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  1. I asked for a refund of my FCDs on March 18th. I have called twice but no one can tell me when the refunds will occur.
  2. I agree completely. I have several businesses or companies that are currently on my "boycott" list either because of their corporate actions of because of the way I have been treated by them. Princess is just about ready to be added to that list. Every time I contact them about getting back my FCDs that I asked to be refunded on March 18th I get a very friendly Princess customer service agent but they are unable to provide me with any anticipated dates of the refund being applied to my credit card account. Asking for a supervisor does not get any further information. Yes they are inundated with processing tens of thousands of refunds, but the excuses they have just don't hold water. They process hundreds, if not thousands, of deposit and final payment requests daily without any delay in posting to credit card accounts. Processing simple refunds should not be any different. Unfortunately when looking at a couple of the other cruise line boards I'm seeing the same dissatisfaction with those companies also.
  3. I won't be booking any cruises until 1) Princess refunds all funds owed to me, 2) a vaccine is available, and 3) I have some assurance that life on the ships will be somewhere near where it was, in other words I don't have to wear a mask and stay 6" away for all others on the cruise. Elimination of the buffet and usage of common items at the dinner table are certainly acceptable.
  4. These executives could easily afford to have their compensation cut and still survive quite well. They make grossly inflated salaries compared to the regular workers who are doing all the work and taking all the grief from those of us who are not getting refunds. While the executive compensation reduction would nowhere near cover refunds that need to be issued, it would sure buy some great goodwill for those of us waiting for our refunds. Many other large companies have done this and CCL needs to follow along.
  5. Unfortunately the initial charge for FCDs hit my credit card last August. My credit card company will only allow disputes for charges within the last 2 billing cycles. So I'm SOL. Fortunately it's only $800 which is certainly a lot less than many other posters.
  6. Most likely. Either that or stopping for a service call after having dropped off crew further south.
  7. I have been a Princess cruiser and supporter for many years. But there is no way any reasonable person can condone and approve the way Princess has been handling the return of monies they have held back from customers. It is totally unacceptable and personally I think they have turned off many loyal customers. I have seen reductions in what is offered over the past 28 years and have been OK with those reductions in order to keep prices reasonable. But I refuse to accept that they cannot and will not return our funds. It is just a way of showing that they have cash on hand when in fact it should be counted as a liability owed to customers.
  8. TM


    They just want to hold on to our money for as long as possible to at least show they have "cash on hand." As loyal as we have been to Princess for many years, this is really turning my feelings to them in a negative position. How many people would continue to patronize any other merchant that treated them so poorly? Just my humble opinion.
  9. Unfortunately we booked our FCDs last August and cancelled them with Princess in mid-March. Still waiting on the credit back to the card from Princess. Unfortunately too much time has expired since the initial charge to put in for a credit card dispute.
  10. I agree with Pescado. No way I'm giving any company money in advance. It's been 7 weeks since I requested a refund of FCDs and still no idea when I will receive that money. In my book that is unacceptable. Even though we have 25+ cruises with Princess I will not be sailing with them or any other cruise line until this coronavirus problem is corrected. I can handle no buffets, no sharing of items on the table in the dining room, and even missing some of the entertainment due to reduced seating. But no way am I going to wear a mask or struggle to find an outside chair to sit on due to social distancing. And this lack of refunding my money is really putting a damper on my enthusiasm for Princess. The excuse that Princess is overwhelmed right now is absolute BS. The vast majority of other companies and merchants are able to refund customer money within a few business days.
  11. TM


    The processing of refunds should not require a special person to do that. All other merchants and companies are able to provide a refund without a problem within a few days. CCL and Princess have deliberately chosen to hold on to our money. This is not right and certainly putting a sour taste in the mouth of many cruisers. If this was any other business establishment most people would choose to boycott them and move on to another company. Unfortunately I think, although I have no personal knowledge, that all the cruise companies are handling this similarly.
  12. My wife continues to get several e-mails a week from Celebrity. I get 2-3 per week from Carnival even though we haven't cruised with them in 20 years. Don't get anything from Princess other than a cancellation notice last night on my Enchanted cruise in September.
  13. TM


    We have been loyal Princess cruises with 25+ cruises over the last 28 years. I requested a refund of $600 in FCDs on Macrh 18th. Called after 2 weeks and was told it should take 2 - 4 weeks to issue refunds. Then I see on CC that others were hearing 60 days. Lately it has been reported as 90 days. I still have received nothing back. With all the new restrictions regarding social distancing and wearing masks I will not be cruising till that situation changes and a vaccine is available. I just want my money back. It shouldn't take this long. And the excuse that Princess is overburdened with requests is quite frankly a bunch of BS. Process the refund request over the phone or via internet request, hit the "refund" button and the computer should do the rest. Princess - stop making excuses.
  14. 7 weeks ago I requested a return of my FCDs. Still have not received anything yet.
  15. You will definitely not have to remove anything from your cabin. Although your room steward should know that you are staying for the next cruise you might want to remind him/her. Depending upon the port you might have to exit the ship and then re-board which should only take a few minutes. Or in other cases you can just go to an area set aside inside the ship for all in-transit passengers to meet and "check in" again. That also only takes a few minutes. Enjoy the experience of watching pretty much all other passengers leave while you get to stay on board.
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