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  1. I smile with the thought that, with hundreds of billions at stake, the cruise lines will succeed. I predict that cruise ships will become THE SAFEST places to be! You will also be able to fly safely in the near future. “The darkest hour is, indeed, just before the dawn.”
  2. Sorry I got sidetracked. You will be sailing the North Atlantic route in April. This can be iffy...maybe storms maybe calm. It will be cool...probably 50’s Fahrenheit and 40’s at night. A transatlantic crossing is always worthwhile...an adventure not to be missed.
  3. Gatwick would be the closest major airport. Easy connection to Southampton via the National Express bus service. There is a NE terminal inside the airport. The NE is a very enjoyable bus ride...excellent service. Then a short taxi ride at Southampton to the ship or hotel. Why would you want to stay in Southampton when there are so many interesting places to stay? You can stay in London and take the train to Southampton...less than 2 hours by rail from Waterloo. If you want to avoid the insanity of London you can stay on the South coast. We always spend a few days to unwind before sailing. We love staying in Brighton...wonderful hotels and lots to see and do...great fish and chips. The Southern Rail connects with all the major cities and towns along the coast and offers great service to Southampton. Less than 2 hours from Brighton to Southampton. Then a short taxi ride to the ship.
  4. Great thread Andrew! Virtual cruising...who’d a thunk it??? LOL!!
  5. Thank you Annie. Reading your review made my week and reminded me what normal looks like.
  6. “The darkest hour is just before dawn.” Despair not...your best days are still ahead of you. You will cruise again. Take a deep breath and prepare to press on.🙂
  7. Strange as it may seem...the France had just come across from Le Havre and in those days people could book the cross channel segment and have dinner on the France. Then the pax in Southampton boarded and the cross channel pax disembarked. All the luggage was transferred from the boat train to the ship. Amongst all this mayhem, unfortunately, there was no room service available until the first morning at sea. (We were young kids, just married, traveling in Tourist Class). Needless to say...we devoured breakfast in the DR the next morning. I’ll never forget those croissants...yummm!
  8. Those were the days RK. Sail from NY on the SS France, land at Southampton and go up to London on the special train from the pier to Victoria Station. Spend 4 days in London then take the 5:00 PM Boat Train from Victoria directly to the pier in Southampton and board the SS France around 7:00 PM and sail off to NY at 8:00 PM. You had to go directly to the MDR when you boarded after 7:00 PM or you would miss dinner and starve until the next day...no Midnight buffet...lol.
  9. I’m going to take a guess. It looks like the Meridian. She was the first Celebrity ship.
  10. Not to mention the fact that the cruise line would probably get fined for polluting the ocean. 😂
  11. Interestingly enough...I did some digging and went into the archives of my hometown newspaper and found some interesting information. The flu epidemic of 1918 was taken very seriously and people were wearing masks and all public assemblies were banned. Any home or apartment building with flu was quarantined. Traffic and human movement were kept to a minimum. Separate hospital sections were set up to quarantine the flu victims from the healthy. That flu was spread due to the soldiers returning from Europe in the winter of 1918-1919. I read an account of more than 100 soldiers dying in a few weeks at Ft. Devens in Massachusetts after returning home. That flu did dissipate after 1919.
  12. In 1918 there was a virulent pandemic called Spanish Flu. It killed millions of people worldwide. By 1920 it had practically disappeared even though there were no medications or vaccines. People simply built up antibodies and put Spanish Flu in the rear view mirror. Our antibodies will multiply faster due to advanced medical technology and interim treatments. We will hopefully work our way out of this sooner than later and set up the protocols necessary to continue cruising.
  13. Thanks Georgia, I will surely keep you posted and an engraved invitation will arrive in your mailbox when the time is right. 🙂
  14. Thank you Jon and Von and Bo. I’ll keep you posted as per my progress...hope is on the horizon. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!
  15. Of course we all feel for the less fortunate people who are truly suffering during this disaster. That does not mean most of us here are not feeling the pangs of Cruise Withdrawal. Since this thread is dedicated to how we feel about those wonderful sensations that happen when we walk up the gangway and our current need to escape. Let’s face it...we are a bunch of cruise crazed sybarites who are longing to get back to cruising as we knew it. Sure there are going to be roadblocks and some pains along the way to recovery...but we will get there. If you want to talk about cruise withdrawal then let me tell you about real cruise withdrawal. A heart attack, a stent, blood thinners, internal bleeding, colon cancer, 9”of colon removed, oncology follow up testing, genetic kidney failure, 2 years of dialysis and 6 times in the OR for fistula access and heart catheter. Now I’m waiting for a kidney transplant which is being held up due to Corona Virus Pandemic. All this in three years and no cruising allowed for two of those years. Ha ha ha ha!! Hell...when life hands you lemons you make lemonade and some of us make lemon merengue pie!! Cruise withdrawal...I’ll say I’ve got cruise withdrawal but I’m here to tell all of you...I’m already planning my return to cruising!! It will be the biggest most hellacious party ever attempted onboard a ship and all of you are invited!!! I’ll keep you posted! 😋 Thank you for allowing me to vent.
  16. Thanks so much. I am in Dialysis so I don’t get out too much. I loved Cab Calloway. I actually got to see him perform live at Symphony Hall...fantastic performer. All the best,
  17. Best of luck on your quest. The NOLA WW II Museum is on my bucket list. All the best, CGT
  18. I am very aware of the history of black Americans in WW I and WW II. I am an historian...love 20th Century history...especially ocean liner and military. I also know of the black musicians in Paris after WW I. Ken Burns “History of Jazz” on PBS was very good on illustrating that piece of history. The French were very proud and grateful for the role the Harlem Hell Fighters played in aiding the them in WW I. Unfortunately the failure of Reconstruction reverberated for 100 years. I know what you mean about cruising in the 70’s. The cruises out of N.Y. were fairly staid affairs until Home Lines and The Italian Line got going. Cruising from Boston was also a more raucous affair at that time. For some reason the people from Boston were heavier party types compared to New York. Carnival started in Florida and made their profits on booze sales which translated into party time.
  19. I started crossing and cruising in 1965. There were many people of color who I met or saw along the way. Not once did I ever see any instance of discrimination or refusal of service. There was always an attitude on those transatlantic crossings of acceptance and joi de vie. It was like a fancy house party and everyone was invited. We met people from Africa, India, and other far off places and the party roared on. I remember a young man on the SS France who was a sax player and was going for a tryout in Paris. We crossed both ways with him and there wasn’t a night that we didn’t get together and party or axxs off. Many times he would end the evening by performing an incredible set of jazz pieces with the house band....he had the entire room on their feet...wow...what great memories.
  20. “The good old days”. When we weren’t so good and not so old.😄
  21. You are correct. The First Class accommodation was color blind to any race issues at that time. If the passenger paid the fare they were entitled to all the benefits...regardless of race. You might reference John Maxtone Graham in one of his books. I think it might have been in “Crossing and Cruising”. He recounts the voyage of Josephine Baker onboard the NORMANDIE.
  22. Looking forward to your research. The Olympic Games of 1936 is a very interesting historical study. Hitler was so incensed by the black American victories that he stormed out of the colosseum before the medals were awarded. I would think that the black athletes were treated well while onboard Majestic. The way the Olympic committee treated the black athletes was a disgrace. I remember reading Jesse Owen’s account of the games and post games.
  23. Once upon a time when the SS France crossed the North Atlantic. They served a dessert called the Sicilian Cream. It was an oval custard...intense pistachio custard on a bed of dense chocolate brownie with a coating of vanilla English cream. This was definitely the greatest dessert I have ever had in my entire life!
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