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  1. People we know took a Viking cruise specifically to see the Northern Lights in February. Not only did they NOT see them, their cruise was cut short due to rough seas. 😢
  2. @gnome12We’ll definitely give that a miss! The canal boats in Amsterdam were great.
  3. @mskaufmanThat looks like a pretty small, uncomfortable boat!
  4. I wouldn’t take the chance and there is significant savings booking in advance.
  5. @travelbudsWe bought our National Express tickets as soon as the reservations window opened (3 months prior I THINK). You can pay a bit extra to allow flexibility. Not sure when you’re going but check with Holiday Inn to see if they have renovations ongoing.
  6. We are in our 70's, used National Express last May and highly recommend it. We stayed at Holiday Inn Herbert Walker Avenue and it was a nice walk from the bus station to the hotel. That being said, it was a gorgeous day. If the weather had been inclement, there were no taxis at the bus depot.
  7. A bit off topic but sticking with the theme of the gym for "mature" users. I use a stationery bike at the gym 3 days a week to keep my knee replacement happy. I have been on Grand, Regal, Sky and Enchanted Princess and have not found one stationery bike I can use. They are all "racing" bikes. 😢
  8. I thought the CHAT function was to contact staff when on board! Learned something new today; not that it would do me any good since my husband has an old flip phone. 😂
  9. We've never had a problem booking a DB for 2 of us.
  10. I found the pump bottle of body wash in the shower very awkward to use so I take an empty travel size bottle from Bath & Body and fill it up. Much easier to squirt on my mesh shower puff.
  11. We love their liquid soap. We always bring bar soap and a FLAT soap holder for both the sink and shower.
  12. I don't drink alcohol and hate blue cheese. When I had the onion soup I asked for black with white cheese; no problem. I definitely did NOT taste any alcohol.
  13. @KorimakoWe booked our transfers with Princess Southampton to LHR last year and again for our upcoming cruise.
  14. Our daughter travelled to France many years ago on a school trip. Her godmother had told her about having to pay to use a "pit" type toilet. When she returned home I asked her how the public washrooms were and her response was "I only went at the hotel or restaurant. No way was I paying to pee in a pit"!!!!!!
  15. I assume the little tourist train would still be an option. We saw people walking and it looked like quite a strenuous workout!
  16. Being fully vaccinated, wear masks, use our knuckles to press elevator buttons, washing hands frequently; every time we return to the cabin or before we enter the buffet. It's amazing to see the majority of passengers bypass the hand washing stations right outside the buffet even when an attendant is standing there!
  17. @BuckeyeMarkCheck out recommendations on TripAdvisor. Also, depending on when you are going to Bruges, Triënnale Brugge | A city-wide collaboration in 2024 (triennalebrugge.be).
  18. We're sailing on Caribbean Princess in May and booked a mini suite only for the couch since this ship doesn't have deluxe balcony cabins. I have mobility issues and am actually dreading the tub but, all things considered, it's a tradeoff I'll just have to accept.
  19. We actually like Slice better than Alfredo's.
  20. Deluxe Balcony - balcony cabin with a couch.
  21. After doing Norway/Iceland on the Sky Princess the people packing all the indoor areas was unbelievable, we could hardly get any seat in the buffet. We've booked a mini suite on Caribbean Princess for the same cruise because they don't have a DB. A couch and a little more space is a must for us for a cold weather trip.
  22. I agree with the Princess policy. We had the misfortune of a cabin of kids only next to us and it was hell.
  23. Iceland Everywhere is an excellent company and they tailor their tours to suit cruiseline schedules so check their website.
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