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  1. Had that exact same experience with the last minute changes/shortening cruise, etc. Ditto the indifference, petty upcharges for everything, etc.
  2. All fair points. Again, so many factors contribute to what's the best fit. Adding children to the equation would be a huge game changer, and if indeed the OP is taking a family vacation, that would be an important consideration. If keeping with more traditional expectations presents an issue, then absolutely NCL would be a more suitable choice between the two lines mentioned. There are just too many points to consider to say unequivocally one over the other would be best for Carolyn. For me, the choice is one thousand percent Celebrity. I prefer the "feel" of Celebrity. It's nice to have choices and we can all find our best fit.
  3. Agree wholeheartedly with the responses. The only "plus" that I can give NCL is their entertainment offerings, however, I hate that you have to book your reservation in advance (or wait in line for no-shows). Depending on your situation, NCL does usually offer more for solo travelers, so that could be an important factor. In my experience, the differences between these two lines are huge in the areas that I value most: Customer service, food quality, on board atmosphere. Since those things are wildly subjective, obviously opinions will vary. However I can categorically state that on X I have never been served an inedible meal, nor been made to feel as though absolutely no one on the entire ship had any interest in my addressed concerns. Never has the phrase "you get what you pay for" been more aptly applied. Good luck and hope you have a wonderful holiday!
  4. Now all I can visualize are the amazing gentlemen who wear their kilt on formal night, with the updated addition of a hoop. Finally, the question will be put to rest as to what is worn beneath the kilt. 😉😁
  5. Interesting question. Will look forward to the answers.
  6. Thank you for the updated information. Do you know how many passengers and crew were on this ship by any chance?
  7. That's a good point. There are always people that have symptoms on board.
  8. To the OP or any others that were on this sailing : I have read there were many pax displaying symptoms whilst on board. It has also been said that you were told no one on the ship was sick. Do you have any knowledge if the Eclipse had C19 tests on board? I'm sure passengers had to be concerned, and no doubt it was widely discussed. Every time someone coughed or sneezed, it would be impossible not to wonder. Was the question ever directly asked to the staff or crew? I'm thinking either at GS or maybe during one of the Q&A sessions. From most accounts I've seen, the ship's atmosphere was upbeat and happy, free internet, full refund, free beverages, etc. I'm just putting myself on board and wondering if I would have been asking everyone with a name tag about how they could say the ship was healthy?
  9. I really wanted to do this leg too, since it would be a quick flight to SD, and Vancouver is within driving distance. I kept watching each once of the cruises, trying to decide if I should pull the trigger and book since I knew it was going to be getting worse and worse. I thought if I waited and just did the last leg, it would be okay by then. Maybe it will be repeated next year.
  10. I agree 100% with each of your statements. It will take a while before the risk/reward ratio is acceptable for me.
  11. Okay, thanks. I've been looking at several different threads and figured I must have confused which was which. I came to check back to see if the OP had answered my question, but I couldn't find my question! As for my earlier response to you regarding the January 20 date, it wasn't intended as a contradiction at all, I just wanted to explain how long ago people in our part of the world (you're just a few hours North of me) were more keenly aware of the speed with which C19 was spreading. Thus our much earlier isolation. I had been looking at booking this very cruise, as well as the Eclipse from Santiago to San Diego, then from San Diego to Vancouver. Since I decided I wasn't comfortable with the way things were rapidly heading, I chose to follow along with these sailings vicariously, enjoying the updates along the way from the pax onboard. I was so relieved when they were allowed to begin disembarking in San Diego. Positive thoughts and good wishes for the OP and all the others going forward.
  12. First of all, I'm glad you made it back home safely. I, too, had been following since the beginning, as I was looking to go on a spring cruise. In fact, I had been invited by friends to join cruises that now have had serious issues. I just wasn't comfortable with what I was seeing, and decided that, for me, it just wasn't worth the risk.
  13. Just a point of consideration. The first DOCUMENTED case of COVID19 was in the Seattle area on January 20, 2020. And I know you were not asking me about self quarantine, but I have been self isolating for 6 weeks.
  14. Looking back at the OP, which was January 30, 2020, and reading all the responses, gives an interesting perspective.
  15. Quoting from another thread: "Anyone who didn't foresee that ships would be coming back to home ports with passengers on board was being very optimistic/unrealistic at best or callous at worst. Certainly the Grand Princess issue should have put them on notice." This is an interesting point. I know there were passengers that were in Chile, ready and willing to embark on the Eclipse on March 15, and were advised of the cancellation that very morning, as well as other passengers in different ports on different cruise lines.
  16. I've never been on a cruise ship, an airport, an aircraft, a restaurant, a theater, a subway, a train, a bus or a grocery store where there haven't been people coughing/sneezing, although there can obviously be many, many reasons why. We've all encountered people at work or elsewhere in public who don't stay home when they're sick. When all this was first starting and cruise lines were talking about denying boarding to anyone with a cough, I read lots of people on CC concerned they'd be denied due to symptoms of allergies, medication side effects, emphysema, COPD, etc. I can't imagine in any grouping of 3,000 people, there isn't going to be someone who is sick. Clearly there is no way the Eclipse had zero sick persons on board. Now, if they claimed to have zero COVID19 positive cases on board, that could be true if they hadn't tested anyone. I don't know if anyone was tested onboard. Where I live, we've been told to "assume" you've been exposed, and since testing is not readily available (or reliable), stay home, stay isolated, and monitor symptoms. I'm in my 6th week of doing just that, as are most of us. Moving forward from what was done, done incorrectly, or not done, my thoughts and concerns are with the Eclipse passengers and crew, as well as the thousands of others in similar situations worldwide. markpc, thank you for detailing your experience, and may you and your wife be healthy. Lots of us at home have been anxiously following the Eclipse, holding our breath for safe passage. Welcome home.
  17. After seeing your post, I went back to the beginning and re-read this thread. Indeed surreal. Many of us in the PNW and Washington State especially were perhaps more aware of the situation earlier than others. I first became keenly aware on January 21, 2020 when the first case in the US showed up in Washington State. Suddenly, "over there" became right at our front door.
  18. Bill always gets all the fun! Michael is on this cruise and it seems to be a great time is being had by all. I hope they all stay healthy and have a great disembarkation in San Diego. I've been following along this thread to vicariously enjoy the cruise, since who knows how long it will be before any of us get to cruise again! Plus, it helps with the cabin fever 😀.
  19. Hi Pat - I want to see that picture!
  20. Very nicely said. Wishing you and your husband the best in getting through the quarantine, and staying healthy.
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