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  1. You do not have to justify what you choose to do. I totally respect your choice of what to do and am sure many other adults here think likewise.
  2. I am going to join all those who hope that the Review Bug bites for the Liberty. I really enjoyed the pictures and your thoughts. I am sorry I will not get to meet you in March as we moved cruise dates and ships.
  3. OP, I just wanted to post that I am so sorry to read everything you and your wife have been through. I just wish you the best and a very very speedy recovery to your wife. πŸ™
  4. We are also getting the "autumn C booster". Wanted to get it done before we cruise end of October and with long enough buffer for flu shot. Did not want to take them together. We will have to compare who screams loudest! 😁🀣
  5. Going again in October 2022 and came here to look if anyone posted anything new or something we have not done yet. I almost forgot about this board. So I apologize for not coming back in 2021 and chiming in. Sorry Sorry Sorry. When we got on board in 2021, Celebrity was very hush about if we HAVE to take their excursions...OK what about the thousand and one emails about ".... have to take only cruise line excursions???" !!!! So after asking a billion times at every step if it was OK to go on our own, we did! We took a cab to Reduit, spent some time there, had delicious French cuisine at a beach front restaurant, cab guy came back to pick us up and had a wonderful time (as always) in St Lucia, my favorite island.
  6. More likely to happen bw 17 and 31. I am enjoying your review and looking forward to more!
  7. Greg, I just finished reading your review of the Symphony UDP. Love your pictures and writing. Sorry to hear about the GoPro mishap. Welcome back home.
  8. We were at Seasons 52 last night, but in my local area. We shared the honey glazed half rotesserie chicken, shrimp flat bread and butternut squash soup. Enjoyed it a lot.
  9. Thank you Maryanne. Glad you are at NJ home. Debbie I am driving back, so no airport chaos. John happy to read your posts again. Stay safe. Crystal, Ellen, Pat, MO and Fran, Renee, and everybody else in FL stay safe.
  10. We left Orlando yesterday to go back to NJ. I wanted to stay and wait it out, but it did not make sense. Work project was shelved till end Oct. Will be going back then and after that on a cruise. Family over FL is staying put with all preparation. Many have pets and will not leave. I have to stop watching Jim Cantore!!!!! πŸ‘€
  11. Space X launch planned for 7.30 pm tonight..... Unless scrapped, so I am told. More starlings are going to space. I also doubt that Artemis will launch on Tuesday. But one never knows till the nth second!
  12. I too like Paradise Beach. We have been many times and they have been crowded some of those times, but it is pretty big. By far THE cleansest bathrooms in Cozumel. I like Nachi Cocum too.
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