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  1. Try south Florida Shuttles...this worked for us when we needed an infant carseat. https://www.southfloridashuttles.com/ Or Jiffy Jeff is another good recommendation. https://www.gojiffyjeff.com/
  2. Our go to hotel in San Juan is the Sheraton Old Town...a perfect location !!
  3. This is one of the best tours we've ever done and many on these boards agree !! https://halifaxtitanictours.ca/historic-halifax-tour
  4. Check your other identical post for answers/suggestions.
  5. We recently sailed out of POM (Feb) and opted to do our pre-cruise stay at the Hampton Inn Suites Blue Lagoon. They have a comp shuttle from MIA to the hotel and a pretty good comp breakfast. Also a for fee ($14.00pp) shuttle to the port. The hotel is right across the street from a Publix market shopping center with a few restaurants and fast food etc. etc. We were so happy with this hotel that we'll be staying there again for another pre-cruise night this May.
  6. We certainly didn't have to "ask" as they (several of them from the same company) were walking just outside the terminal doors holding big signs and calling out "Shuttle to MIA...$10.00pp" hard to miss them.
  7. Try Cruise Control....our favorite shuttle transportation to Port Canaveral from MCO. 888 416-8830
  8. We were just (Feb/March) in an OS on Explorer...our favorite category. More than enough perks for us including ordering from the MDR menu during their dining hours. Enjoy this ship !!!
  9. If you're in a suite the SL Concierge will email you a week prior to your departure date.
  10. Enjoy Explorer. We were most recently on her this past Feb/March. Line up early for the ice show...it's a popular one....but as noted above no reservations necessary/available on this class of ship.
  11. We've used the shuttle service that has big signs as you exit the terminal. It's $10.00pp and they fill up so quickly and are on their way...Couldn't have been easier this past Feb to get from POM to MIA.
  12. You would be better off renting a car for the day...just note the rental hours....and the open hours of KSC. If you're a Costco member they have good rates. We rented from Budget for our trip to KSC. Budget offers a comp shuttle to/from their close by location.
  13. Thanks...I try to be as current and correct as possible when giving info.
  14. Yes...those glass bottles are nice.
  15. I believe it has to do with the casino level of onboard play.
  16. Sorry it doesn't say on their website but they absolutely DO. We just used it on Feb 23rd from the hotel to the POM. We signed up for it the night we checked into the hotel and chose our departure time for the next morning.
  17. Lot's of taxi's lined up at Crown Bay that will take you anywhere you want to go. They'll be a sign with pricing and you'll take a shared taxi. Probably several people wanting to go to Megan's Bay.
  18. We recently stayed at Hampton Inn Suites Blue Lagoon. Their comp shuttle from MIA to their hotel worked out fine. We'll be staying their again next month May with our extended family of 6 so we'll use the comp shuttle again from MIA. To get from the hotel to POM it is $14.00pp so I priced out two Uber XLs and it's only $6.00 cheaper so we'll opt for the hotel shuttle since it'll be easier for us all and our luggage.
  19. We loved our RCI cruise that went from Singapore to Shanghai with some great ports. That was a few years ago and I wish they would offer that some day again.
  20. I would stay in Port Canaveral. We loved the Home2Suites.
  21. If it's just the two of you I would opt for the OS. It's our favorite suite regardless of which RCI we're on.
  22. Halifax.....The best tour ever is with Paul McNeil !!! https://halifaxtitanictours.ca/historic-halifax-tour
  23. We were just recently (Feb) there and I believe (?) we paid from Crown Bay into town one way was $6.00pp. Same for the return.
  24. Prices may have changed a bit but last time we were there (2022) it was $12.00pp round trip to Maho and back. Go to the taxi stand (easy to find or just ask someone) and they'll be taxi vans waiting to go that seat usually 10-12 people. Purchase your roundtrip ticket and they will put a colored wrist tag on you. When you're ready to leave just go out front of the Sunset Bar (which is where you'll be dropped off originally) and you'll be directed to one of the returning taxi vans. We opt to have them drop us off in town for some shopping and then we take the water taxi ($) back to the dock area. We've done this over the years many times. You absolutely don't need an excursion for this as it's so easy to do. Enjoy !!
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