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  1. thanks found link.. answers were terse and company line as expected!
  2. i am still looking for link to answers!
  3. Our son in law did those activities.. We had to pre book the diving and ice show, yet had lines to access them and long waits for the actual event. As I posted elsewhere..the divers on our cruise were not very good ( difficult on a ship) and the ice show was not the same caliber as the ones we can see at home! But fun for the kids! Shows on E Class ships far surpass other X ships and Royal C.. Recently we enjoyed music in EDEN, Martini Bar concerts, and the Club..so many choices! BUT X is lacking a good island band in the Carib.. which they had on Oasis Oasis did have a very efficient embark and disembark system..esp for such a large vessel. X could learn there! Bottom line ..keep the two lines how they are..no further blending!
  4. Oasis was terrible for us.. Dining was sub par, ship fairly crowded..geared toward families with kids...rock wall, flo rider, zip line stuff plus diving and ice shows .alits of line ups. If you dont drink, gamble, smoke, enjoy spa or shop or find shows not that appealing it.would probably not be good for you.. what other entertainment options would u like to see on X?
  5. yrs ago on Summit to Bermuda, the powers in charge lavished all their attention on Royal C cruisers, and basically ignored Celeb loyals. They held parties, and 2 Focus Groups for the Royals..Goal was to convert them to Celeb.. no idea what the topics were as we were excluded??? We now skip the self serving post cruise evals !
  6. thats a nice idea... we have enjoyed the Art and Architecture tours on E Class. Food demos onboard used to be free..we would not pay...but it would be nice to see some demontrations at the EDEN kitchen..E Class. Guess they will try new things and hopefully bring back some popular events
  7. all wierd! sounds like gamers going wild!
  8. great bar, excellent drinks..very creative.. We don't worry about pricing, or our Classic limits, and just enjoy!
  9. wow! some people are clods and not well trained! Thank you for posting.. We are a pink ribbon family!
  10. Good point.. did not know wheelchairs and scooters not permitted..hmm What about walkers that can fold.,( to use in port),?
  11. Don't E Class ships have a modern "Gateway" for boarding its own plush tenders in certain ports? Regular tender boarding often involves steep ramps down to the tender & alot of "bobbing" in water while folks board. Have seen folks injured getting on..Quality of tendets vary..ship vs port supplied. We try to avoid tenders.
  12. We were offered an AQ 1 cabin at the lower AQ 2 price, which we accepted. But when I checked the location it was under a noisy area... I called back and got an A2 in a quieter spot. Thus my warning to check the location..
  13. thank you.. we looked at her future itins but will have to wait til sge sails from our side of the Atlantic... sticking closer to home these days! Great sunset photos..outstanding!
  14. Ps.. we also had a big balc on our Sky Suite on Beyond..but have no idea abt a lounger....never went on the balc...The.Retreat outdoor area had plenty of loungers.
  15. Over the years on X , we always had loungers when we booked oversized balcony angled (hump) cabins, C M & S class ships. Also had one or two on the aft balc of of Sunset Veranda cabin... The move to remove is recent!
  16. the upgrade to A1 is not always a good move.. check location before you jump on that!
  17. floors in the inf balc are not carpeted...hard surface not sure of the area size with the bi fold doors closed this might be an interesting question for the forum with the X pres
  18. On the ship's tour ..we saw the huge washing machines and were advised water used is HOT HOT HOT. We get one bag each at E Plus & send: 1 bag of all whites..cotton undies, tees and mens socks. For the 2nd load, we send old travel tee shirts/ shorts...with no big expectations! They do a great job and fold, but it is not a Concierge type service . We rec'd that once after an oily fuel blow back on Silho.. everyone and everything at Sunset Bar was covered in black soot, including my new white shorts. They were specially handled & came back just like new! But don't expect that!
  19. looking forward to more..thanks for sharing ..Based on your pics of Infinity..we may give it another look.. How is the AC and water pressure?
  20. great review and photos...I loved the pics of the hot air ballooons, something un-expected in a cruise review.. Very nice adventure I am looking forward to more about the ports ( been to most but a fresh look!) , & Infinity..not very changed looking! For how long will you be away?
  21. earplugs or sound machine for the disturbed. and CPAP or chin strap for the disturbor! or find other cruise partners
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