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  1. I am not sure Greg. Was surfing channels and found it. Was looking for the show Pati's Mexican Table and found the channel and the show.
  2. To the cocktail shakers on the board, there is a very interesting program called Mix Hour on Hungry Channel. I thought about Greg and Deb, so posted it here. Edited to add Debbie! How did I leave you out! 😁
  3. Wishing you very happy and healthy birthday Lenny! We hope you enjoy your party and like H said, I am curious if you will remember the 79 names. I am very happy your scare was just a false alarm. And I do agree with Graham that the sick joke was uncalled for. You do not have to reply to this since we do not want to discuss anyone's first names, and I FOR ONE REALLY REALLY DON'T care what it is. I do not want to know! I am sad that this thread has really gone south. 😪
  4. I wish I was one of your grand kids. It is so much cheering seeing your family time pictures and reading your posts. Getting tired of the crabby complainers (CC new name for Cruise Critic). I need to see cutie pics, grands, kitties, doggies. Peace.
  5. This is still under construction. Structure is up but not complete I use Daryl Cater every hour (Lol)when in Orlando. I have agree lots of restaurants, shopping etc in the area. I avoid I-4 and use Turkey Lake making a right from DC, all the way to wherever to avoid I4.
  6. How nice to share that quality time. Have you tried Lavender bug spray? I use the Pelindaba brand and it seems to work.
  7. Good luck Debbie. I know that "to do or not to do" feeling. Go to the meeting with an open mind and don't over think. If it is meant to be, it will be. No need to stress over the decision. I wish you the best. Keep us posted.
  8. I totally agree. We did a Cuba cruise and LOVED it. Would definitely do it again if things opened up. It was 3 nights in Cuba and then other western Caribbean ports. It was Holland America out of Boston. Many families onboard, especially grand parents taking kids and grand kids to see their "bonita" Cuba.
  9. I don't think we are extremely close. But I can see building silhouettes without using a camera or binoculars, far out. Very tiny ofcourse. And the phone took a good shot. It is a very clear day.
  10. She just wanted to sail quietly at our Starboard but Captain was not having it. He sped past and left her way behind.
  11. Talking about pizza.....the one here on Celebrity is making me appreciate Sorrento's big time. I am willing to write 100 times, "I will NOT" make fun of Sorrento's! Lol !!! 😆. Uh mmm we are only comparing Sorrento's on Royal to Celebrity pizza...on this sailing...at the Oceanview, not mama's authentic pizzas.
  12. Yes still a tender port. To me, it looked like it has lost its glory days. Many establishments have closed down or not reopened or consolidated into one store. Kind of sad for a thriving port. However, the duty free had somewhat of a crowd. The Royal Palms is no more, since some beaches got eroded. We stayed in town, walked around. Tenders were plenty and not packed. Carnival Vista and Liberty of the Seas were moored. They were tendering to South Terminal tender dock. Celebrity tendered us to the North terminal. I have not seen Georgetown this quiet. My favorite restaurant Paradise Cafe on the waterfront has shut down, as some others.
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