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  1. I received something similar in price like Renee did for Upgrade offer on the Oasis for JS. We will keep our balcony on that one. Tempted, but not for that kind of $$$$. Debbie's offer is a good one. However, Celebrity sent us Move Up offers three times already for our Equinox sailing. Booked pretty much last minute. Definitely keeping our original cabin there. They were asking for first born!πŸ™ƒ
  2. We too watched fireworks. They were everywhere you looked. We are in Orlando currently. Heard some booms till 1.30 am. Disney's are by far excellent, but we would never venture that on July 4th at any park or the California Grill at Contemporary. So we have watched those from a particular Publix parking lot many times 😁. Other places also had wonderful fireworks and everywhere you looked you could see them. As much as I enjoy fireworks, I was thinking about some poor puppies and prayed they were not scared.
  3. Lenny, I am absolutely amazed at how well connected you are. You should write some kind of memoirs/notes....something like that, for your grandchildren.
  4. Gen X, Such a wonderful, refreshing and positive review! Thank you.
  5. I believe it was 3119 or 3121. All the cabins in that row are the new ones put in during the revolution/refurbish/dry dock. Sorry for the late reply. I just saw this.
  6. Dani, Sending get well wishes for you. Have several pages to catch up to today. Deb, Hope Andy's surgery went well. Sending best wishes for both. Lenny, Hope all will be well with you.
  7. GenerationX, have a safe trip back home! Thanks for this excellent picture review. Whenever you have a chance, can you post links to your other reviews, please?
  8. GenerationX, what a gorgeous pink gown! Now I am inspired to pack something more formal!
  9. Hi Susan, I believe we have been on same cruises before (?) "AlbertaCruisers" rang a bell. We are also on the Oct 24 Equinox sailing.
  10. I was wondering and asked at a store. They said part of it is the decanter and referred me to: https://us.louisxiii-cognac.com/pages/the-decanter. I was also told about some other spirit that comes in a Baccarat decanter, a Lalique decanter, etc. where part of the high price is the decanter itself. Not to degrade the liquor itself....that has to be excellent too fror that price!
  11. That's the spirit!πŸ‘ Both in and out of the glass😁 How is your patient? Sometimes lots of kisses, a back rub, head massage, will eliminate some grouchiness.
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