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  1. We stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Elizabeth NJ. Great location and recently refurbished. Our most recent stay was last October. The hotel offers a comp shuttle from EWR to the hotel.
  2. I too am disappointed with the new phone in for RCI. However I got through easily the other day to add our gratuities by just opting for the "book a new cruise" and the "live" rep answered quickly.
  3. If you have any problems after reading the above post just ask your cabin steward and they will put in a request for an electrician to come to your cabin and help you. Don't be concerned about doing this. It's usually easy for my DH to hook up our Firestick but on a couple of RCI ships we've had to ask for help and were told that they do this all the time. We of course gave a thank you ($) to the crew member that came to help.
  4. You'll be able to spot their shuttles easily...no need to call.
  5. Just leave the card in place and last night of cruise go to guest services and pay any balance you have in cash.
  6. We did the KSC as an RCI excursion once and it was great.
  7. I saw and used the shuttle from POM to MIA ($10.00pp) but didn't notice the option offered from POM to FLL. What was the cost of that?
  8. Hated season one and hoping season two never happens.
  9. We've had a few and at one time I mailed them to a poster here on CC. He managed to give them to some other posters that wanted them for their collection. Our most recent (Feb) Explorer cruise I filled out the card to opt out of receiving that one. I think that option is new.
  10. We always bring our Firestick and have no problems watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. etc. etc.
  11. We're long time RCI cruisers but we cruised on Celebrity Summit this past March and loved the ship. It's been completely upgraded and beautiful and the OceanView Cafe is one of the best buffets we've seen. I would absolutely sail on Summit again.
  12. I love the Malin & Goetz bath products in the RCI suites. Peppermint shampoo & Cilantro conditioner.
  13. Easy...just don't get in a taxi that won't use the meter.
  14. With that late flight arrival you should absolutely stay in Orlando. You might consider the hotel at the airport and then take a shared shuttle from there to Port Canaveral cruise day morning. Try Cruise Control or Cortrans among many that are highly recommended on this board. Also book it as a return as well.
  15. Great it's now working. I just saved even more on my Thrill Water Park Cabana.
  16. Same for me. Trying to log on using my desk top, so not just the app is having problems. Keeps asking me to login.
  17. He is so accommodating and his van is always parked nearby giving you the option of how much you can do at each stop.
  18. I don't believe there's a free shuttle from MIA to POM. Taxi or Uber/Lyft. Also if you're a Costco member check their rental rates online.
  19. There is a shuttle company right outside the POM terminal door that has shuttles to MIA for $10.00pp. Easy to spot they are carrying big signs. We just used this in March. Couldn't have been easier they fill up quick and are on their way.
  20. The shuttle from FLL to the hotel has never been free. It used to be $2.00 per room reservation then it was $5.00 per room reservation. Things change so best to call the hotel directly to get some current info. We stay at this hotel often as recently as this past March...great location and good rates booking it with ValueTrips. Easy to get a taxi from FLL to the hotel should be approx $12.00 but make sure you use the meter never a flat rate. We actually have it booked for another stay this month...$119.00 per night with VT.
  21. We did the Panama Canal July 2022 from San Pedro to Tampa on Serenade and it was great. For those of you waiting, book as soon as it becomes available. Ours sold out so fast. Best of luck !!
  22. If you decide to stay in Miami we like the Hampton Inn & Suites Blue Lagoon. Close to POM and they offer a shuttle to the port. We just stayed there this past March and will be staying there again this month. If you decide to stay in Fort Lauderdale try Hyatt Place they have a shuttle to their hotel from FLL or a taxi is easy and quick.. Depending on your date of travel you can check booking the hotel with ValueTrips.
  23. We cruise often and have only received one maybe two senior discounts in the last twenty years.
  24. Our Icon cruise for May 18th entertainment opened for booking on April 3rd. I luckily booked everything that day for our extended family of 6 and I can tell you things booked up fast. I only have two show times that I'll need the SL concierge to change for me when I get their email a week before we sail. That showed me how fast things went.
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