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  1. From reports on a Facebook group for OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) travelers, the situation in Egypt at this time is safe and is basically unchanged from the past. We leave for a trip there in a month. Despite having concerns that something will happen in Gaza during our trip (we arrive the first night of Chanukah) we plan to go. Good luck and enjoy your trip.
  2. I think we have cruised on all the river boats GCT uses. All have only twin beds.
  3. I appreciate that Grand Circle Travel/Overseas Adventure Travel stops at the the American Cemeteries on many of their trips and also at the Cemeteries of our Allies and our former enemies when nearby. I also appreciate that the Premier League kits have a poppy on them today. Waiting to see the NFL uniforms.
  4. I really enjoyed the Speyer Technical Museum - https://speyer.technik-museum.de/en/ It was an easy walk from where we docked. I had plenty of time to visit the cathedral and wander around the town afterwards. Even time to stop at the Biergarten adjacent to our dock. If you are there between July 11 and 16, you can also take in the BretzelFest - https://www.speyerer-brezelfest.de
  5. If you want a somewhat longer cruise than the typical one week and are in the US look at Grand Circle - gct.com
  6. It’s much easier to scan your passport chip if you take the phone out of the case. Unfortunately I don’t remember which feature it was, but I needed to go into settings and enable something in order to do the scan. IIRC the instructions informed me that this was needed. I had difficulty getting the photo in selfie mode, so I switched to regular camera and had someone else take the picture.
  7. Sitting with your feet in the water, ass in the sand, and under a palm tree or on a dock of the bay are sure cures. If this isn’t an option Meclizine is my medication of choice. Scopolamine patches can have ugly side effects. If sea sickness hits, it’s too late to use any oral remedy. They won’t stay where they need to. At that point a good option is phenergan (note: it’s an antihistamine) administered internally. Visit the ship’s doc for that unless you filled a scrip for “silver bullets” from your doc at home.
  8. I’ve been in similar situations. I loled. Couldn’t help myself.
  9. The Mauthausen Death Camp near Linz is beyond sobering and definitely a place that people should visit. I found it thought provoking and very emotionally draining. Cesky Krumlov is an entirely different type of experience and also well worth a visit. We have been to Linz a couple times with GCT. Cesky Krumlov was a full day excursion while Mauthausen was 1/2 day allowing time for a walking tour or visiting museums in Linz. YMMV. It’s also an easy train trip to Salzburg I’d that interests you. Vienna obviously is known for its music and you can get tickets to performances on line before you go. The UBahn (subway) is relatively convenient to the river cruise ship port. Should be an easy walk (jog) to the station from the ship for you. From there you have easy access to the city center and also for a DIY visit to Schönbrunn Palace. If you opt for private tours, we found that just about every person proving tours and similar services has WhatsApp so they can be easily contacted to coordinate meeting points and docking locations.
  10. Lovely city, we were there based there in March for a week. Great weather but the boats along the coast and to Capri were not running regularity yet. Train to Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Naples was easy if any of those are on your list.
  11. We are looking for non-strenuous activities for our first day in Melbourne this Thursday. Just something to stay awake and move a little until we crash after dinner. Our flight arrives 0700 so I assume we’ll we’ll be at the hotel (in South Bank) by lunchtime, if not earlier, and will have somewhere around 4 hours, perhaps more, before our scheduled activities begin at 3:30. We are considering a cruise on the Yarra and/or riding the tram loop around the CBD. If we decide to only do one direction on the river, are there any reasons to choose one direction over another? After reading this thread, we will undoubtedly want coffee while wandering. Do coffee shops also have light lunches (sandwich, salad, or similar)? Is Patricia’s still the trendy coffee place and if so, which tram stop would be best? Looking forward to our visit to Australia, the flights there, no so much. Very helpful thread.
  12. I daresay that I’m not the only American that agrees with your sentiment and considers added “service charges” to be the same as a tip.
  13. Well, there is always Unter den Linden. 😈 If we are traveling to a country that we previously visited, we have a small amount of coins and low denomination bills from prior trips. Unfortunately, most are in currencies no longer in use - Marks, Francs, Liras, Kunas, Schillings, and Shillings. My Florints, Drachmas, and Korunas will soon join this list.
  14. Give me a moment to consult DSM-5-TR . . . For those unfamiliar, https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/24291-diagnostic-and-statistical-manual-dsm-5#:~:text=In 2022%2C the APA published,accurate version of this resource.
  15. That is totally correct! I am partial towards the Mosel and would follow notamermaid’s recommendation. It doesn’t appear that the itinerary includes any significant time to tour Nuremberg, you might enjoy an extra day there.
  16. OK, I need to understand something. Your cruise was from Copenhagen to London. Was your delay outbound (to the ship) or inbound? What airport was your “home” airport for your flights? Portugal, NY, or somewhere else? I’m reminded of my niece, who when in college, flew Stuttgart - Istanbul - USA adding significant distance and layover time just to save some money. Public transit to Munich Airport would have been only been about a half hour longer and she could have taken a nonstop stateside.
  17. Last time I checked out a “tip pak” (and it was by no means recent) there was a service charge on top of a poor exchange rate. A lot depends on where you are traveling. It’s difficult to use cash in Scandinavian countries and since the Covid shut downs contactless payments have really increased.
  18. Does an hour or two in the Yarra River, Sydney Harbor Ferries and dinner cruise, and then another couple hours in a jet boat on the Dart River qualify as river cruising?
  19. We will fly from PHL to LAX (AA) to connect with Qantas to Australia. Is it likely that we will need to go through security in LAX, or is there a way to stay inside security? TIA
  20. Quite a striking building, and a real real contrast to Parliament.
  21. Thanks to all. We ended up booking flights with just over 4 hour connection, it’s easier to kill time than it is running through tha airport.
  22. @hallasm thank you. My concern connecting domestic to international is there is no “next flight” for 24 hours.
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