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  1. I saw that! Hop on board Debbie! And you have a great Thanksgiving too!!!!!!πŸ₯° We got the Key on this cruise because it was $18 but when I check in my CP the current price of the internet is what I posted before.
  2. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for checking in. We are all here and wishing you the best.
  3. I just finished reading this very Deeliteful review. 😁Thanks for taking us along.
  4. Thank you for the picture. My cabin is way back in the aft section. Not an aft but three or four cabins before.
  5. Jane, I am happy to read that you are feeling better. What a lot of things to deal with at the same time! I thnk you need a nice cruise to recoup and recover.πŸ˜‰ Take care!
  6. I am not quite "at home"😁 with the new actress portraying Her Majesty. I loved Olivia Coleman playing the role. I hear you about the disclaimers.
  7. On "sale" for $18 and $ 23 according to my cruise planner for next Sunday's sailing.
  8. Hello hello, long time no chat! I was just telling RJ that our Bermuda cruises have never morphed into NE or Bhamas cruises even in the worst storms. Knock wood and not going to jinx it.
  9. Catching up on 158 new posts due to binge reading GenerationX's Beyond review.😁 Congrats Debbie and Eric (and Chris and Donna). Congrats to Owen. Love your pictures Andrew! Happy Birthday Charlie! Deb and Greg and Linda hope you all are feeling better now. Lucas (who loves to cruise) I didn't know you changed your screen name. Hope all is good with you. OB you are wearing sneakers!!!!!! It must be getting cold😁. Love the feet pictures! Sorry if I missed out anyone. New season of The Crown is on.
  10. Just getting current on this reading. Love the pictures! Where and when is the next cruise? Very sorry to hear about your friend.
  11. Ted you have my email. Drop me a line re your cruise 2023 schedule or deals. Our cruise timetable is busy but I may have room to play around. And MKing (Henry) too......keep me updated. Thanks!
  12. I have never regretted that. Even with the waves! Used to book very last minute (for the best deals) in the past going out of NY or Bayonne.
  13. I missed this review/thread, so I think I am going to start reading it backwards instead of starting at page 1, to keep it "fresh". LOL!😁 Jamie I like your hair! Nice avatar.
  14. Hello Ted! Good to hear from you. We miss sailing with you too! I miss NCL! All of our cruises after start up have been Celebrity and a couple on Royal. Couldn't find anything on NCL that worked with our schedule. Still have some certificates to use. I will keep an eye out for him. Have a wonderful Thanks Giving!
  15. Thanks for posting this. I will also go over and read thier reviews too. Love both of them! But I am VERY surprised Jamie went back to NCL. She was kind of a NEVER NEVER NEVER going back to NCL after Celebrity cruise. Never say never 🀣 GenX I am loving your reviews and really looking forward to your thoughts on the Beyond.
  16. Thank you for the review and pictures. Enjoyed reading. You and BF make a great looking couple.
  17. Good Morning Debbie, Some time back you had mentioned an excursion in Nassau Bahamas that you and Eric had done, that you highly recommended. Can you please post that again. We will be there in a few days and want to look into it. Thanks.
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