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  1. The Crown is Medallion equipped. We got off in late August. There will be a card in your stateroom indicating your dining room and the dining time.
  2. "Water Shuttles" were used when we did the Norwegian Fjords and British Isles out of Southampton in August on 2 different Princess ships. First time we had ever heard tenders referred to as water shuttles. We thought maybe it was just a term used because we were sailing from the UK.
  3. 1 bottle per person with the intention that it be consumed in your stateroom. If you take it to the dining room you will be charged corkage for it. Of course you could always just carry a glass of it to the dining room. Additional bottles can be brought on board but you will be charged a corkage fee of $15 per bottle for those.
  4. I would agree with holding the stock. I never bought it for the investment hoping that it would rise but that of course is always an added benefit. It was purchased specifically to get the onboard credit which over the years has given me a few thousand dollars in ship credit. At this point that has probably paid for the purchase price. In addition, there are always the dividends. Most people that cruise regularly can probably afford the investment in 100 shares of CCL stock.
  5. The Wake Show like every other thing done on a cruise, is there for those that want it and those that don't can choose to do something else. Personally in 25 cruises I've probably seen a grand total of 5 minutes of it. But it's my choice not to watch it. However there are many that like it. Just like I don't like the bargain shopping on the ship but others do. I don't like Bingo but others do. To each their own. No need to criticize anyone for what they do on a ship unless they cross the boundary of common sense, decency and courtesy.
  6. We were on the Crown for a British Isles cruise in mid-August. The internet speed was advertised as lightening fast - just like at home. Well I guess whoever has this at home must still have dial-up because it certainly was not fast. But then I look back 20 years and we had no ship internet at all so I'm reasonably happy with what we get. But then again I'm not trying to connect to social media or do any real downloads, I just want to check e-mails.
  7. We did the Sapphire in early August this year to the Norwegian Fjords. It is roughly the same size as the Crown, just minus a passenger deck. It was a great cruise and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
  8. Walking the Promenade deck on the Island is one of the great treats that ship has to offer. Just about 3 laps per mile.
  9. On our most recent 2 cruises last month elites were told to go to a separate dining room to get tickets. While they did not actually give us a ticket a member of the ship's staff did escort us to the tender line and in one case took us by everyone else in line so that we were loaded immediately. A bit of grumbling from a few of those in line but we were just following the staff person. Of course she politely said "excuse me" whenever she needed to get by someone in the line.
  10. They are the teak lounge chairs with the navy blue pads. And yes you should probably be able to get 2 together with no problem.
  11. Anyone have the recipe for this soup currently on the always avajilable menu?
  12. Personally we like the Coral much better than the Grand which is probably my least favorite ship. But only you can decide whether it is worth the additional 20% increase in price.
  13. On our cruise last month on the Crown we were told that those of us that attended the embarkation day presentation in the theater on the Medallion Class information would get a free drink. This was said by the cruise or entertainment director. Neither my wife or I received a drink that was not charged to our account. So I guess it's a matter of semantics as to what qualifies as a drink.
  14. We were on the Sapphire in mid-August and had the old fashioned cruise card. It was already punched when given to us at check-in. I guess I could have attached a lanyard but personally I would just rather keep it in my pocket.
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