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  1. So the Have It All included package is the Basic Surf? And that includes video? I thought I had read that HAL has 3 different internet options… but I am only seeing 2 choices. 🤷‍♀️
  2. Thanks. I don’t want to hijack @oldbluff’s thread, so I’ve started my own.
  3. We won’t have Have It All on our upcoming cruise. I’m trying to decide which internet package to get. We will want to video and talk to our kids and grandkids, ideally through FaceBook Messenger or through FaceTime. Do we have to buy the Premium package to do that?
  4. Interesting. I thought the basic surf didn’t allow for FaceTime?
  5. We were told a few years ago that there was a shuttle and we left the 1st ship looking for it. Complete fiasco and we won't do that again. Taxi is definitely quicker.
  6. Thanks. We don't have the HIA for our upcoming Emerald cruise, but your experience with the Premier internet is making me think I should take advantage of the pre-cruise discount.
  7. @oldbluff Can I ask, did you buy your premium internet pre-cruise to save the 20% or did you wait and get it onboard?
  8. Thanks so much for the great review! I never would have thought to write in "raisin buns" on a room service order. Thanks for the tip!!
  9. We're doing a B2B on the Emerald in March 2024. So far, this is the only option available.
  10. Thank you for your honest review. Sorry your food experience was so poor. We'll be onboard the Emerald soon, so I'm reading everyone's comments. Currently I have our dining reservations in Da Vinci, but we do not have Reserve Dining. Do you know if that MDR is open for non-Reserve guests as well?
  11. @CanadianBurger can you please find out if Vines is open for Casual Dining (Crudites, Charcuterie, Truffles) on Embarkation Day and do they take reservations? Thanks so much in advance.
  12. @Jetswdo I'm not sure if you HAVE to reserve Planks or Salty Dog Gastropub, but it's probably a good idea. You definitely can't do it on the app (of course that could change). Vines is also an option for Casual Dining, but I don't know if they take reservations or not.
  13. I've been following some Live Threads and it appears that on embarkation day, neither Planks nor Steamers is open. After that, Planks is open on odd numbered days (ie Day 3, etc) and Steamers on even (Day 2,4 etc).
  14. Do you by any chance have the 2nd page of Day 4? The download is showing the first page twice. Thanks!
  15. Trust me...... as someone with upcoming cruises on both Princess and Holland America..... Princess is a dream in comparison to HAL! HAL just "updated" their website.... you would think something abysmal couldn't get worse, right? You would be wrong. 🙄
  16. Looks like you had 2 dining rooms open for lunch! That's unusual. 👍
  17. Paul Chandler Burns was our CD in March and he and his team were awesome!!
  18. Enjoy! We’re doing the 14 day Circle Caribbean in February with some different ports. I look forward to reading about your experiences. Have a great cruise!
  19. Love to read about which excursion you took!
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