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  1. And a few days later also NE, Sugarloaf during the eclipse. Not mine, found on Reddit.
  2. There’s more. It’s something much different than “friendliness.” Maybe that the smiles and loud greetings seem superficial. And the cruisers are much more homogeneous.
  3. Cruises out of the Port of NY/NJ have a very different vibe than that of TX based cruises.
  4. We enjoy Grand Circle. Their cruises are typically longer duration (~2weeks) and the price point is comfortable for us. They break the cruisers into several groups, each with Program Director, that you stay with for the entire cruise. The included tours utilize local guides and the PD stays with the group. Frequently the PDs offer additional tours/activities during the afternoon or, if a late departure, after dinner. GCT provides future cruise credits (~5% of trip cost) after 2 or 3 trips. It increases to ~7% after more tours (8-10?). All trips with GCT/OAT count, not just river cruises. They also offer a discount on multiple trips in one year. As we enjoyed our first trip an as GCT/OAT also offer land tours and small ship cruises, we kept coming back.
  5. Tickets go on sale April 1 - https://philamuseum.org/calendar/exhibition/mary-cassatt-at-work?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dcon_events_news_19Mar24_look_ahead_to_April&utm_content=dcon_events_news_19Mar24_look_ahead_to_April+CID_2a5111988e9170db94af440cfc0a7c8c&utm_source=email&utm_term=Mary Cassatt at Work
  6. Our first cruise in many years was on this ship. Enjoyed the lack of smoke smell. I read that a significant part of the reason the non smoking policy was dropped was that casino and bar revenue was too low.
  7. Sometimes it pays to read a newspaper article. Search on “web sites' reverse auctions cruises”
  8. Check here, https://www.t-mobile.com/support/coverage/international-roaming-checklist
  9. Back when I worked with people with disabilities there was a word often used to describe people without disabilities, TAB. Temporarily able bodied.
  10. Here's one to consider. https://visitworldheritage.com/en/eu/rheinisches-landesmuseum-trier-archaeological-museum/7848fdcd-c7d4-408b-a74a-d9c3b4709c83
  11. The ship’s WiFi should be available whenever you are aboard. When you are in towns you can find a lot of hotspots. Assuming you have the ability to use WiFi for voice, there may not be a need to activate an international plan. As an aside to people who have this same question, T-Mobile’s regular plans include free data and messaging and voice is $0.25/minute. We switched carriers to them several years ago and only wish we had done so years earlier.
  12. Just be aware that some of these TAs charge a non refundable “agency fee” and keep it if you cancel. Others charge a “ booking fee” over and above the cruise fare.
  13. DD’s roommate suffered appendicitis on a spring break trip to Punta Cana. Local clinic wanted a sizable deposit. As they had been bargaining with beach vendors for a few days, they decided to try bargaining with the clinic. It worked.
  14. CPT Trips


    Much depends on what company you tour with. We toured Egypt in December. I was reluctant, then decided to go as we knew, through our experience and that of others, that they responded well to emergencies. That fact led us to decide to travel.
  15. It was a considerable elevation gain from the river (just visible in background) up to the Chateau.
  16. Those that appreciate Impressionism might want to make a trip to Philly this summer. https://press.philamuseum.org/mary-cassatt-at-work/#:~:text=Mary Cassatt at Work opens,by a fully illustrated catalogue. In addition they have a good collection of other impressionists. https://philamuseum.org/collection/curated/impressionism If that doesn’t provide your fill of Impressionism, try https://collection.barnesfoundation.org
  17. Is that really the name of the bridge? 😉 I thought maybe it was called that because of all the tourists with selfie sticks and posing. 😎🤦🏻‍♂️
  18. For those who aren’t aware, the ones at l’Orangerie are in the huge category.
  19. Did they use one of things manure spreader gizmos that GIs in Germany called Schitzenschipzers? 😉
  20. The flat level places in Eze were few and far between. The cafes and restaurants were crowded. But we enjoyed the visit and the views from Jardin d’Eze were incredible. We are glad we went (via bus from Nice).
  21. It’s easier to get forgiveness than to ask permission. Snag a wine glass from the bar . . .
  22. And German transportation workers . . .
  23. We went to the d’Orsay when it opened in the morning, we couldn’t get in and a surprisingly orderly line formed. Then almost an hour late they opened the doors. Despite there being a line, the museum staff set up a pole and tape queue that totally screwed up the order of the line. That’s where being American (aka monolingual) hurt. Fortunately there was a family near us in line, saw our situation, spoke to people around them and yelled at the guard. Then we were waved up to join them. Turns out this Asian guy told the guard we were his cousins from America. And that’s my story of a 55 minute strike. So named because even when employees are less than an hour late they aren’t docked pay.
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