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  1. I am having a problem trying to understand why a pax, who is not receiving good service, would not go to the head butler and make an attempt to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Why would a pax spend an entire week going without the service that has been paid for and then just chalk it up to “oh well...better luck next time”??? This makes no sense.
  2. I think the Concierge was telling a fib...just to stimulate the tips.
  3. LOL...Welcome to NY Bea! You are dealing with the NY longshoremen...union gone wild. My advice...tip them when you surrender your luggage...or you might find it floating in the East River.
  4. Most of the responders paid the Daily Service Charge and have tipped beyond the DSC.
  5. I would say no. They confiscate electricals. Your wife can pack everything using cleaner bags...the plastic bags you get at the cleaners...half length bags for short things and full length bags for dresses, etc. If you put the already pressed garment on a hangar and cover it with a garment bag...then pack it neatly ;hangar and all. When you unpack all you have to do is take the garment, still in the bag, and hang it up. When you are ready to wear it will look like the day you pressed it...NO WRINKLES!! We pack all our clothing like that. When we get in the cabin we have the steward take away the extra hangars that are in the closet.
  6. So if I book a X cruise after Oct. 10th. I will pay $24 plus $28 or $52 per day for DW and myself. That’s $520 for ten days. That’s enough money to make me give up drinking!!
  7. Please enlighten me. If I already have a BP and then go Premium it’s $12 pp per day? What about the just announced Beverage Package Charge as a $14 pp add-on per day?
  8. RKA is correct. Fairwind and Fairsea were the two ships in American service in 1977. Fairsky did not appear until the 1984...and was sold to Princess when Princess bought Sitmar in 1988 and was renamed Sky Princess. I believe Leon was transferred from Fairwind to Fairsea or vice versa.
  9. Thank you for pointing out the comparison between a Bella inside and a YC inside. It goes to show what a great deal the YC inside really is. Not all the MSC ships with YC have inside cabins. I was referring to the outside YC cabins that go for $2,400 or more...3 X $800 = $2,400...roughly speaking, of course.
  10. Excuse me, I should have said next to nothing.😎
  11. Princess really has no Suite benefits when compared to MSC YC and Aurea experience for that matter. Even the Aurea experience includes a beverage and spa benefits as well as anytime dining. The P mini suites are slightly larger outside balconies. P has a few two room suites which are larger cabins with no benefits and no special service.
  12. So true that MSC staff is multi lingual. When the Fantasia Class ships first appeared there was a company wide movement to teach English. Many of the crew were coming in fresh and the other MSC staff who had been working on their other ships also needed lessons.
  13. Thank you for pointing that out. My point was that P has had fifty years of experience that translates to some of the staff having over 20 years of experience and some staff are second generation with Princess. The difference is that most MSC staff are new to the cruise business. The bottom line is that the service on P is more polished.
  14. Geeez...I open up this thread expecting more on Seaview and all I’m getting are blurbs on cheesecake. 😉
  15. As Marco pointed out...the music around the pool on Princess is so loud you can’t hear anything else. That is one of the main reasons that I will not sail on P. Here is the problem of Princess vs MSC. Princess is an established line with a long history going back 50 years. P has had many years to build and train a labor force. MSC, on the other hand, has just built its fleet with four recent ships ar 135,000 tons and 4 new ships at 165,000 tons. The labor force coming on those ships are new to service and need to be trained...even the managers need to be trained. The numbers are staggering. Just the eight new ships require more than 18,000 active personnel with an additional 10,000 resting onshore...approximately. All these people need to be trained. All of them receive English lessons along with their training. I would estimate that MSC service will catch up to Princess in two years or so. I also predict that MSC will continue to improve its food as it expands their fleet.
  16. Comparing apples to oranges...MSC has a lower price point and delivers a good product that can be erratic. You will be sailing with a much more diverse population as the majority are flying in from Europe and elsewhere. The new ships are upscale, gorgeous and dazzling The food is more Euro and can be great or can be lackluster. The entertainment is very good but different from the American counterpart. The new ships offer Cirque Soleil. MSC offers The Yacht Club for those who are willing to spend triple the basic cost. The YC beats anything Princess has to offer...hands down. The YC features an entire section of the ship with separate pool deck, huge lounge and separate dining room and is all-inclusive. The level of service in the YC is beyond anything you will find on Princess. Princess offers a great middle of the road product. Their food is very good...on average. The Princess buffet is always a notch above the others. Princess offers good entertainment and nice facilities but none of the upgraded service and facilities that MSC offers. Princess has a very limited suite experience with no benefits as compared to MSC. The experience on MSC or Princess is different from each other. I would say Princess is steady and MSC is a bit of a walk on the wild side and can be erratic. Princess is an established line and MSC is a work in progress that continually surprises and in some cases disappoints.
  17. Hi Donald, Great to hear of your extensive experience. What would you say were the best ships or lines, in your time, for food service?
  18. Saving money is at the root of all the reasons to remove the service charge. Removing the DSC takes away from cleaners, dishwashers, food handlers and prep, laundry workers, and all the people who work behind the scene. Being disappointed by a lapse in service in the dining room or the cabin or the bar is not a valid reason for removing the DSC.
  19. BTW...the tips I have described above are on top of the Daily Service Charge which we also pay.
  20. Hi Calicakes, First, let me say how thoughtful and nice you were to come up with gift ideas for the hard working crew members who served you so well. My experience tells me that all of those people appreciated you thoughtfulness. Personal gifts are always appreciated by the crew. There was an excellent thread on MSC about tipping in the Yacht Club and many posters came clean about tipping amounts. The average butler tip was around $100. One couple was so overwhelmed with the level of service that they gave their butler a $400 tip for the week! Tipping is a personal choice and you must go with what you think is appropriate. We usually leave an envelope with cash and a personal note of thanks. Waiters/waitresses are anywhere from $20 to $100 depending on how many times they served us...assistants $20 to $75 depending. Restaurant manager gets $20 to $50 depending on service level. Hostesses and bartenders get $20 to $40 depending. Bartenders in Concierge Lounge could get $100 to $120 as a group tip if they have served us throughout the cruise. If the cruise is two weeks we will tip each Saturday about the same as above. I hope that gives you a rough idea. 🙂
  21. Has anyone here considered that just perhaps Celebrity is trying to reach the demographic that remembers that song and loved it?? All of those people are now retired and looking to cruise...we hope. I don’t think drugs came into that equation. BTW...White Rabbit was a great song and everyone in my age group loved it and it became an anthem for our generation. BTW...we were doing a lot more drinking than drug taking in that era...lol.
  22. The old TA argument has gone on for decades. The answer is simple...jumping in blindly will not get you a real cruise specialist. “I’ll do it myself” is the mantra of the “Never TA’s”...and I say Good Luck. I have been doing business with my TA for over 33 years and I would never book without him. He is worth his weight in gold.
  23. Thanks Cap, Not to worry...folks seldom come here...lol. You can call PEM and ask for Tamara. They just received 7 trunks from me last week. Talk about timing...lol. I’ll contact you and maybe we can figure out a plan of attack.
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