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  1. We were in Sihanoukville 2 weeks ago, it is a mess, all of the roads have been dug up due to the extensive construction of Chinese hotels/casinos. Tuk Tuks are available at the port for city tours, but get out of the city if you can.
  2. You wouldn't, they are confined to their cabin.
  3. Depending on your plans it is possible to get by with US$, it may make a small purchase more expensive, but less so than getting currency and changing it back. I don't think there is a port where you could use it. Have plenty of small notes though. We were recommended Measles plus the usual vaccinations.
  4. A part is being made, hence the delay, you are probably correct that it will come into Thailand.
  5. Keith, I think the Captain said the transformer would be fixed in about 5 weeks, a week ago. The late flight wasn't so bad, I slept a few hours and the drove straight home from Gatwick yesterday morning. It's their attitude that the changes aren't a big deal that annoys me. Quite simply we wouldn't have booked the itinerary we had.
  6. Arrived home from Langkawi yesterday after a 14 hour+ flight including a refuel in Bulgaria. What I don't understand about the scheduled late arrival of the boat into Langkawi is that we had a 6 hour delay leaving Vietnam on the 30th due to a medical emergency, but were able to make up that time and even dock a little early. There is much more to say but I am still gathering my thoughts.
  7. Every policy is different but it would be a poor one that didn't extend until your return home, that is whole point of the insurance. I would not expect any policy to withdraw cover when you are delayed in such circumstances.
  8. What was the booking level for the whole season?
  9. 100% agree, plenty to go round if they if people used them then left them free.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/27/six-people-found-dead-in-mass-killing-at-japan-tourist-hotspot
  11. This thread reminds of the man who cancelled his family holiday to Turkey about 10 years ago after a terrorist incident there, they went to Cornwall instead and end up being rescued from a hotel roof after severe flooding. We are on Oceana in December, nowhere is 100% safe.
  12. We book via a local TUI shop to avoid dealing direct, a £30 fee for the whole booking is well worth the convenience. They check you in for flights and print your documents as well. We have done some 20 P&O cruises but our last 2 have been Marella, Discovery and Explorer. They are differences as has been pointed out, but overall I would say comparable.
  13. Spot on Dave. Can I add, people on Marella don't seem to moan as much as P&Oers. Also given our recent experience on Explorer I would say better dining with more options.
  14. Not sure how P&O will do it, we were on Marella AI recently and wine at dinner was just poured as and when by the waiter. Sometimes our card was taken, sometimes not. I guess it is easier when the whole ship is AI.
  15. I think that is fairly certain given it will be different passengers.
  16. Not true, we were on Marella at Christmas and I don't think the overall dress standards were noticeably different to P&O. Only 1 formal night a week but that was 80/90% participated in. We are on Marella again in March, the Caribbean this time, interesting to see if there is any difference.
  17. With a long P&O history behind us it is usually the cruise line of choice, we are aware of the shortcomings and also the things about them we like. Our last cruise was on Marella Destiny (TUI) at Xmas. Having recent experience of TUI we didn't travel with high expectations. But what we found surprised us, a ship in really good condition throughout, the cabin was spacious and they now include tea making as standard. A constant supply of live entertainment, not overladen with quizzes. The food was good, not quite to the level we would expect on P&O, having said that it was as good as we have had on some P&O trips. If this is the standard they are aspiring to on all of their ships I feel they are going to be a serious competitor, particularly with the wide variation of itineraries and fly cruises.
  18. I have looked a Cruising Excursions and where they have comparable tour they are almost double the price of the ship tours.
  19. We are going the following week, haven't applied for a visa yet, have you had a problem?
  20. The bigger the ship the further away you can be from the sail away party :D
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