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  1. In my experience in the ‘70s there was no interaction between the western allies military and East German officials. The only person to person contacts on the US duty train were between the US Train Commander and translator with the Soviet officer on duty and translator to formally process the passengers. An armed MP dismounted the train but had no part in the processing. The MP and Soviet enlisted men might have brief unofficial interactions, swapping Marlboros for various uniform items. That was mostly during colder weather when long overcoats were part of the uniform of the day. Good cover for the trade items😉
  2. We are going, just wit some apprehension . . .
  3. I remember it well. We (US military personnel including their dependents as well as British and French too) were not permitted to ride on trains that passed through those stations so it was just easiest for us to not use those lines. The U-Bahn was run by West Berlin and was almost entirely in the western sectors except for those few ghost stations Berlin’s other rapid transit system operated throughout all of the city and some of the surrounding area in East Germany (DDR). It was operated by the DDR’s Reichs Bahn, even those lines and stations in the west. It was off limits to all the western allies military personnel because we didn’t formally recognize the authority of the DDR. Many West Berliner’s refused to use it as they didn’t want hard currency going to the DDR.
  4. Tru True. But it does happen. I’ve had questions answered by a tech, only got the pharmacist after requesting one.
  5. From a visitor’s perspective, book both a tour and a performance (do that in advance) at the Sydney Opera House! If you plan to snorkel or dive from Cairns, go with one of the smaller boats (100 pax or so) that “anchors” rather than a larger boat or a tour that goes to one of the artificial islands.
  6. We leave for Egypt next month for a 13 day tour. We too were tempted to cancel and frankly I am still apprehensive. It was good to hear your positive experiences! We have be reading similar reports on a private OAT Facebook group. The Nile portion of our trip is on a “yacht It has been on DW’s bucket list “forever.”
  7. We were in Christchurch in October (land tour). We took this tour - https://www.kotane.co.nz - and enjoyed it. It’s only about an hour which left plenty of time for lunch at - https://riverside.nz - and then a visit to - https://quakecity.co.nz
  8. No, don’t skip Darwin . . . Can you overnight there, then fly to Bali? We did a snorkel trip out to the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns and it was fantastic.
  9. For those of you of a certain age, where were you and what were to doing when you got the news 60 years ago today? I was in Mrs Alexander’s high school history class when the Principal came on the PA and announced school was dismissed and that evening’s prom was cancelled. That and the several days that followed are forever etched in my memory.
  10. @mahdnc and @prmssk Very helpful . . . I’m tall, but not particularly agile, DW is more agile, but short. 😎
  11. We are making the trip in February and really enjoy your posts, especially those of the evening briefing. If you have an opportunity, could you get a photo of the boarding ladder for snorkeling from the zodiacs? TIA
  12. Not naming names or even hinting at a particular website,you might just want to ask Mr. Google. Choose your keywords.
  13. Did you have this conversation with an actual pharmacist? In a lot of the chain pharmacies, the techs handle most, if not all, of the patient interactions because the pharmacist is too overworked.
  14. We had no problems in and near town. On the way out to Milford Sound was another story. Just a preview for you.
  15. Recently returned (a month ago) t’s all good there mate. Except if you’re in the outback or the Southern Alps, then no carrier has service.
  16. @Shiba_Lover Thanks for that info. I think I’ll go with seafoods.
  17. @prmssk I read reports on other websites that the beef steaks are not very good, tough and chewy. If you tried any, how did you think they were? I'm really enjoying your posts, thank you. We’re on the February 10 sailing, leaving the states on the 8th.
  18. LNG powered cruise ships are not really a solution when you realize that the median ship size for this group of cruise ships is over 5,000 pax, the average size is also over 5,000. They will add to the the adverse impact of that ships of this size have on many ports. https://www.cruisemummy.co.uk/lng-cruise-ships/ If the car/cargo ship comparison is correct, that’s a good thing goes toward proving the efficacy of the cut individual vehicle emissions “religion.” A religion that has been battled by many corporations, politicians, and media manipulators.
  19. And hopefully no one will leave anything metallic in the microwave. Surely you recall all the brainwashing, media manipulation, perjured testimony to Congress that the tobacco industry and their media consultants engaged in during years past. They actually “fessed up” to all of it and settled suits brought against them by numerous states.
  20. In my experience with GCT, the included tours were usually conducted primarily by a local licensed guide with the Program Director (PD) also accompanying the group. Often one, or more, of the PDs (not necessarily the one you were assigned) would offer some sort of tour after lunch. These were open to anyone who wanted to join in. Participants were responsible for any associated admission or transit costs. I found we got more individual attention and assistance with directions or transport information with four staff on board than on those ships with just one cruise manager on board. Bedding is what it is. I’m a big guy and I always slept well . . . it’s a gift 😎
  21. Indeed those small ocean going ships do bedding that can either be separate singles or one larger bed. They are not river ships.
  22. We are on the Xpedition in February and would appreciate your comments about the ship, especially any things that are different from OPs experiences on Flora. tia
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