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  1. Of all locations listed in this thread Jersey City is the closest to NYC. The view of lower Manhattan from JC is spectacular. PATH train service will get you into NYC 10-15 minutes from Jersey City, if you care to visit pre cruise. Hotels in Jersey City will most probably charge you to park overnight & their rates will be higher than other locations listed.
  2. Did you not go to the coffee shop Cafe Latte-tudes on deck 6? Opened 6:15 every morning on my 12 night cruise in December. Good coffee & great staff.
  3. PATH train from NYC $2.75 $1.25 senior/child Hudson Bergen Light Rail to 34th Street Bayonne $2.25 $1.10 senior/child Uber from 34th Street to CL $9-16 or Taxi $9-12
  4. Seeing "The Gift" in 2016, I promised never to repeat that mistake. I saw "We Will Rock You" twice then skipped it for several cruises. After noticing in 2022 that WWRY was using a projection screen, I attended a performance in 2023 and the screen enhanced the enjoyment along with multiple costume changes that were not part of the show n 2016-2017. I attended "The Gift" and they too use a screen. That along with an explanation before the performance of what the show was about made it much more tolerable. Give both a try if you get the chance.
  5. I was there in December and used the water taxi for the first time due to mobility issues. If docked at the outside pier, the walk from the ship to the terminal is a hike. There is a complimentary shuttle(seats about 12) provided by the port from the ship to the center of the terminal. The walk into town is at least 15 minutes. I think I was charged $7 for round trip water taxi, they also solicit for tips during the ride. The ferry dropped us off at the Captain Hodge wharf with maybe a 50 yard walk to the boardwalk. The wharf is directly in front of the courthouse (1 block up). You will have to wait for the ferry to be loaded before departing from the cruise port but it will benefit your parents from walking into town.
  6. At what price? Uber has surge pricing, the price you see on a random day and time may not be what you will be charged. The question you ask is best answered by yourself. I don't think you have enough time from your flight landing to check in at your hotel and then travel by auto to NYC to make the start of the performance you choose.
  7. If you are reluctant to use Uber/Lyft, Dial 7 or Carmel are 2 limo companies recommended on this board. I think you will pay more for either than using Uber/Lyft or taxi. Some of the hotels on International Blvd have cruise shuttle service, would be cheaper than a limo.
  8. Elizabeth, NJ hotels on International Blvd are within walking distance of the Jersey Gardens mall which will have dining options. There is also an IHOP nearby and I think Ruby Tuesday has reopened. Some of these hotels have cruise shuttle service for a fee, otherwise Uber of Lyft. All hotel shuttles at EWR are met at station P4 of the air train(monorail). While car services are allowed to pick up disembarking passengers at the terminal at Cape Liberty, taxi service is from a parking lot. After passing facial recognition follow signs for the parking garage and exit right. Once outside, walk up to the road. Near the glass doors entrance of the parking garage will be a crosswalk. Go across 2 crosswalks to the parking lot where taxi service is located. There will be a dispatcher as cabs are not always waiting for passengers. Allocate a minimum of 15 minutes. Your taxi may arrive sooner just as it may take 30 minutes or more. There used to be a shared taxi shuttle to EWR, do not know if it still exists or only private cabs.
  9. Type 'cheap Newark airport parking' in Google for hotels that offer long term parking. NJ Waterways in Weehawken has a parking garage and ferry service to NYC close to the MCT. NJ Transit has a parking garage in Ramsey, NJ on route 17 that allows overnight parking but it would be far from your travel route to MCT.
  10. I see these cruises that fit your guidelines... December 23 Liberty 4n Ft Lauderdale - Allure 4n Miami - Indy 5n Miami - Utopia 4n PC - Voyager 5n PC December 22 Oasis 6n Ft Lauderdale - Grandeur 5n Ft Lauderdale - Symphony 7n Miami - Wonder 7n PC There are also 3 night cruises departing on the 27th, one each from PC, Ft Lauderdale & Miami.
  11. The schedule for Royal's cruises for 2025-2026 from northeast ports is supposed to be released next week.
  12. Doing tremendous. Record high after record high. I'm not one of those hoping it crashes.
  13. It is from Cape Liberty in Bayonne to Penn Station in NY at the end of the cruise that you are seeking assistance with, correct? There are 2 public transit options depending which would be best for those traveling. Each starts with transportation from CL via taxi or Uber/Lyft. For the Newark Penn Station option, transit from CL to NPS, then NJT trains directly to NY Penn Station. As indicated NJ Transit has 3 trains per hour to NYPS (though according to the NJTransit trip planner, all 3 trains depart between 10 minutes after the hour until 29 minutes after the hour). By going to Newark, you are traveling away from NYC for the convenience of ending at NYPS. The other option, which I think would be faster, is PATH train from Jersey City to 33rd Street in NYC then a 3/10th mile walk to NYPS. PATH frequently has weekend track service, so have a backup plan if you choose this option. PATH train from the Journal Square or Grove Street station terminates in NYC at 33rd Street (via Hoboken station). The travelers could go directly to any of these 3 stations via Uber or taxi, which would save time. The other option getting to these 3 PATH stations is via light rail. The 34th Street Hudson Bergen light rail station in Bayonne is about 2.5 miles from CL but to save time go directly from CL to any of the 3 PATH stations, bypassing the Bayonne light rail station. Car service (other than taxi) at CL is in front of the terminal, zones 6-10. After passing facial recognition, exit left, once outside you are in zone 7. Zone 6 is to your left, 8-10 to your right. This is where you wait/meet the Uber driver. Taxi service at CL is operated from a parking lot. After facial recognition, exit right towards the parking garage (ignore signs indicating exit left). Outside, go left, walk up to the road by the glass doors entrance of the garage. Go across 2 crosswalks on the road to the parking lot with taxi dispatch. Using self assist departure will lessen the wait time for a taxi. Many times there are not enough cabs, sometimes none are present and must be dispatched.
  14. Check with Bruce at Trinity or better, directly with the hotel. My most recent sleep/park/cruise package the hotel had a single drop time at the port and a single pick up time. I had a better experience, less waiting time, with shuttles that were dispatched when I called the hotel.
  15. Check Trinity Reservations(located in Hamburg NJ) for their arrangements with Cape Liberty area hotels. Very reputable company. They will charge your credit card at time of booking but I had no problem getting a refund when I later cancelled. Prices listed online include tax. Check the shuttle schedule as to one demand or a specific time or 1 specific drop off/pick up time.
  16. Same process used today as when I was there 5 years ago, there is no bottleneck. Buses are used, not shuttle vans. The only cruisers I witnessed picked up by the ship were those who had excursions arranged through the cruise line. Those without, are transported to the terminal just as they are back to the ship later in the day.
  17. The port is Cape Liberty in Bayonne, the airport is in Newark and not a place you will want to wait until boarding your ship. There is nothing at CL. Closest food options to CL is a minimum 2 miles away, uncertain as to their hours of operation. Try the Broadway Diner at 1075 Broadway in Bayonne. Open 24 hours and 3 miles from CL.
  18. Yes. Debarked from a Cape Liberty cruise this year on a rainy day. As I needed a ride only to the light rail station, I went to the taxi stand. Had to be at least 30 people waiting, with no cabs present. Though the worker had me wait in a different line by myself, I checked Uber. Uber appeared at the terminal in less than 5 minutes, the driver was waiting for me at the pick up point before I reached it, having walked from the taxi area. Car services pick up at CL is at the terminal, in zones 6-10. When you exit the terminal after facial recognition, you are in zone 7. Taxi service is in a parking lot opposite zone 10. You must use 2 crosswalks to reach the taxi area and there is no protection from the weather in the taxi area.
  19. If you do fly into EWR then hotels in Elizabeth, NJ on International Boulevard would be a good choice as you will be close to Bayonne and these hotels are in walking distance of the Jersey Gardens mall, which will have dining options. Many hotels in Newark in the airport area have limited dining choices. All hotel shuttles at EWR are met at station P4. Use the free air train (monorail) from your terminal to station P4. Liberty Science Center in Jersey City is nearby if your kids want something to do. Also, ferries to the Statue of Liberty depart from Liberty State Park in Jersey City.
  20. Your LGA return flight time of 1:30 pm is good, especially on a Sunday. I agree with using Dial 7 or a car service from LGA to your hotel and I would go from the airport to a New Jersey hotel on Saturday the 5th There are no hotels in Bayonne. Closest would be in Jersey City but they may be more than you want to pay. I would avoid hotels in Newark and (in this case)those on International Boulevard in Elizabeth. The best area (imo) with 4 youngsters would be in Secaucus, NJ. Look at the hotels in the Harmon Meadow Plaza mall such as Residence Inn, Courtyard, Harmony Suites & Sure Stay. Residence has rooms for 6. There are restaurants in the mall. The Secaucus mall is less than 5 miles from the American Dream Mall in the sports complex in East Rutherford, NJ. Your kids would enjoy this mall more than a NYC visit. There are also hotels in East Rutherford, Lyndhurst, Carlstadt & Hasbrouck Heights you can research but I think Secaucus would be best especially if you only want to rest after traveling with dining options nearby. You will need Uber to the terminal in Bayonne on Sunday, estimating $35-50 for a group of 6. Don''t be put off asking for help only to get responses questioning your decisions.
  21. Thanks for such a detailed explanation. I have seen WWRY multiple times. I hope you get the chance to see it one day & enjoy the performances. And yes, I did read your original post completely, the one you made under the assumption I asked for an explanation despite not expressing such a need (if you had comprehended the intent of my original post).
  22. Gotcha. Not familiar with any of these musicals. You posted about "telling the performers story" and then listed musicals that do tell a story of the artists. I was letting you know, WWRY, has nothing to do with Queen aside from their songs, unlike the musicals you originally did list.
  23. Other than the songs, We Will Rock You has no relation to Queen or their story. It is about rediscovering rock and roll music by inhabitants of the future. The story line is a stretch yet the performers have always been outstanding.
  24. Yes, it was announced in October 2021 that the daily rate of $25 would be increased to $30, though not implemented for more than a year. It is presently $30 per day as others have stated.
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