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  1. Please make sure the house is cool so that I can start my drive there. I will also be bringing a lot of zip locks, and containers for left overs....yummmmm
  2. Grand dad and great g d came from cricket 🏏 families. So lots of interesting stories passed on when I was a child. I have held on to the memories. I was never interested in the game.
  3. Very happy to hear that Lenny. Do your best in whatever it is you can or want to do. Friends understand and do not judge. HUGS to you.
  4. Graham, I am going to chime in here....I believe you or anyone can post in whatever manner they are comfortable in, plus one, minus one, quote individual, quote multiple....whatever one is comfortable doing. It is nobody's business to point out and nitpick and ridicule. If one does not want to read it, they can just skip it or ignore it. Also the ignore list is a great blessing.....Had to flick drama mamma and some tomatoes here to ignore list per H's suggestion, and life is far peaceful ✌️. Don't worry about others say or how they want you to post or not. You be You. We love you 😍 ❤️ Hope you are well and regards to Pauline.
  5. No. My two almamaters were in MA. And one in NJ but not Fairfield. I think we will just have to book the same cruise and yell Hey I have seen you somewhere!!!
  6. Yes you both kind of look familiar. From NJ. Done gazillion cruises out of NY/NJ area. Not cruised as a group. It is just hubby and I, and then you see your mail man, your neighbor, your colleague, your hairdresser on that same cruise! 😀
  7. Love Jamie's show too! There are lots of others. I love the food travel ones. Yeah it's a little effort to look for them.
  8. Sorry Graham, I cannot control where you post, and respect your feelings, But I do stand by what I feel. You do not have to agree. Peace.
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