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  1. Give me a moment to consult DSM-5-TR . . . For those unfamiliar, https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/24291-diagnostic-and-statistical-manual-dsm-5#:~:text=In 2022%2C the APA published,accurate version of this resource.
  2. That is totally correct! I am partial towards the Mosel and would follow notamermaid’s recommendation. It doesn’t appear that the itinerary includes any significant time to tour Nuremberg, you might enjoy an extra day there.
  3. OK, I need to understand something. Your cruise was from Copenhagen to London. Was your delay outbound (to the ship) or inbound? What airport was your “home” airport for your flights? Portugal, NY, or somewhere else? I’m reminded of my niece, who when in college, flew Stuttgart - Istanbul - USA adding significant distance and layover time just to save some money. Public transit to Munich Airport would have been only been about a half hour longer and she could have taken a nonstop stateside.
  4. Last time I checked out a “tip pak” (and it was by no means recent) there was a service charge on top of a poor exchange rate. A lot depends on where you are traveling. It’s difficult to use cash in Scandinavian countries and since the Covid shut downs contactless payments have really increased.
  5. Does an hour or two in the Yarra River, Sydney Harbor Ferries and dinner cruise, and then another couple hours in a jet boat on the Dart River qualify as river cruising?
  6. We will fly from PHL to LAX (AA) to connect with Qantas to Australia. Is it likely that we will need to go through security in LAX, or is there a way to stay inside security? TIA
  7. Quite a striking building, and a real real contrast to Parliament.
  8. Thanks to all. We ended up booking flights with just over 4 hour connection, it’s easier to kill time than it is running through tha airport.
  9. @hallasm thank you. My concern connecting domestic to international is there is no “next flight” for 24 hours.
  10. @sambamama thanks for that. Not what I wanted to hear, but… Was it any easier connecting domestic to international?
  11. I had similar memories last year when World Aquatics Championships were there. We were in Budapest shortly after the 2017(?) championships and saw the venue at night during our “sightseeing” cruise. Quite a sight. Full disclosure, not my photos.
  12. What’s s comfortable connection time for an AA flight from UIO and then onward to PHL? We have Global Entry. Hopefully we can get boarding pass in displaying TSA Precheck.
  13. @acadian_dad That’s great information! We’re heading to Egypt, and I really appreciate your report.
  14. Our final documents for an upcoming trip contains a 2 1/2 page translation guide.
  15. In Quebec you won’t find KFC, but you can find this guy at PFK . . . Poulet Frite Kentucky. Dunkin’ and Subway, who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️
  16. Just to stir the pot. 😉 Matildas or Lionesses? Revenge for The Ashes?
  17. We’re trying a different approach than many described here whe we spend two weeks in December along and on the Nile. We’ll have five nights on a dehabeya as we go from Luxor to Aswan.
  18. An overnight or two or three in Honfleur is definitely a treat. Grand Circle does not do a Paris round trip, instead a one way Paris to Honfleur or the reverse. Two nights on the ship in Paris and three in Honfleur.
  19. @Daisi We always enjoyed PFK chicken lunch when in PQ.
  20. Well, we need an American/American dictionary. soda - pop hoagie - sub - grinder spaghetti sauce - gravy
  21. I don’t consider myself bilingual based on my ability to speak and understand Southern (purportedly English too) 🙄😉
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