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  1. We were recently on Celebrity Summit...Oh my goodness...so impressed with the Oceanview Cafe. I wish RCI WJ was this good.
  2. Navigator is one of our favorite ships but we certainly don't base it or any other RCI ship on the casino. Sorry the casinos aren't living up to your expectations. Better luck next time.
  3. Don't bother with an Uber to Maho. Lot's of large shuttle taxi vans from the taxi stand to Maho (Sunset Bar). Purchase the round trip ($12.00pp) and when your ready to return ask them to drop you off in town...Then take the water taxi (7.00pp) back to the ship.
  4. We were just there...not impressed with this port at all. We just decided to walk into town and once (finally) we got through the new port area (meh.JMHO overkill with high end shops) we were kinda hassled by locals trying to get you to pay them to walk you into town...said "we would be safe" don't fall for this. We saw some that opted for this but certainly they weren't walked back..So...apparently it was safe. We walked the short walk by ourselves to umbrella street area with no problems but once we got there...very disappointed with this "new" port. Opinions might differ but this was many others onboard overall consensus.
  5. Thanks for this new info pickup from MIA that for us starts May 1st which is a different location than it was for us this past Feb.
  6. We did an amazing private Rome tour with RomeInLimo....no worries with them when it came to timing. On another trip we joined our roll call and used Tours By Locals. For Florence we opted for the ship offered DIY...worked out great for us two different cruises. Check your rollcall perhaps you can join in.
  7. If you could do a 9 nighter I would say RCI Liberty out of Cape Liberty. This is one of our favorites and have already booked for Oct 2025.
  8. 11:30am will be just fine. We did a walk off this past Feb/March and took one of the shuttle vans offering private transportation. Big signs (can't miss them) when you exit the terminal $10.00pp they filled up very fast and we were on our way. Got to MIA before 8am...couldn't have been quicker and easier.
  9. Just an FYI if you happen to be in a suite RCI will provide you with a pair to use onboard. Their actually very good ones....Just ask your cabin steward for them.
  10. Just a couple of other suggestions to price out. South Florida Shuttles https://www.southfloridashuttles.com/ Jiffy Jeff https://www.gojiffyjeff.com/
  11. You always get four. You can also ask your cabin steward for a type you might prefer. I always ask for the isotonic memory foam type.
  12. On our recent (Feb) Explorer cruise they did this the last few evenings at the entrance to the WJ.
  13. Try south Florida Shuttles...this worked for us when we needed an infant carseat. https://www.southfloridashuttles.com/ Or Jiffy Jeff is another good recommendation. https://www.gojiffyjeff.com/
  14. Our go to hotel in San Juan is the Sheraton Old Town...a perfect location !!
  15. This is one of the best tours we've ever done and many on these boards agree !! https://halifaxtitanictours.ca/historic-halifax-tour
  16. Check your other identical post for answers/suggestions.
  17. We recently sailed out of POM (Feb) and opted to do our pre-cruise stay at the Hampton Inn Suites Blue Lagoon. They have a comp shuttle from MIA to the hotel and a pretty good comp breakfast. Also a for fee ($14.00pp) shuttle to the port. The hotel is right across the street from a Publix market shopping center with a few restaurants and fast food etc. etc. We were so happy with this hotel that we'll be staying there again for another pre-cruise night this May.
  18. We certainly didn't have to "ask" as they (several of them from the same company) were walking just outside the terminal doors holding big signs and calling out "Shuttle to MIA...$10.00pp" hard to miss them.
  19. Try Cruise Control....our favorite shuttle transportation to Port Canaveral from MCO. 888 416-8830
  20. We were just (Feb/March) in an OS on Explorer...our favorite category. More than enough perks for us including ordering from the MDR menu during their dining hours. Enjoy this ship !!!
  21. If you're in a suite the SL Concierge will email you a week prior to your departure date.
  22. Enjoy Explorer. We were most recently on her this past Feb/March. Line up early for the ice show...it's a popular one....but as noted above no reservations necessary/available on this class of ship.
  23. We've used the shuttle service that has big signs as you exit the terminal. It's $10.00pp and they fill up so quickly and are on their way...Couldn't have been easier this past Feb to get from POM to MIA.
  24. You would be better off renting a car for the day...just note the rental hours....and the open hours of KSC. If you're a Costco member they have good rates. We rented from Budget for our trip to KSC. Budget offers a comp shuttle to/from their close by location.
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