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  1. That’s really good to hear. We aren’t looking for a different cruise provider, but . . . We are extremely displeased with the land travel provider that left us stuck in Europe and still hasn’t reimbursed us for services not provided. We’ll definitely look at Gate 1 for land tours.
  2. Because we really really really want it to be. I’m ok with people wanting this. But I get aggravated when they behave like it’s over already.
  3. That disregard for appropriate social hygiene behaviors is what will lead other countries to keep us out.
  4. Somethings to consider . . . Epidemiologists count? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/06/08/upshot/when-epidemiologists-will-do-everyday-things-coronavirus.html?utm_source=nextdraft&utm_medium=email
  5. If anyone cares, you are both correct. Cruises did depart from both Penn’s Landing and the old Navy Yard. NCL, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival all had a few cruises a year in the early part of the century from the Navy Yard. It wasn’t really a very good set up. I recall processing through tents, and they later used a rehabbed factory. Made the old Bayonne facility look good. I remember driving my in-laws to a cruise from Penn’s Landing in the 70s or 80s and picking them up at the end of the cruise. That was even worse as there was a temporary processing facility and a confused traffic flow.
  6. I don’t share your optimism. The social hygiene behaviors I see, and I’m in a relatively compliant area, lead me to expect that we won’t get COVID under control by then. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.
  7. Either of you old enough to remember when Piggly Wiggly revolutionized food shopping with their patented one way, one aisle store a century ago? 😉 Coincidently that was right around the time of the 1918 flu. Put that in your “trivia ‘cheat’ book.”
  8. Here’s an excerpt from “AFAR” - https://www.afar.com/magazine/europe-proposes-extending-travel-ban-until-july-1?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=060720 ItalyNationalPark&utm_term=Daily Wander (Have opened newsletter before) Germany’s Seehofer said most of the EU’s interior ministers want to extend the current entry ban on outside travelers “by 14 days until July 1.” Visitors from the United States, Russia, or Brazil, for example, would only be allowed back into Europe based on how those nations have brought the spread of the virus under control, he said. Those three nations account for 44 percent of the world’s confirmed infections and nearly 38 percent of the world’s confirmed coronavirus deaths, according to Johns Hopkins. Based on the numbers continuing to trend up in many states, July 1 seems early. And, if the demonstrations result in a quicker rise in infections, we’ll be personae non grata Over there for quite some time yet.
  9. I should note that the Bundesliga has been playing for a couple weeks now. And Korean baseball. And soon the Premiership! Even better we finally saw the credit to our CC for taxes and fees. We canceled and requested the refund in mid-March. Unfortunately they only offer FCC for the fare. Took a bit more than two months to see the certificates.
  10. Sort of related. Will they stiff us for the fares we paid for the 3rd & 4th (3&5 year old) if we don’t want to take them on our “replacement” cruise using FCC?
  11. We cancelled our cruise for those dates about a month before you. Just saw the credit on our CC account yesterday. Have you received you FCC certificates? Ours came about two weeks ago.
  12. Not surprised. We are having a similar repayment delay with Globus, both Globus and Avalon are part of the same company. The story we are getting, that the delays in processing refunds is because their staff are working from home, also lacks credibility.
  13. Are monetary refunds for paid in full cruises even an option? If so, what lines have people successfully received their money back?
  14. So way back in early March we rebooked our April cruise for July . . . Now I’m waiting to find out what OAT will do to us.
  15. The Coast Guard recently sent a COVID memo stating that cruise ships should evacuate any ill pax privately. That cruise ships should seek aid and assistance from the country where they are flagged. https://homeport.uscg.mil/Lists/Content/Attachments/62863/MSIB 20-001 COVID-19 Cruiseship Medical Capabilities_Signed.29Mar20.pdf
  16. That’s just flat out wrong based on what is known and not known at this time. It is not a media hoax. People get the virus and all too many die, they don’t al get over it and recover. For many more than those that die treatment involves long stays in ICUs. Don’t believe it leads to death? Look at the medical professionals that got it and died. Look at the reefer trucks hospitals are using to store dead bodies because their morgues are overwhelmed. Continuing immunity following infection has yet to be established.
  17. The Southern Jersey Philly ‘burbs have stay home, with exceptions. Among the less than common exceptions: building supply and hardware, liquor stores (the only place that can sell alcohol), and marijuana dispensaries. It’s Opening Day . . . Play Ball
  18. Great Caesar’s Ghost! No spargel essen 😱😰😭
  19. We have a name for those people. Covidiots, I don’t know whether to use der, die, oder das.
  20. Can crew be sent home/laid off while under contract? If they are on board with no pax, do waiters, cabin attendants, etc. get paid? I assume there is a lot of productive stuff to do for a while, but for how long? Is it safe to assume that as crew rotates out they aren’t replaced unless essential to the ship’s operation?
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