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  1. OP booked direct with Princess.
  2. One of our worst cruises was when people circumvented the "rules" and put their teens unsupervised in the cabin next to ours and the parents were a safe distance away. What a nightmare for us.
  3. We knew Santorini was a MUST for us when we were planning a vacation and read that often cruise ships can't make it in to port. For this reason we did a Greece land vacation and it was fantastic. Pays to do research and know what's important to you.
  4. Have never heard of ANY ships closing International Cafe! Room service breakfast is complimentary.
  5. Also the only NEXUS holders in our family but still interesting post.
  6. Prices are up worldwide. Our private Iceland tours for June are much more expensive than last year BUT.....isn't everyone, in every country, complaining about the cost of groceries? If you're comfortable with only cruiseline excursions, bite the bullet and stop comparing prices to the good old days. Those days are GONE. Better to pay the asking price than come home missing out on experiences you were looking forward to.
  7. We are Canadian and use Telus. We got a good offer but it specifically says it is NOT available on a cruise so best check.
  8. We sail Princess and always get two of the MUTS blankets to keep on hand in the cabin. Handy for afternoon naps and sitting on the balcony if it's a bit cool.
  9. We needed wifi when our ports were cancelled in Iceland and were able to purchase a day pass to contact the tour operator. Maybe your parents should consider an esim. We are in our late 70's and have purchased airolo for our last 3 cruises. It does NOT work on the ship and we have actually had to disembark the ship to use the data on shore but it's very reasonably priced and even I found it easy to install/use.
  10. We had a nice lunch in Vondelpark; very relaxing. We are not into museums but a visit to see the outside around Rijksmuseum is beautiful and worth the walk. Be sure to enjoy the fries!
  11. You can request Indian food from your dining room Manager the day before. I asked for Chicken Marsala and was shocked when Chicken Masala was delivered! That missing R made a world of difference! 😱
  12. With a beverage package, even if it DID count (which it doesn't) that would still leave you with 19/18 alcoholic drinks per day!
  13. In cruising in cooler temperatures a sofa is a must for us since more people stay indoors and public venues can be really crowded. We don't like mini-suites as we prefer a shower to a tub but, on our upcoming Caribbean Princess cruise, aside from suites that was the only option with a sofa.
  14. Decison made for us; we won't be renewing. We only use it once a year so not worth the increase.
  15. Unless you are diabetic. They recommend bringing a lunch from the ship on an upcoming Iceland cruise because "there will be no set time/stop for lunch".
  16. You are allowed to bring food ashore in Iceland. We're doing excursions and they actually recommend bringing food from the ship. I checked the rules and there is no problem so check the rules for wherever you're visiting.
  17. We did one river cruise and it was so stressful worrying about water levels. Thinking spring and high water levels we booked fall, not even thinking of LOW water levels after the heat of summer. We were very fortunate to just get through one of the canals before it was closed to ships following us. We would have been so upset to have our river cruise turned into a bus tour! We are going to Bruges May 25-29 before our cruise out of Southampton and are really looking forward to it. Hope everything will be open for Good Friday!
  18. If this is a Princess excursion you can always cancel if something better comes up. Is there a roll call for your cruise? In Gibraltar we did a small group tour with Gibraltar Rock tours by John Lopez that a fellow cruiser organized and it was AMAZING!
  19. When we were on Sky Princess in Alaska they had a photography display in the Piazza. The pictures were really close to the raised area where the entertainers are. Naturally you are looking at the pictures and wouldn't notice the "step". The poor gentleman in front of me fell and went down so hard he flew into the wall, breaking his glasses. They took him via wheelchair to the medical centre. When I saw him later on the trip he said he heard nothing and was quite upset he had been charged for the medical services. There was lots of security right after the incident and the display was moved so Princess obviously knew they had liability. Such a shame the gentleman didn't get an apology at the least.
  20. If you're travelling solo, the layout looks fine. What am I missing?
  21. We had a Princess transfer from the airport to pier and we didn't touch our luggage after it was loaded on the bus.
  22. We were on Sky Princess last May and, due to 30ft. waves in the North Atlantic, we missed our Iceland ports. We couldn’t believe how angry people were! Our safety is more important. We’re trying again in June this year. 🤞🏻
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