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  1. I’ve traveled internationally many times with a company that does “home hosted visits” with local families. More often than not, on of the Americans gets to that very question. The most memorable of these visits was in the spring of ‘09 in the Netherlands. Midway through the visit, and after finding out the price of a small attach house, the host asked, “so, who did you vote for.”
  2. Yeah, but they would have electricity when it’s cold.
  3. You might want to check Grand Circle. Some (maybe all) of their river and small ships have bikes.
  4. In our travels I have found that people from other countries with an interest in US government and politics have a much better grasp of the subject than most of my neighbors.
  5. No, it’s bigger than that. Do a search on “satanic conspiracy taylor and chiefs” (although I don’t know whether your location will skew the results.
  6. And many politicians and commentators that see a “Satanic conspiracy” in the Chiefs win . . .
  7. We could spice it up and discuss the Ashes and the Cricket World Cup.
  8. As did every place we stopped on the road to Butrint. Looks like you got a photo of a fat one.
  9. The remains of Hoxha’s coastal defense system and the story behind them was fascinating.
  10. That’s a dead giveaway. If you include Travis in the topic you can melt a lot of snowflakes.
  11. The city itself isn’t much, at least when we visited 10 years ago. That said, it was a worthwhile port visit because we went to Butrint. Our cruise was in October/November so less crowded and it was a small, 50 pax, ship. We had overnights in Kotor and Split as well as a late arrival to Dubrovnik that provided opportunities to tour during off hours without the crowds. The sail-in at Kotor is spectacular.
  12. Wow, thats some challenge - separating religion from theology and politics from government.
  13. I opt for waterproof rather than water resistant for staying dry and also waterproof over pants. The served me well in really messy conditions, cold, windy, and near horizontal rain. “You can never get so wet that you won’t dry out, but dress to stay dry,” Gudrun, trip leader in Baltics.
  14. We had lunch at a restaurant in Belgrade, “?”, that had a separate room for non-Serbian speakers. Although multilingual menus were provided, the waiters spoke English to everyone and there was a surprising amount of table to table conversation.
  15. Quebec May be the only political subdivision that prohibits KFC. Don’t forget Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung.
  16. Yep! I saw this guy in the Bayonne terminal.
  17. … I just discovered that I spelled dagnabbit wrong.
  18. Dagnabit, you beat me to it. Friend who learned English as an additional language always said the English has more exceptions than it has rules.
  19. Reminds me of the 74&75 Flyers hockey team players home towns.
  20. We’re friendly over here on the river cruise board - https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/115-river-cruising/ DW and I typically tour and dine in same type clothes on our river cruises. Long pants, maybe capris if warm and collared shirt, long or short sleeve depending on the season. Nothing fancy, although she often takes a nice top. We take sturdy walking shoes for touring and comfortable loafers for TSA and aboard ship. Some of the trans Atlantic flights are quite strict on size and weight of carryons, so observe the limits posted on the website.
  21. Looking forward to the Boxing Day football schedule.
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