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  1. Based on your home location, I see two choices and two reasons for them. First, if you were to travel to Miami on embarkation day (since your are so close) that would be the best choice - no overnight stay required the night before. If that is not the case for you, because you just want to be there the day before, I would prefer leaving from Panama. It's the more difficult journey and requires flying the day before anyway. Then, on your return, you have the quick trip home from Miami. I chose something like that last January - sailed from LA to Miami (the reverse was available). The flight home was 1/2 the time, plus, we were not 3 time zones out from home. Got home in the afternoon eastern time instead of hours later.
  2. Sounds like a plan. Sailed on the Bliss last January and had lunch in Taste. Boarded about noon. After checking in at the muster station, headed to the DR - seated immediately; able to put carry-ons right there; no roaming (buffet) required; no crowd; take as long as you want. Afterward, hung out in the Observation Lounge (seating hard to come by) until cabin was ready.
  3. The ship deck plans do not show any entrance doors. There are no outside entries, like in some motels. Do you see "doors" on any of the cabins in the sample you posted? Or anywhere else on the ship? They will always be facing the corridor.
  4. They offer the same upgrade in exchange for your FAS minutes either before the cruise or after boarding. To use your credits, just wait until you board and upgrade on day one. Yes, it's a bit less for the next few days - because you have fewer days to use that unlimited status. I don't recall the savings amount, but its been posted on this board previously. When I sailed last January, I upgraded mine and my DW immediately - using my OBC's.
  5. The last post sure looks like the current (January) lineup. Lot's of Shark Tank reruns on CNBC channel at night.
  6. That's a work in process. Some ships done, some not. Installations are working their way through the fleet.
  7. That truly was a horrible way to treat our service people - doing their duty, as proscribed by the government. Times have, indeed, changed. Also, though that was Vietnam - which sums up the public sentiments of many in one word.
  8. A different experience... I was aboard the Bliss in January. The gathering was in the main dining room. There were some speeches and thank you's. There were canapes being passed by some waiters. They also took orders for drinks - apparently any bar drink you wanted. Then they called up everyone by branch of service for photos. They also made free copies of those photos available to the attendees. Nothing spectacular, but a pleasant experience overall. Shame on the Jade by comparison.
  9. Okay - I stand corrected - technically, I edited (I originally denied it because I felt I extracted critical words without changing their meaning). That said, I stand by my original comment, which was based on your statement, not mine. That is how I interpret your words. Apparently, my version is not what you wanted to say. Nonetheless, that can easily be interpreted that way. Your statement is that you CAN EVEN PAY for the excursions before final, rather than that you must pay.
  10. Really weerd, isn't it? 🤯
  11. Who knows what fish may be roving out there at sea...happy hunting!
  12. Yikes! Cannot believe I never noticed that typo. Thanks.
  13. I did not edit anything. I quoted your words. Those words, taken literally, implied that paying for the excursions was optional. I simply pointed out that, as you now stated in this latest post, that payment was mandatory - so that potential readers would not think they could reserve excursion space.
  14. There is no "even pay before final". Excursions must be paid for at time of booking.
  15. Forget the phone. Time to head for the sick bay - report of delusional behavior. 🤪
  16. Not fair!! Unless she's gonna make them for EVERYONE reading this post!!!
  17. Less than a Euro on a one-to-one basis. That is fixed by offering additional dollars, if accepted.
  18. It's been a few years, so I'm a bit short on specifics. I just peeked at some names and Viator came up. A well known name around the world. I also recall Roberts from when we were there. Not sure which I used; we did a tour to Pearl which made a couple of spots and then took us on the ferry to the Arizona; then some free time for lunch & whatever; finally, back on the bus to the Missouri; then a few city highlights on the way back to the hotel; so, pretty much all day. If you're interested in the Polynesian Cultural Center, I booked directly on their website. Prices were all cheaper than the tour companies. They offered a few different packages. We did an all day that went to the far side of the island and then along the north shore to the center. All included for the day (except lunch) plus their buffet dinner and the night time show (I think the show is a must see). NCL's tour leaves in the afternoon - no show. Good luck & enjoy!
  19. Advice - aside from not picking up a 6 year old thread (there are plenty more recent ones regarding POA pre-cruise tours) - don't use the NCL tour. Book your own tour through a local tour company and it can include the Arizona - with priority access. On your own will require a reservation that may prove difficult to get. I arrived 4 days before the cruise and booked a couple of full day tours. I just checked NCL tours - they show post cruise tours. I am only aware of the Cruise Tour option pre-cruise for a few days. This does not include the Arizona on their Pearl Harbor stop. You lose a bit of convenience by doing it on your own, but you have many choices of hotel (instead of one) and can schedule the tours you like - for a lot less money.
  20. Sounds familiar. NCL was happy to apply the military discount to my cruise, shortly after final payment (which is technically too late) as long as my TA requested it. Perhaps because it reduced their commission.
  21. Make that travel time about 20 minutes without heavy traffic.
  22. As to entertainment, I would not give that much thought for now. First of all, the shows that will be there, will be there. Knowing early on might be something to simply be curious about - unless they are so important to you that you would cancel the cruise for lack of interest. Second, there are, typically, only 2 shows that you can make advance reservations for (in the main theater). That will be at 120 days pre-sail; or 125/130 for certain cabins or latitude levels. As to excursions, the actual ones available will show up from a couple of months before to a year before - and not all at once. For research purposes, use the explore tab on the NCL site to search excursions by port . Not all of these may be offered for your cruise, but many will and will give you a feel for what will likely be offered.
  23. NCL appears to have a 4 day 3 night cruise tour in London. Contact your TA (if used) or an NCL PCC to get more info and pricing for your departure date.
  24. Great hotel. Great location. Stayed 4 days pre-cruise several years ago. It was undergoing a full renovation at that time.
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