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    Floating Market

    There was no one there during our port stop last September. Agree...nothing like it used to be.
  2. We don't snorkel or really swim much. Is it worth it for us and were there any on board that didn't ?
  3. Yes they certainly will. We got there at 10:30am. They took our luggage into a secured separate room and gave us a claim check. We were finally able to check into our room at 2:30pm. It was a long day !!!!
  4. Yes they are..but their called "Belt Bag's" now. Some of the designer ones are very pricey.
  5. Yes...It's just the 'American" in us that appreciates guides that go way above and beyond and giving an extra tip. Why do so many think this is in such poor taste for us....Just the way our culture is and shouldn't be so looked down upon for it. We certainly don't look down on other's for there's.
  6. Try Dave's Taxi Tours...a great private group tour we booked with some from our rollcall on our last cruise that ported there for the day.
  7. So very helpful...Thanks so much for taking the time to answer.
  8. I'm now thinking about the Double Tree (Airport)...thoughts?. Bookings are of course not open yet but as a Hilton member I think I should be able to get some good rates. ...We love the Cracker Barrel (when it's for the large family) since they're almost non existent here on the west coast. Our flight lands at just before 4:00pm so it appears to be a quick easy walk from the hotel once we check in (with 4 little ones) that will be tired. I will also check with the hotel if we'll be able to use their comp shuttle without the need for carseats...anyone know about this? We've been able to do this in the past for very close hotels from the airport. Double Tree says a 5 min approx. drive. Does this sound about right? I've also been doing some research and have found for transportation from hotel to port and port to MCO Ace Luxury Transportation that will offer the two types of carseats we need. Anyone have any experience or know of this company ? I'll still check with the other's you all have recommended too. I appreciate all of your feedback so very much...many thanks.
  9. Our cruise is May 3rd 2020 and nothing available on our cruise planner yet. When did your's show up ?
  10. What area did you sit in and how close was it to everything. Also what time did you get there to find seating. They'll be 10 of us and we all want to sit together as we'll have 4 very young ( 3 & 6 year old) kids with us.
  11. I have recently read that the deaths might be (black market) alcohol related....possibly....could be. Very sad for all the families this has impacted.
  12. There is an age minimum for a reason ...don't expect this to not apply to you. Please opt for something age appropriate when considering excursions.
  13. Agree...Ours were also a great buy at Costco..and our store is in hot Southern Calif. .. You never know what will turn up there.
  14. I'm not that familiar with the Orlando area but not interested in a resort type or Disney property. We'll be there for one night pre-cruise. Budget would hopefully be under $300.00 per room. We've stayed at Embassy Suites (Fort Lauderdale) before but last trip there we ended up liking Hyatt Place (convention center) much better. Looking for the same type of hotel. And won't be lugging 4 car seats with us so a private shuttle that will provide them is what works for us. We've used South Florida Shuttles (their provided car seats worked fine) when cruising out of Port Everglades. So looking for something similar. Thanks so much for the response so far...hoping for more now that I've given a bit more detail.
  15. If no one knows specifically....Just Google and a list will come up and hopefully you can narrow it down.
  16. Ashland


    Did you only have a cold ?
  17. We just returned from a pre-cruise stay at the Hotel Jazz...very nice modern hotel and a wonderful hot buffet breakfast...Great location close to the Las Ramblas. We've also stayed at Hotel 1898 another good choice which is right on the Las Ramblas.
  18. Really...you don't need to print them at all. The terminal porter's will have the nice heavy airline type. Just write (or they will) your cabin number on them and you're good to go.
  19. Our talk with the Captain was also held in the Centrum...this is very sad as it was standing room only since there aren't many seats. Why would they not hold it in the theater as there was absolutely "nothing" using that venue until the evening.
  20. I thought the shuttles you suggested are "shared" ? Do they also offer private ones? Hoping for some experience, especially those with car seats provided. Yes...I know there are lot's of hotels near MCO but was hoping for some personal specific recommendations. Budget...not that much of a concern...we certainly don't want one or two star kinda places though. Thanks for your response.
  21. No...but there will be a door hanger menu in your cabin. You can see the options and pricing. Then just check off what you want and hang on your door...Just like you do for breakfast roomservice.
  22. Try RCI for their Canada/New England itinerary out of Cape Liberty.
  23. How about some Orlando hotel options for our pre-cruise May 2020? They'll be 10 of us so will need 3 rooms..two quads and one dbl. Something within walking distance to family style restaurants. Will also need a private shuttle that will provide car seats (two 3 year old and two 6 year old) from hotel to Port Canaveral on morning of cruise and from PC cruise end day to MCO for our 11:30am flight home. We've cruised often out of Port Everglades but this will be a first for Port Canaveral. Thanks for any help and personal experience you might offer.
  24. I'm not the OP but we were on the Vision's May 18-30th cruise Med/Greece and went to the ports you asked about. Santorini we used GreekTraveling...a great full day tour "The Oia Experience" 82 Euros pp that included a boat that picked us up at the tender and took us directly to Oia getting there early and before the crowds. After touring there we went by bus to Fira. But you did have the option of going on to a winery before Fira. Half of us opted out of the winery to instead spend more time in Fira the other half went to the winery. We booked this with members from our (very inactive) rollcall a total of 16 people participated. Athens we used PK Travel...another full day tour that was just wonderful...Google their website for all the info you might need. Mykonos we decided to just wander around the town on our own. Some on our cruise took private excursions to the ruins and were very impressed. We were happy since our itinerary was so port intensive to not have anything planned for this port. If you happen to also be going to Valletta, Malta and are a Game of Thrones fan 95 Euros pp I can "highly" recommend "Malta Film Tours", well this one was way beyond our expectation !!!! Enjoy whatever works for you...this is an amazing itinerary !!!
  25. I must say I knew nothing of Split, Croatia until a recent episode of Amazing Race...just beautiful...it's now on my list.
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