm so excited I can't contain my excitement. So I thought I would drop by the SOLO board that I use to visit on the regular and check in to let everyone know I'M BACK!!! And I missed you! Running to the boards every day to see if anyone found a deal of the day, calming and pumping up 1st timers to just the all around camaraderie. So my mind is all over the board. Especially when I realized I would reach Diamond faster because, you know why, SOLOS GET DOUBLE POINTS!!! A part of me just says book an 8 nights and be done with it. Another part says have some fun, a 6 night and a 4 night. I haven't even looked yet. Ok, I lied. Yes I have but not seriously. I have the whole year to make it happen. But knowing my husband as soon as I'm ready to click and pay he will change his mind. That's why I love that guy!!
  6. Thank you for your review. EXCELLENT! We're looking at Christmas cruises for 2020 and MSC Seaside Christmas cruise aligns with our budget. I found your Mera review and then went searching for this one. We love rccl but 2K per person for a balcony, nope I ain't gonna be able to do it. 😃
  7. Can't wait for them to start cruising the Oasis from Galveston! Thanks for the pics.
  8. We love the Hibachi here in town! I need to show my hubs the Mickey Head fried rice. I think that pic would send him over the edge so we can book it on the cruise ship. He's totally against paying extra for dinner but you know his DW always figures out a way to sneak it in. LOL!
  9. Hey Maureen! Loving your review as usual. 26 Acts of Kindness, Awesome idea.
  10. OMG!!! Do you have room for one more!?!?!? Have a great cruise!! I soooo wish I was going with you.
  11. Thanks for bringing us along. Just what I needed to get through this dreary morning in DFW.
  12. You might consider letting the first time cruisers build their anticipation for their 1st cruise and not give them every single little piece of detail. This worked best for my first time cruisers in May. I told them expect trivia, cooking class, bingo, shows, club, bars, activities around the pool, etc. This was more than enough information for them to wrap their minds around what to expect on the cruise. And whatever you do, DO NOT PLAN EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF EVERY DAY FOR THEM!!! Allow them to go with the flow and enjoy their cruise and make their own decisions concerning ship activities. Be ready for them to NOT WANT TO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! Give them guidance, suggestions and advice.
  13. Short answer - NO! I like Carnival but I do not cruise with them for their theater productions. To me, they're awful. I avoid the theater most nights. Think community college impromptu theater night. It does not compare to RCCL. PERIOD. POINT BLANK!
  14. Do Not book 4 adults in a cabin - inside, OV or balcony. DON'T DO IT! Grab 2 inside cabins instead. You're having problems getting the 4th person to sign on anyways. However, if the three of you could splurge for a jr suite that might be a little better. But 4 adults in a regular cabin, NO WAY!! DON'T DO IT! If you're college students, mid 20's ok you can do it. But 4 grown adults. Nope don't do it. If you check the price for 2 inside cabins it's probably pretty comparable to one balcony.
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