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  1. Also use sunglasses.. protect your eyes!
  2. Some good news.but SW woes started before Covid, vax issues etc.. Would only trust them with a non stop..but that could be cancelled too! Travel near holidays is usually expensive, fully booked and iffy...SW uses a hub system,,,for the birds! Good luck
  3. X usually has some items in the liquor shop..limited..or cosmetic shop or spa.. Does this ship have the little shop with sun glasses and sun products on the pool deck?? We always bring some small sizes just in case not available on board and supplement in port...
  4. Its fairly noisy..so if they have it, hope sound is somehow muffled or contained. At our Fla community, the sound of the ball striking travels far and wide...Happily the Courts are not near the residential areas..but they do add sound around the pool areas.... cruise ship is not as spread out
  5. Sometimes folks luck out. Frontier had great prices even witj luggage. Left on time..arrived early. Worst was being abandoned in Baltimore by SW Air..no food, no local hotels available. Rented a car at 11 pm and dh drove us to NY. Sw has become unreliable..flexibility of changing res was always worth it but not recently
  6. Actually, it needs a complete re do. Has for many yrs. X does not invest enough $ towards functionality/ reliability. Most efforts seems to go towards sell sell sell!
  7. Sometimes there are cards on a bulletin board but not sure they are doing that for any mtgs or get togethers. Maybe try your roll call...
  8. Our tour of Catalina went up the hills..lots of interesting stops, sights, history and info. Much less touristy than the area with shops and places to eat . Good pharmacy in town We have requested and recd Salsa in the BLU butter dish! Plus chips..
  9. They had a variety but limited range of stock..all price levels. Nothing exceptional and same prices as the catalogue items. Felt the location away from ofher shops ( near BLU) was awkward. Area would better be used as a library or coffee/ wine bar..
  10. We cancelled on 9/25 (fully refundable)..credit back to card on 10/10! No issues..
  11. That's us. Our Samsung android phones are so old, the X app would not work on them. We usually keep the phones off..in the cabin safe and use our tablet for e mail ( tablet also too old for the app) Hoping to upgrade soon but not going to carry around a phone! Great for those who want to..but we are happily lo tech.
  12. Love CO Bigelow.. we use it at home. But only the shower gel soap and body cream. I bring my own hair products made by ENJOY! And oils.... Even so..very difficult to overcome frizzy cruise hair
  13. But that's pretty much what it has come to..with vaccinations, masks, testing req, travel delays..hoping it gets better
  14. I think we had 7312..middle, no idea about those posts. There was a way to access the next door balc..We did not....very noisy neighbors! We had great aft views...am, all day and at night. There was a small overhang which gave a bit if shade,
  15. Sunset Veranda cabin plenty of room..between bed and balc door. We liked the bed location. By comparison, when we had the AQ Class IV, the bed was right next to the indoor veranda! We kept the IV doors open.,made it a bit easier for dh to get out of the bed.,but it was tight! For an IV cabin, rec bed by bath.
  16. From my Nov 2019 review of Sunset Veranda,,EDGE Trying something new this time around. We have a middle Sunset Veranda, deck 7, dead on midships. Cabin is really great. It is much larger than the IV, and has a huge outside balcony. We had a brand new sun lounger delivered for the balcony, and brought in one of the uncomfy EDGE seats for extra inside seating. We have the bed by the balcony...but where the IV would be, we have nice added indoor space adjacent to the balcony doors. Cabin has real drapes that can be opened or closed and the most Amazing view. It is one of the nicest cabins we have ever experienced A few downsides to the aft location are: you can feel ship movement quite a bit, can feel and hear engine vibration but not terrible, and there is somtimes noise from the adjacent balconies ( not as sound proof as the Infinite Veranda ) There is a looong distance to the elevators, but we are taking the long walks as a positive, getting our daily walking in...
  17. Sounds like op should secure fcc re-credit if it has been applied and cancel; or if possible, move the res to a diff cruise at a less busy time and a better itin. Holiday travel is always very busy and new issues will likely make things worse.
  18. Tiburon looks like a magical place. When I was a kid, dtr of close family friends retired from teaching and lived there. She always wrote how much she loved it.! I can see why . Photos were amazing. Very nice one of you on the big rock!
  19. We also appreciate the posts of BLU menus and photos.. Great salads, soups and the new" clean cuisine"...looks amazing. We will be returning to AQ Class next yr..not sure which ship yet!
  20. I would not cancel but try other back ups. Two or 3 days early gives more options..if you have time and money. Maybe even drive or take a train. Try airlines that have not yet had schedule issues..We are counting on Frontier to come thru after cancelling with SW Air. Buy flight and cruise insurance..in case u r delayed The SW Air CEO looks haggard and not very hopeful. The statements by United's CEO seemed arrogant. They will all shift blame but in the end it is a mgnt failure imo.
  21. Friends of ours were cancelled by SW Air .without any notice. Luckily they checked flight before going to the airport. After being run around by SW Air for a whole day, they cancelled..banked credit. Booked with Frontier..non stop flight..no issues. Sw sent them a $100 pp credit for future travel. We have cancelled our next flts on SW Air..banked credit. Pop up asked why..we said they are now more unreliable..more folks getting abandoned in Baltimore..the downside of SW from where we live. The SW Air meltdown is possibly why folks did not arrive to cruise.. SW is still taking time to catch up!
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