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  1. I've done the same itinerary 2 times now, once with Antarctica included, and will be boarding Westerdam in San Antonio in November 2020 (right as you disembark, I believe), like you, for a 3rd time. The Patagonian area you'll see is unrivaled in beauty, reminding me of NZs South Island only bigger, and Westerdam is an excellent carriage for the ride. You might want to consider joining us instead to do Antarctica as well as it is a remarkable place to visit, realizing of course that you may have been there before being from Australia.
  2. Yes, good info here. Hopefully your excursion is not a land tour. This is similar for Machu Picchu and Antarctic flights too.
  3. I don't currently have any excursions booked for my next cruise but I seem to remember doing it from the "Itinerary and Wishlist" tab..... ah, @DeeniEncinitas seems to confirm!
  4. You can do this online in your HAL account too, if you like. Your money will be returned on your method of payment.
  5. Oh, simply to be one of your suit cases traveling again on a GWV..... Thanks for taking us along. 😄
  6. 2 weeks ago you could still get a sandwich made to order on NA right next to the pre-made sandwich stations, all you had to do wass ask. I will say the choices of meats and fixings were more limited than before, but they were still there.
  7. You expect more, or even the same, for less? Thanks, Bob, for the reality check.
  8. The "Shop Cards" that are for sale on the site say "Not Redeemable for Cash" right across the front of them. Does yours look different? I'm sure many would at least like to have the option to simply cash them out. I'm not opposed to this change personally. Like you, I live quite close to one and am typically there weekly. And many don't seem to know that for other lines, this bb store has long been providing their "Cash Cards" rather than OBC when booking through them; we've received them for RCCL and X cruises too, so for some this will be nothing new.
  9. You are again assuming one has and uses the Citi credit card that rewards 2% for purchases made at the store. It is not a store credit card, it's a Visa credit card. There's no requirement to have/do either in the US. I know that the store's policy is to not expire their gift cards but only the Canadian site indicates there is "no expiry date" and that non-members may use the cards to enter and shop there. The US site has no such language. In any case, these are "Shop Cards" which seem to be different in use than the current "Cash Cards" and have different restrictions. I won't assume anything with these new cards but most states have laws that govern how this class of card can expire and/or include fees, or not.
  10. I agree with you in general with a few exceptions: You are assuming I'm a business-level member and get 2% back on purchases, in which case method of payment doesn't matter as it's tied to the membership number. HAL is known for losing track of Shareholder's Benefits, OBC and other such things, by me personally and recently. Gift cards can in fact expire after 5 years and be charged inactivity fees. See this link. Do we know that they mail cards or just send email certificates? Incentives vary by agency, cruise line and even the cruise itself. Agencies that sell beaucoup cruises for a particular line get better incentives; some specialize in certain lines and not others. One of the other big box stores just doesn't sell enough cruises on HAL to offer what the one we're talking about does, again from personal experience, but does offer nicer incentives on other lines.
  11. I would be surprised if they don't read all forms of online commentary. I would not be surprised if their attitude in this particular case is that a decision has already been taken and being executed. If they decide later that they've made a mistake, which they might determine if they find it costing them customers, and customers = money, it still takes time to sign contracts, develop shows and content, rehearse them with those willing to live on cruise ships for a sustained period of time and then, finally, deploy it all. Of course you are justified to do the same thing, take a decision and execute by taking your business elsewhere. And you are. Money is often the bottom line, whether we are a business or an individual.
  12. My understanding from the TAs at the big box store is that the OBC that used to be offered was a portion of the commission they received from HAL. So now they are providing a store credit rather than a ship credit. Makes sense that they would want some of that money back in the form of purchases. Of course, business sense doesn't always equate to customer service as we're all aware. For HAL, makes things easier not having to track and account for these substantial amounts of money, so easy-peasy for them. Not sure if the bigwigs thought the Canadian vs US credit difference through, or maybe they did and found the aforementioned 30% loss to them unacceptable. I don't blame Canadians for fleeing from this regime change. For me, my 7 December cruise in a week booked months ago is still offering the same value on a dummy booking, only in the form of a "Shop Card". So, as mentioned above, I buy toilet paper rather than drinks. I will see if the change is immediate or if they are honoring already booked cruises that provided OBC. What I wonder about is whether the "Shop Card" has an expiration date; this would not be acceptable to me, no matter the amount of the card. So long as it doesn't, as I live within 5 miles of one of the stores, I don't see any problems. If they begin to drop the amount of credit provided though, I'll look elsewhere. But for now, my 2 cruises booked through them are offering the same credit value and that makes it a wash for me in the end.
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