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  1. How's the WJ ? After many years of cruising, dinner there has now became our preference. We'll be on Vision mid May out of Barcelona...great (sold out) itinerary (Med/Greece) and looking forward (backward) to our true aft cabin on deck #8. Thanks so much...really enjoying your posts.
  2. We are hardly flowrider type cruiser's probably what you consider full maturity and we actually became a bit bored on X (Eclipse) but the itinerary was well worth it.
  3. I felt the same about the pier in ISP.
  4. Your outfit sounds great and something I would wear (have worn) also. Hopefully this particular concierge has lightened up a bit after all the complaints...I would tend to think so.
  5. We paid in advance. Then showed our email confirmation to the hostess at Testa's...she checked our name off the list and gave us our ticket. Very easy, and below is their cancellation policy. What is the cancellation policy? We offer a full refund with 24 hours notice of cancellation. Cruise Ship Passengers: We offer a full refund should your cruise ship cancel port, or should you be unable to tender ashore due to weather.
  6. It was Gisleni and we certainly complained about her and heard many other's did as well. The capri's the lady had on came just below her knee....this was just crazy !!!!
  7. Thank you so much for offering your experience with the KSF.
  8. This was on Freedom this past September....We were right in the middle of watching a Netflix movie...we called and they said this was the way it worked on Freedom. Glad to know it can vary.
  9. And just a FYI...The code stops working at midnight last cruise night. We were on a B2B and found this out and our new code didn't work until later the next morning of our 2nd leg.
  10. You're given a phone for the Aquanauts age group....as least we were on our last Harmony cruise.
  11. Better than the DL concierge we had on Freedom on our B2B this past September...she was a card carrying executive member of the fashion police...absolutely her attitude wasn't necessary at all...Who cared if a couple of older gentleman had on nice shorts especially the one with the big cast and crutches....and one lady who had on capri's was told they weren't allowed on formal nights. If anyone got there before her she would go around and ask anyone that didn't have on the appropriate dress for the night to leave. But then allow people to take out armloads (5-6 cans) of canned soda from the cooler's...they would just walk in and take them and walk out. Everyone noticed this particular concierge and her rules..it was a popular topic nightly.
  12. Sorry off subject...but I remember you posting about being able to get the KSF applied to your booking. Was that a booking you already had booked? The KSF is starting again April 1st and am curious to know if I can apply it to my booking I made this past January....my sail date in May is apparently included. Also did/does it make any difference that i booked with a NRD? Thanks for any experience and help you might have. I have asked this on the thread running today but no response yet.
  13. We very much enjoyed our tour with Acadia. Very easy to book online with them. You then take your voucher to Testa's restaurant just up the hill from the tender pier and they will give you your ticket...the bus is then parked across the street. Get on early and try for the front seats...we did and they were great. After the tour take your ticket back to Testa's restaurant for a discount on lunch...wonderful food !!! Enjoy !
  14. You were lucky your room was fine....Our's was dirty and there was visible mold in the bathroom. I think you're fortunate to now try another hotel in this location. Best of luck.
  15. Our upgraded room (member points) was dirty and had mold in the bathroom...We were a late checkin and it was only for one night. We won't ever take the chance of staying there again.
  16. Have also been waiting for this KSF.. We're cruising with 4 little's that are part of our extended family group. Harmony May 3rd 2020. We're booked in 3 JS's and hope we see some savings. Wait...Just saw the fine print we're already booked will this apply? We booked Jan 5, 2019 NRD's.
  17. We weren't driving but on a tour with "Tour's By Local's" and our first stop was the Blarney Castle....it was an easy drive..and it shouldn't be a problem using Google maps or just some good directions and map from the car rental agency. Once at Blarney Castle plenty of parking available. Enjoy !
  18. This should be fine...We have done a 9:30am tour with Acadia National Park and were the first ones there easily by 9:00am
  19. Ashland


    Take a taxi and get in line early...it's crowded. At Canada Place you might also consider walking across the underground parking lot take the elevator up into the hotel lobby (Pan Pacific) and take a taxi from there also. We haven't done this but have heard that many cruiser's have and it's worked out for them. Try for a 12:00pm-1:00pm flight...YVR in our opinion can be slow going..it has been on occasion for us.
  20. Embassy Suites, Courtyard by Marriott, Residence Inn...all on the same street. I would never recommend Country Inn & Suites.. very disappointed with the condition of this property for our last pre-cruise. I would never stay there again...a complete waste of our points and we even got a room upgrade.
  21. Agree...the HP shuttle is $2.00 per room...easy and quick.
  22. When we were on Radiance (Alaska) the Solarium Pool had family time 10:00am-noon & 2:00pm-4:00pm children must be accompanied by an adult.
  23. Yes....after the AO staff takes the kids to the WJ for dinner they then take them back to AO for the evening scheduled activities. Our grandson was in the Aquanauts onboard Harmony and this evening option worked out great and he loved it. On the nights we used it we had to have him there by no later than 5:30pm to participate in the dinner option.
  24. And get there early before the excursion booked through the cruiseline people arrive....and have you choice of seats. Enjoy we've done this tour twice..in May & September.
  25. Yes...and have you noticed how many general questions are being asked on the roll calls instead of on the specific date...Hard to believe someone isn't noticing this lately.💤
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