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  1. Y'all have me thinking I need to take that Tracy Arm excursion in July, especially with the photos. Though I will say my grand niece thought the bear was a gorilla..... FWIW, I too would choose Northern Europe over the Med but don't believe you can go wrong with either. Thanks, Chris!
  2. We had Captain Friso on Zaandam last September/October. We liked his noon talks and he kept us safe.
  3. On the Prinsendam one afternoon I watched a guest load a bowl with bread pudding in the Lido and then swizzle the topping over it. He then proceeded to stick the spoon used to add the topping all the way into his mouth and then remove it. He placed the spoon back in the pan with the topping and walked off with his bowl. I was flabbergasted but quickly recovered and found one of the Lido staff and explained what had happened. The bread pudding and topping disappeared quickly afterward. I guess my point is that there are people out there who care nothing for etiquette/courtesy/hygiene/other people/rules, etc. Then there are a few people who act before they think (I have a BIL who does such things due to TBI) and even fewer whose capacities are diminished and should be accompanied by a responsible party for assistance. In the case above, it was the last option I mentioned and so confronting the man would have been futile. Further, if it can be done (any of these violations of rules) it will be done, probably more often than any of us realize. For me, the best option is to act to protect myself and others without provoking others or causing a scene. I think in most all cases, letting a supervisor or manager know of the problem is the best option; you never know who you are dealing with and none of us wants to find ourselves in a unexpected and heated exchange (at least I don't.) Expecting the wait staff to deal with an issue is beyond their perview, IMO. As in the case that Copper10-8 mentions, an experienced staffer might work to turn the issue into a positive one but many on the Lido are new and less experienced. I think conveying the observed infraction to a supervisor is best. Having done this myself, I have even "occupied" the corrupted device or area to prevent others from unknowingly using it and exposing themselves.
  4. Chris and cormike1, enjoy your cruise! Looking forward to your blog, Chris.
  5. Is there a HAL ship that doesn't have a good crew? Howdy to all, BTW, and you to, Copper10-8!
  6. DD and I were last in Alaska 10 years ago on Statendam. We did the north-bound route then, now doing the south-bound route this time.
  7. Nice to see Noordie.... my DD and I will be on her the week of 4 July! Really looking forward to it.
  8. My experience has been different from Cruizer Bill's in that we book (relatively) longer cruises and have seen only a couple of port changes prior to embarkation. We have had ports changed during cruises due to port issues like strikes/work stoppages but I can think of only 2 times when we've had ports changed on an itinerary booked several months out prior to embarkation. I think it's a very dynamic thing that might happen in clusters dependent on various issues like security, contracts and local changes in port management. We've perhaps been lucky to pick itineraries that aren't often affected by whatever causes these changes.
  9. Sorry to hear of this. My DD and I will be doing the same thing in July so I've a head's up thanks to you. Guess we'll see how it goes.
  10. No advantage to buying one pre-cruise. The convenience is that your bill will not be cluttered with several pages (at least for me! ) of drink charges. I've heard that some of the ships no longer have them available on board and, in fact, on our last cruise on the NS, we were given our cards during check-in before boarding as we had bought them ahead of time. slimknyzer also has a good point about not having to provide your room key to a "stranger", although we've never had a problem. Years ago, you used to get something like a 10% or 20% discount on pre-purchasing them, but I think the drink packages have replaced the discounted beverage cards.
  11. I was thinking the pics were both of NA but you may be right...
  12. Thanks, oaktreeb! The old number succeeded.
  13. Always do, doesn't always happen though (see other thread on Shareholder Benefit). I'll give the old fax number a try. Thanks!
  14. Great pics.... doesn't look too bad.....
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