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  1. Marietta: Inside cabin, deck 7. Tried with 4 people, one adult 3 children. "Cruises" dash "n" dash "more" dot com Worth a try? 🀞
  2. Marietta, Any luck on a cabin for your Daughter and grandkids? Try with 4 people: One adult and 3 kids. Kid # 3 can be a no show? Traveler 1 Traveler 2 Traveler 3 Traveler 4 Total Fare $1,271.00 $1,271.00 $0.00 $0.00 $2,542.00 USD Bonus $223.00 USD Payment Schedule Balance Due August 02, 2022 11:59 PM EDT Total $3,199.80 USD
  3. OMG! This looks wonderful. You have put a lot of effort into this! I am sure it must have been devoured in minutes, it looks THAT good. Congratulations on the new job. Hope you will love it. Best of luck!
  4. Hi Marie, We got off the Equinox in July. DH tested positive that evening. It got me 3 days later. We decided not to go ahead with our early Aug cruise. Our next one is in October and I do not know what I would do different. We are fine now. I hope you feel better soon.
  5. I agree to this. We were able to move a couple of cruises successfully (keeping the same reservation # and deposit), because those bookings met Celebrity's T and C's. We live in the US.
  6. Does anyone know where to look for the price of a drink package on Royal? (before actually booking the cruise and looking at cruise planner?). TYIA.
  7. Thanks. All is good now, but decided not to go on Aug 5 sailing. Good luck for your the first day of work at the new job!
  8. Welcome back. We did this itinerary on the Equinox two cruises before you and enjoyed it a lot. Please take care and test yourself. DH got surprise free gift the night we disembarkedπŸ€ͺ. Three days later it was my turn. All is fine now.
  9. One more piece of interesting info. Grand dad hit a century and broke the clock of a tower somewhere. No idea where or when how many innings or runs. This was probably light years ago LOL!!!!! I posted as I remembered.
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