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  1. Sounds like a perfect combo to attract families and kiddos! Holiday and short cruise. The non holiday shorter cruises can sometimes be party cruises..even on X!
  2. Keep checking prices!... Under the current sales offer, we moved our res from a reg balcony on Connie to AQ Class /Blu for 2022, and saved $28 pp. We have 3 perks..did not really need 4 or the upgraded alc..dh drinks bud! Kept our Refundable deposit status. We are very pleased!
  3. Had it for 2 days on tablet and phone... but Cruise Critic posted an alert at top of the pages!
  4. We always compared Radiance Class to M Class ships. .. same generation, sim layouts..S Class is larger and diff layout. Reflection, the largest S Class ship reminds us most of the Royal C experience..for better or worse! Silhouette is a great ship!
  5. We also enjoyed EDGE..twice, and are booked on APEX, but do not see a need for more than 3 or 4 ships per class. I understand a big investment is made in design for each class, but after awhile it becomes cookie cutter or feeling old,
  6. Hope it works better than this yr's flu vaccine. We had the Sr flu version and still had the flu for almost 2 wks..it was brutal!
  7. Can you check with X about changing to another TA..You should not be stuck with this one! If you can change TAs without penalty ( check your TA contract) I would switch asap.. A reg Celeb Cruise planner can do changes without extra charge to you..
  8. EDGE... hi end jewelry stores.. way too many of them .too many watches,., TIffany stock is same as the catalogue. Coach store sells a few other expensive brands plus Swavroski ( sp)..A few sale items on handbags. A few key chains, card holders, pens and magnets but not much else in gen store, no post cards Very expensive casual clothes or EDGE tees...small sizes for ladies. Nothing at all for children! Too much Malala stuff... An open table sale in main area some nights..the usual junk. Liquor store has candy bars and aspirin, etc,
  9. Also miss the original Porch menu.. great breakfasts and paninis... Smaller upcharge than present menu...dh allergic to most seafood!
  10. Excellent point! We call in all the time to avoid the ,big surprise!
  11. I expect we'll get one for our Bermuda cruise from Bayonne as well..
  12. Uk bookings receive Consumer Protections not available elsewhere...trade off for the strict no refund policy???? No one system is right or wrong...why insist the Cruise line adopt stricter rules where not required by law..we like the flexibility of Ref Dep, and pay the higher fare. Bev packages are another example of differences... I believe due to diff tipping cultures,.
  13. Booking when cruise itins open each season means that in exchange for good prices and cabin selection, there is a very long period between booking and final payment. So many factors can intervene...illness, changed work schedules, weddings etc. We favor the Refundable plan even at a higher cost...Terms of the NR seem difficult if you need to cancel and pick another cruise in a set time frame. Hope they continue offering Ref option. For our most recent booking, the X rep laid out a grid of Ref and non ref prices and perks in 3 sep cabin cateogories..it was easy to follow and make our selection.
  14. Not much anyone can do about re circulated air on airplanes...or AC systems. Trvl companies can only do their best and learn from past errors..like Diamond Princess
  15. If we received that notice for a European cruise and could postpone the cruise and flights, we'd do that. For the Caribbean...probably not... March 15th is very soon. Very foreboding letter!
  16. Entertainment on EDGE was outstanding . APEX should be similar...
  17. Great deal but will lead to suite area crowding and ultimately spillover into BLU
  18. "snobunny snobunny #12 Posted 9 minutes ago Thanks all for the advice. I'm kind of leaning towards re-booking to another cruise for later dates. It's quite scary seeing all the coronavirus cases keep increasing so many recently in Korea ..." In view of the recently posted Celeb trvl advisory, seems like this is the best plan... Good prices for later dates are still out there....why look for stress! Maybe try APEX to the Caribbean instead. We're booked for November 2020
  19. They usually send within 2 weeks . But we always insist on downloading while on the ship...just in case
  20. We are in extended flu season here in NY.. Entire family had it, incl toddlers, adults, preg dtr and srs. ( and we had the enhanced sr flu shot). I'd decide just before final payment but 2 weeks is really not enough time to speculate about June, based on what is going on right now. No one knows if Corona spread will stabilize or peter out. Can you move to a later date? We are limiting air flights right now and happy our next cruise leaves from Cape Liberty in May....a 2 hr drive from home. We have dbl cruise insurance including med evac and are happy to be close to home. Only you can decide to take the chance in hopes all will go well!
  21. The one offered to us on EDGE has set photos of the ship wanted or not, and you or they place your selected photos into pre sized slots. Not much flexibility! They also did not explain this at the outset..wasted alot of time! We did not care for that format, and just ordered a digital/ print package and made our own photo books. Much happier doing our own.
  22. 4 days is a short time... you will hardly be able to take everything in, esp on APEX. Not sure how you could be bored ??? what are you looking for??
  23. Compared to the Diamond Princess debacle and the other ship that floated around a bit...this is not the same . Yes, there was great inconvenience, curtailed/ cancelled itins, loss of money, and disappointment....but no forced quarantine inside a germ incubator or lives lost!
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