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  1. @trinitygirl So glad you enjoyed Gibraltar; we’re really looking forward to this port. Wonderful your random group tour worked out. That’s what we were originally planning and it sounds perfect. We ended up booking a private tour for 8 on our roll call. An ice cream and M&S are on our agenda too!
  2. @trinitygirl We fell in love with cannoli in Sicily also but ours was in Lipari. What a difference when they are freshly filled, not filled and left to sit for days. We were fortunate to do 2 land vacations in Sicily so had lots of time to explore Taormina which was wonderful. Glad you’re back to enjoying your trip. Stay well.
  3. @fdpevey I found the company! https://www.internationalfriends.co.uk/london-heathrow-to-southampton-via-stonehenge.html
  4. In May Sky Princess was 2 hours late docking and our 9:35 departure changed to 10. No issue getting luggage although carts were hard to come by since we were a later departure. Bus transfer left at 10:30 and, due to lots of traffic on a long weekend, we were a LHR at 12:45. I don't recall the name but there is a company that offers transport from Southampton to LHR with a tour to either Stonehenge or Windsor Castle. It operates only on cruise days. I did an internet search without success but maybe if you check the Ports of Call board you'll find the information there.
  5. The description actually reads: Naples City Park As you head further west through the park, you’ll see the impressive statue of Italian general Armando Diaz. Just across the street from here is the Rotundo Diaz (a great place to get some photos of Naples) and the tiny Mappatella Beach.
  6. I hope you DON'T have any "casualty" meals!!!! 🤣
  7. Since her iPhone is dead, as previously reported, that would be a NO!
  8. @edinburgher @euro cruiser The same walking tour that provided the incorrect name for the cloister has also provided San Francesco di Paolo Basilica and Naples City Park as must see sites. Is this another case of incorrect names? Can you provide the correct information?
  9. Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated.
  10. We will be docking in Naples next month and, aside from pictures on Flickr, I can't find any information on this place. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  11. I only drink Diet Coke and I LOVE a nice crystal glass. It DOES make it taste better.
  12. @trinitygirl I honestly didn’t even think of tendering interfering with the view in Santorini. Brain freeze. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. We will fortunately be able to wander the ship (double masks firmly in place) if our balcony view isn’t optimal. We were fully vaccinated when we got COVID on Sky but, fortunately, it was at the VERY end of the cruise and just mild symptoms. Once you are out and about you may have to be very vocal about the “enhanced” charges but I suspect the LAST thing you will want to do is room service!
  13. @trinitygirl So sorry you’re indoors for Santorini but, since you have had the experience in the past, you might actually enjoy watching all the passengers who are tendering. Especially if there are lots of ships in port! There will be 4 ships, one with 5000+ passengers 😱 when we are there. Glad you won’t be affected by the penny pinching changes to previously included dining options.
  14. @trinitygirl Glad you are feeling better. Your observation on seeing Istanbul from the water is interesting. We’re not planning on getting off the ship in Santorini and are looking forward to a totally different view; UP instead of down.
  15. @trinitygirlSending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery. 🤞🏻 We have never been healthier than we were during COVID and we put it down to mask wearing. We both got COVID after our Sky Princess May cruise where we wore masks and didn’t attend any entertainment venues. The people next door were under quarantine and that’s where we THINK it came from. We are planning on double masking on Enchanted next month since, as you say, there are many oblivious and downright inconsiderate people around.
  16. @trinitygirlLOVE your writing style. Doesn’t suffer fools gladly comes to mind! 😂😂😂. We are doing 14 nights Athens to Rome September 2nd on Enchanted so following along with interest.
  17. This is exactly why we switched from Celebrity after 28 cruises; they were making too much of a difference in their "class" of passenger. When we first cruised with them inside cabin passengers were treated the same as suite passengers. We have a cruise booked for September and another for June 2024. We don't drink alcohol and have determined we are far better paying for soft drinks/fresh squeezed o.j. as we go. We never use room service or order food delivery on the app so no issues there. We always enjoyed one or two trips to Alfredo's but truly love Slice so, again, no big deal but definitely a disappointment. We'll make a decision on the 2024 cruise after this upcoming one since we don't like the direction Princess is headed.
  18. Dolphin deck has lifeboats directly below. It really didn't impact our Sky sailing and, hopefully, not our upcoming Enchanted sailing but, in future, I wouldn't book anything below Baha.
  19. Since we've already done a land vacation in Santorini, we're planning on sitting on our balcony and relaxing in Santorini instead of fighting the crowds. Should be a nice relaxing day.
  20. Wondering why the quotation marks around "free" walking tour?
  21. Sounds good but.....not worth taking the chance and then finding out there is no line available.
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