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  1. Cafe in Marks & Spencers, Tudor House & Gardens, Pig in the Wall.
  2. That was my complaint on the Enchanted in September and I was informed that I was incorrect expecting mushrooms in Marsala sauce/ That would be "Diane" not Marsala! Who knew!
  3. It was refreshing to read posts by someone with such a positive attitude. Thanks and enjoy your future cruises.
  4. I was flamed on this board for complaining about the noise from the egg drop when we were eating in Alfredo's. I have read comments about the noise from the piazza carrying into the dining rooms on Caribbean Princess so we've booked Palm, away from the piazza.
  5. We were on Grand Princess and, unfortunately, the deck above us was for new crew/COVID passengers. Not only were they allowed to smoke cigarettes on their balconies, some were smoking marijuana which is even more disgusting.
  6. We are cruising Norway and Iceland out of Southampton at the end of May. I am interested in spending 3 days in Bruges after the cruise. I'd appreciate some advice before we book our airfare from Toronto. Would we be best to fly Toronto-London then fly London-Paris then train to Bruges, take the train from London to Paris then train to Bruges. This would mean flights Toronto-London, Paris-Toronto. We are in our mid-late 70's and want to make this as easy and stress-free as possible.
  7. You must live in a more "up scale" neighbourhood than we do!
  8. We were recently on a 777-300 and it had lovely large overhead bins. I've been reading about a company that retrofits the overhead bins in 2 days but haven't heard any feedback.
  9. We were unable to get reservations at Dancing Man in May and ended up at Duke of Wellington. My husband enjoyed his fish and chips, I was very disappointed in my beef stew and dumplings with MASHED potatoes. The dumplings were hard and dry, the MASHED potatoes were closer to boiled. I think we suffered hearing loss from the noise and the number of people hacking up lungs without covering their mouths was distressing especially with the tables crammed together. We're returning next May and will try at least a month in advance to get reservations at Dancing Man.
  10. When at expanded depth, our carryon doesn't fit in the metal cage. When we flew to London it was checked, refused and, after some rearranging it zipped to the original, not expanded, depth and we were good to go. On our recent flight from Rome, the PILOT loaded TWO full size suitcases in the overhead bins!!!!!
  11. Genoa was wonderful and easy to do on your own. The Tourist Information booth right outside the lovely Stazione Marittima was an excellent source of information and maps. The metro station opposite the port is named 'Principe'. Exit the cruise terminal building and walk under the autostrada flyover, cross the road and walk northwards up the road opposite in the direction of the bus stops/bus station. The metro station is directly behind the bus station (hopefully you will see the 'M' sign). This is about a 2 or 3 minutes walk from the cruise terminal building. Take the escalator or steps down to the metro station and the line heading towards 'De Farrari', which is 4 stops. De Ferrari station is right in the centre of the city from where you can walk round at leisure. The metro in Genova is free between the hours of 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, and from 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM. According to the official website, this is an "experiment", so don't assume it will still be in effect when you are there, check to be sure. On our return to Principe we stopped at San Giorgio Metro station and had a walk around this lovely area. When we were there in September the escalators at this Metro station were out of order.
  12. We did the ÅLESUND CITY TRAIN SIGHTSEEING – close to pier – 290kr – 70 minutes and it was perfect for us. We came across people who were walking to the lookout but there is absolutely no way we would be capable or interested. It was a national holiday the day we were there with only one souvenir shop open.
  13. We booked our 3 Iceland tours with IET (Iceland Everywhere Tours) for June and our ship was unable to visit the ports due to 30 foot North Atlantic waves. We had actually ARRIVED in Akureyri but the pilot said it wasn't safe to proceed. IET was already there waiting for us yet they fully refunded all passengers who had prebooked. Excellent company to deal with and their terms and conditions specifiy no charge if the ship can't dock.
  14. I don’t consider the MDR menu “limited”; SO many choices. I order orange segments (on the menu) and pineapple (not shown on the menu) every morning so that won’t be an issue. Just ask the manager on your first morning to arrange it and the IC muesli will be waiting every day. This way you both get what you want in a nice, relaxed setting.
  15. Just wondering what everyone NORMALLY eats for breakfast! Even "basic" in the MDR is more than we have at home so I'll never complain. 😂
  16. No, the names are totally visible at all times to anyone walking by. Not sure if you can request they be removed.
  17. Sorry, my comment was specific to Princess cruises where your names are displayed on the entry plate.
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