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  1. The beefs are typically petty and boorish as you say Alan, but I have gotten a kick out of some of the responses I've heard various captains give which are often accompanied by applause and no little laughter.
  2. The issue is that you must log into the account in Navigator that set up the internet access. This is the whole reason why one must logoff on one device in order to use the same account as the one that bought the access to login on any other device, regardless of whose device it is. HAL obfuscates this necessity by having each individual set up an on board account to use Navigator. I suspected we'd hear "the rest of the story" eventually. 😉
  3. I always find the "Ask the Captain" presentation and Q&A interesting and try not to miss it when on board. Thanks for the update and glad you found it interesting as well. They are very typical of HAL.
  4. Last I was on board, the "library" was limited to a few travel and photo books and atlases in the Crows Nest. You might find the book swap over on the port side of the Crows Nest by the lecture area.
  5. Also, typically the latest they want you to chill and linger is 10 - 10:30 am, or they'll start paging you.
  6. Doesn't it need to be "septic-system safe"? Or is that just marketing? Maybe it's just on the older ships? Been doing this job for many, many years (back to OP), but never scared the TP off the holder!
  7. Nice that you were invited to the medallion ceremony (I am assuming, maybe you just heard of it in passing). I wasn't invited to it on Noordam in July and there were no tiles provided at the luncheon or afterwards. Hope all that has improved.
  8. Additionally, any unused portion of a beverage card will be refunded to you on your final bill, so if you just can't manage to finish off the cards, those few bucks come back to you.
  9. LOL John. I found out the same way, more or less. Had checked in and printed docs the old fashioned way and then was looking at something days later when I found the new way added.
  10. Wonder if the satellite internet's landfall server was outside the US for your friend on the Maasdam when you called (as there are multiple landfall points)? Anyhow, don't mean to belabor the specifics here. Best idea for everyone is to call and find out what your carrier offers for services at sea.
  11. The important distinction here is VOIP (which can use WiFi) calling and Cell Calling. Vonage is a VOIP service and generally does not play in the Cell calling arena (although the app may hop on the Cell service if used from a smartphone if it can't find an internet connection, maybe Rich would know). T-Mobile offers, as do most of the other big cell phone carriers, what is called WiFi calling that plays with their Cell calling services and will switch to the best mode available. Typically, with the Cellular At Sea cell calling service on board all HAL ships, it will be Cell calling. You can force your phone to use only WiFi calling by being sure you place the phone in "airplane mode" and then turning on only WiFi service. Your settings for calling should be set to "prefer WiFi" in this case. Since Cell service won't be available (as you turned it off) it will default to, and stay on, WiFi service. Rich's friend on the Maasdam may not have done all this and his call to him likely got to Maasdam and his friend's phone over the Cellular At Sea system.
  12. I didn't mean to correct you, Jacqui, only to point out we all often see different things on the HAL site. I recall seeing water available for purchase on the site as well and was actually checking on the steps to get to the page to purchase it when I found it wasn't there now. Probably another of HAL's "enhancements"!
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