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  1. This is possible only if the VPN is provided through a workplace or some similar organization who may be limiting access to such websites, but not the VPNs in the public market. I use NordVPN and there are some US servers that HAL will allow to access its websites and several more US servers that it won't allow. Conversely, the EU HAL website does not allow me access when I choose US servers in my VPN table but will if I choose a EU country's servers and, in fact, will default to the EU website for HAL under those circumstances. Again, IMHO, HAL is trying to control access to its websites to the user's originating area. My guess, and it is a guess, is that the iPad OP is using is not using a VPN at all.
  2. HAL tries to control access to its websites based on country of origination of the requests being made of it. Many VPNs use servers that do not originate in the US or Canada, pass through foreign-based servers or are black-listed as VPN servers (therefore not necessarily trustworthy as far as originating user goes.) You'll have to seek another server, if your VPN allows you to do this (not all do), that is acceptable by HALs server providers or, as you've discovered, turn off your VPN for the purpose of accessing your local (country or continent) HAL website.
  3. Agreed, with the exception of the blue wind breaks on the Sports Deck above the Crows Nest, where it's rare to find anyone.
  4. For Groups on Board: ms Westerdam - 27 Nov 2019 - 19 Dec 2019 : Sky and Telescope Magazine Eclipse Observing Group
  5. You can print them for your carry on luggage if you like, it's up to you. I often will attach an extra to something I intend on carrying. The biggest issue with putting the tags on checked luggage before any flights is the airlines may very well remove them somehow in transit. However, usually the cruise terminal will have tags available for you to fill out as you give checked luggage to the porters. So, it's really all up to you in the end. Enjoy your cruise!
  6. I would concur with all the comments. Did this cruise on Prinsendam in November/December 2016. We did not experience any problems with mosquitoes either on the ship in the river or along coastal areas as the river itself is too acidic (as I recall) for their development. But there are lots and lots of other bugs that will be attracted to the ship's lights; go out in the early morning and see the multitudes of dead bugs on deck. If you are sensitive to the heat and humidity, be forewarned and forearmed! Someone mentioned 95F temps and 95% humidity and this is not much of an exaggeration. Water, water, water. Light clothing that wicks moisture. Open mesh headgear. You'll need sun protection but not at the expense of being able to efficiently cool yourself so be sure to have performance, sun protective clothing and cover. One of the best stops on our cruise was, as mentioned above, Devil's Island. You don't actually go to Devil's Island (it's not conducive to tourists on tenders), instead you go to Royal Island which was the administrative headquarters of the penal colony. This is where the solitary unit was located which you may remember from the movie 'Papillon'; the movie did a good job of depicting this area. Be prepared here for long walks up and down ramps and poorly maintained stairs (the latter being built by prisoners) but be on the lookout for monkeys, birds and reptiles. You'll get a very good view of Devil's Island itself on the other side of Royal Island from where you'll dock. Bring euros if you want to spend money at the hotel on the island for soda, water or souvenirs. This is a one-of-a-kind stop. The river itself is amazing! It is huge, incredibly broad at its mouth (depending on where the ship is on the river and visibility, you'll not be able to see both sides of the river). When you get to the meeting of the waters near Manaus, you'll see a very dark colored Rio Negro merge with the Amazon's milk chocolate color; they run parallel and slowly mix over the course of a few miles down river. Look for the pink dolphin all along the river. Fish for piranha. Get a professional tour guide to take you to places around Santarem where you'll see the way locals have to live in the jungles along the river that floods them out yearly. I found a wonderful guide named Gil Serique (http://www.gilserique.com/) who did a marvelous job with our small private tours, both in Santarem and in Alter do Chao (where he lives and will invite you to stay in his home there!). Manaus is a bustling city deep in the Amazon; be sure to see the theater there. Boca da Valeria is a bit touristy but these people try hard to bring the jungle to the visitors in terms of wildlife and dress. Do not miss the Boi Bumba show in Parintins! I repeat; don't miss it! It might seem expensive but you'll be missing out on one of the most energetic and thrilling live shows presented only for you (and a couple hundred of your fellow cruisers) by young and talented performers. We didn't know what to expect but we didn't know where the 90 minutes went it was so enthralling. If it's in the convention center in Parintins (think high school auditorium) it will be warm and intimate but you'll want to sit in the front row for the very best views as there is no stadium seating. It's nice that you haven't got to pay for a Brazilian visa any longer, ours was $160 for 10 years but even this was well worth it. Make the most of your visit before the Amazon burns up!
  7. Abrogating one's personal responsibilities may be why so many find this predicament surprising. Be responsible enough for yourself, your conduct and your intentions so you don't have to depend on others who can't possibly be concerned with each individual's personal circumstances to tell you how to behave. What ever has happened to being responsible for yourself?
  8. Thanks... I knew I remembered going south out of downtown along the waterfront to the terminal to board; apparently it will be closer now. I believe we stayed at the Hyatt then.
  9. You can order them without the sauce. They're made at time of order. They brats were actually very good! I too hope they continue this menu.
  10. 10 years ago or so this new terminal area was where we boarded Amsterdam and Statendam. Is it just a refurbishment of a previously used building and dock? Pier 66 seems a perfect place for those on NCL as it is directly across the street from a nice full service Marriott and Pike St Market, easily walked to.
  11. This extra menu, only found on a stand at the window to the Dive In, was a surprise and the offerings were quite good! This was from the Noordam in early July 2019. Hadn't noticed this previously, so if it is a repeat, I do apologize.
  12. You might consider purchasing the unlimited spa pass (the only way to access the pool is via the spa pass, either unlimited or daily (if they have availability)) as we found it considerably cheaper to pre-purchase. Hope you enjoy.
  13. We'll see the 3of4 of you on the 4th! Guess we'll have to start packing soon. Deb is doing well with her rehab and should be ready to go... she's at 104° with her knee already.
  14. I would hazard a guess that those who get checks may have purchased FCDs (or other refundable purchases) on what is now a expired/replaced credit card; those who get the credits on their cards used cards that are still valid for refund purposes at least.
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